Collecting The Dead: Part 1 – Escape the Night S4 (Ep 1)

JOEY: It started with
an invitation to dinner. To my esteemed friends,
I invite you all to attend a dinner party. -[ALL CLAMORING]
-[COUGHING] [SCREAMING] -I unleashed an evil.
-No. -In.
-Hurry, guys. And it crept inside me. I want to invite you
to a masquerade ball like no other. [ALL SCREAMING] My friends paid the price
for my mistakes. I thought I had
defeated the evil. Guys, we did it. [SCREAMING] Only to find it
with a new face. [GASPS] My friends, I am in need
of your help and so are hundreds
of others. Enjoy the ride. Where are you going
tonight? So many lives were lost. Please. [SCREAMING] And it’s all my fault. What I want
is a way to make all
of the wrongs I did right. [WHISPERING] I’ll be back, I promise. [PANTING] What the hell
is this place? Shane? What? Joey? Joey? Joey, are you there? This is your chance
to make things right. We need you. Please. Please, come save us. What are you doing
outside of your exhibit? There will be punishments. What have you done
with my friends? There wasn’t enough room
in my collection to hold
them all. But I do enjoy feasting
on souls when I’m hungry. [GASPS] [GRUNTS] Don’t fight it. You guys got what I asked for? Yeah. What took you so long? So is this a bad time
to mention that I’m inviting
someone to the party? The party’s here. Nikita, I told you
not to invite anyone. This is gonna be
a dangerous mission. The only danger here
is this fat ass. You ready? Okay, now that we’re
all here, let’s do this thing. This is where your
friends are being kept. To enter the Museum
of the Dead, we need to create
a gateway to purgatory. The crown generates
the power. The cursed artifact
has an evil to cut through
the barrier protecting it. And the life crystal
allows entering without dying. Not if the crown
won’t last very long. Joey, you’re going
to be here. You take Nikita
and Bretman to where
your friends are. I’ll take the rest
through the roof. The museum’s collector
should be avoided at all costs. And what about me? I did cancel
my live steam for this. You’ll be with me. Baby steps. -Go, bitches.
-Go. The ground is breaking! [YELLING] Go! Hold on, guys. Guys. Where did they go?
Why did the portal disappear? What happened? I don’t know,
it’s supposed to stay open. Are you saying
we’re stuck here? I’m sure they’re gonna
figure it out, okay? Let’s just focus
on the mission, come on. -Where are we going?
-I don’t know, I think
it’s this way. [GROWLING] That’s the collector. We are leaving on
an expedition
to find pieces for my new exhibit. Keep careful watch. [WHISPERS] Let’s go. What is this? JOEY: Oh, my God. Joey, I’m scared. They’re really here. Seeing my friends
in these glass cases is terrifying,
but I’m also so excited
to see them again. Colleen. Sorry. What do we do? Sis, I don’t know. There’s this strange
magical energy and I just feel like I need
to break it somehow. -What’s that?
-Let me try something, okay? Joey. -[GRUNTS]
-Oh, my God. -Whoa.
-It worked. -You’re in this too?
-Colleen. Oh, my God. Hang on, wait. Are you serious? I have no idea
where I am right now. The last thing I remember
is being stabbed to death. She’s dead, I’m dead,
so I’m dead. So… where am I? Okay, listen… -Are we…
-We’re at a museum of the dead. You all died
and we’re currently
in purgatory. There’s an evil collector,
she collected your souls, she brought you here
to this museum of the dead. Wait a minute,
you died too? -Yes.
-With him? -Yes.
-And you died? Yeah, I was at
this party, yeah. Yeah, we went to dinner. The last thing I remember
is being buried alive by some people
who I thought were my friends. Listen, I’m here to
save you guys, okay? Save us? You killed us. I wish I could go back
and change it all, and that’s why I’m here. I don’t trust anyone here
because if I recall
last time I saw you, everyone shoved me
into a box of spikes and I was murdered. -Sounds familiar.
-I watched… I watched Colleen die. Don’t act innocent,
you literally pushed me
into the box, Ro… Well, everybody did. But also like
she voted for me, so… Alex, I got a bone
to pick with you. Open my eyes
and I see Alex’s face. Staring at me
with his little, beady eyes. I said, “Okay,
round two.” You know I killed
both of you, right? Yeah, that’s why
we’re here and you’re there. Destorm and I,
we have each other’s backs. -Did you kill me?
-I thought you died with wine. Okay, see? It’s not
all just me. We’ve all played a role
in each other’s deaths. This is not the reception
I was expecting. I thought they were
gonna give me hugs
and kisses, all the things.
No, I do not like this. There’s a chance for us
to come back to life, that’s why I’m here
to rescue you guys. He’s here to save us. But he killed us. Listen, the Collector
might be back soon, so we need
to get out of here. Who is the Collector? She goes to different eras
and she collects people and monsters and creatures
and you guys are one of
her exhibits, okay? Who’s coming to see
these collections?
Are there tickets? If so, I demand
residuals. But how should we know
to trust you, Joey? Well, why else would
I be here? To just
laugh in your faces? To kill us again.
You literally killed us. I’m with Joey,
you can’t double die. Yeah, that’s true. Well, actually… Also, you’re trying
to double death us. I put two and two together
and I was like, Joey killed all
these bitches. And I’m like,
“Am I next?” I swear like Nikita
and Matt are going
to find a way -to come and rescue us.
-Wait, why were you
with Bretman? Nikita said there was
going to be cute boys. -Where?
-I say all of us go our own way
and Joey, you can die alone. Listen, I’m here
to rescue you guys. Rescue us? you killed us. Okay, everyone stop fighting,
I’m freezing. I look amazing
but let’s figure this out. Okay, listen, the collector
is gone right now, she might be back
any moment now. So you guys need
to follow me,
we need to get out of here. -Let’s go.
-Well then, let’s go,
where are we going? -Come on.
-All right. -Come on, you guys, hurry.
-Okay, okay. JOEY: We don’t have all day. [ALL GASPING] -Gosh, what…
-Who are you? Oh, there’s a lot… These are the
Collector’s guards. -They’re so…
-Guys. I’m thinking maybe
we are in heaven. Whoa, whoa, hey,
whoa, whoa. [GRUNTS] What are you doing? -Alex.
-Oh, my God. Alex, no. -[ALL CLAMORING]
-Oh, my. -[GROWLING]
-[ALL SCREAMING] -Guys, come on.
-[ALL CLAMORING] Stop. I don’t know what death
did to Alex, but he came back
with a vengeance. Let me tell you,
when you punch somebody
in the face it hurts. A lot. Tana, hurry. Everybody running away
like little bitches. But The Enforcer don’t run. I strut. We’ve realized that
the whole group is not with us. Colleen, Rosanna,
Justine and Alex,
all got captured. I didn’t mind them
taking away Alex, but I feel that we left
so many ladies back there to get snatched up
by these Egyptian dudes. Oh, my gosh. [GROWLING] So we’re in a museum,
is this where the Collector
put us? -Look what the cat dragged in.
-Oh, my. Also this bitch is back. Oh hell, no,
not the Sorceress. Not the woman
who literally stabbed me. Last time we met,
we killed each other. -No.
-Shall we do it again? Is this supposed
to be my mother? [CHAIN RATTLING] The four of us
are taken to this like, cage. A fire pit cage. This is not the afterlife
I had envisioned. There is blood
and bones, there’s like a dead man
on the ground. Just disgusting. But also I recognize
the back of someone. -Who’s this?
-Holy shit. -Is this real?
-Mortimer? Mortimer is my man from when I was still alive, however somehow
since I died, I have gotten married
and had a baby. -Hold on, can I touch you?
-How are you, Rosanna? -Colleen, are you with Janet?
-Can I touch you? -How did you get here?
-Oh, my God. -Oh, my God.
-What happened to you? Last time I saw Mortimer,
he was always helping us. He was so sweet. The Carnival Master
killed me. So you’re dead too. I woke up in this place. Oh, my gosh,
where are we? I don’t know,
I got… I got locked up
in here for “bad behavior”. -What did you do?
-I don’t know,
the museum’s collector doesn’t really like me
I guess. I mean, I would probably
collect Mortimer, so… I feel her.
I get it. I think we can
all get back home. I think we can get back,
but Joey said… I haven’t been able
to figure out. Joey’s here? -Yeah, Joey’s here.
-Well, he’s here. -Yeah.
-Wait, wait, who is this guy? Well, he was with us
last time we saw Joey
in Everlock and we all got murdered. I don’t trust this guy. It’s not because
he’s slightly better
looking than me. Hey, guys, guys,
we’re still stuck. -Sorry.
-Okay, all right, okay. There’s a box.
What’s this? JUSTINE: So I see this box
with a lock on it I’m like, “Ooh,
this looks like something fun.” How many numbers? -Oh, we gotta touch it.
-I told you I will
cut out your tongue. -[GASPING]
-What? -You.
-Can’t believe
that you’re back. -Come here.
-Why does she look
so familiar? She killed me,
you and Destorm. Whoa, she took out
a couple. She took out Alex, huh? I mean, you tell me,
I was dead. Joey, I don’t know
how you did it but the exhibits
are now loose. And the monsters
inside them are not kind. So you’re stuck here
just like us. You can’t do nothing. I would use my powers
but I don’t have
my staff. Okay? -So are you on our team now?
-For now, yes. So put the knife down. So why are you
so pissy about it? [GRUMBLES] Do you know where
the Collector is right now? The Collector left this
in her study where I was kept. It is all I know. -What is that?
-What is that? Last time I came near you,
you killed me, so can… Hidden. The Sorceress gives me
an Onyx trinket and I see
there’s some gears on it. DESTORM: Me and Tim,
we go way back. I said, “Tim,
what you doing here?” He said, “I died too.” They shot you in the head? Yeah, I got shot in the head
when I died. Wait, that’s her. That’s the Collector. TIM: What? Damn, she fine. I was happy about that, ’cause I felt like, “Oh,
she wants to keep me forever.” And she all sexy and stuff. But then it’s probably
not good, it’s probably like bad. That pretentious bitch. -Ooh…
-You have the same
exact thing at your mansion. Isn’t she a copycat? -She wanna be you so bad.
-Mm-hmm. So me, being
the bad bitch that I am, I was like, “Let me
look at this clock.” And I started observing
the clock. There’s a gear right here
that looks like, it was on there. Oh, what the hell
is that? -He’s right.
-That does look like
it goes there. -[THUDS]
-[EXCLAIMS] God, you broke it. “When the Armageddon Clock
strikes the morning hour, “all those outside their exhibit
are burned to ash “and sent to a final death
in hell.” That’s the museums’
self defense system. If we’re not out
of here by sunrise, we’re all gonna
turn to ash. I like know I’ve done
a lot of bad stuff and I might go to hell
but I really didn’t think
it was going to be this early in life. I have been told
quite a few times that
there is a special place in hell for me, so,
I don’t think
it’ll be too bad. The guards obey
whoever is pharaoh, that symbol
is his sign. I’ve seen it,
come with me. They just keep following
this shit, they keep
following this shit. I always learned
never to trust strange,
white women. I have to work
with the Sorceress. Till she turn her back. JOEY: There’s no time. We need to split up
into two groups to go
rescue our friends but also find out more
about this museum. TANA: I’m stuck with Tim
and Destorm. Destorm’s the villain,
I don’t even know
if Tim even knows -what’s going on.
-You gotta come around
the corner like this. I’m scared. So this is where
I saw the symbol. -Okay.
-We walk into
the hallway and we find
this tapestry. -Here’s the sign right here,
what does it say?
-Where? [DESTORM READING] I was betrayed
by those closest
to me as well. [CONTINUES READING] What the hell
is the Ruler’s Rod? Is that a hint?
Is that a clue? JOEY: So we walk outside
and there’s literally
guards everywhere and we need to sneak around
and find out how we’re gonna
break our friends out. [WHISPERING] -[GASPS] Wait, that’s them.
-Should we go? We need to rescue them. Okay, we gotta
find some clues. There’s a number,
there’s a number! Oh, just two? -Two.
-Okay, okay. Oh, six, there’s six. Oh, and here’s
another one. Wait, look at shapes of
the numbers,
they’re all different. So the problem is
there are a bunch
of different numbers on the ground
and there’s only
three numbers on the lock. So we notice that
some of the numbers are inside of shapes,
so that has to mean
something. Okay, so there’s
a pile of skulls. Do we dig in them? Maybe they’re in
the skulls. I don’t know, let’s look. -You’re gross.
-Oh, gosh, it’s
so disgusting. There has got to be
a clue somewhere in here. So I started digging
through the skeleton bones and digging through
the dirt and I find
a little, like, egg thing. And, so I know that
has to help me get
out of this thing, so I keep it. Underneath the ooey-gooey
guts of the skeleton, Colleen spots something. JUSTINE: I respect Colleen
so much for just
going in there. I mean, I guess, she cleans
a lot of diapers now, so she’s like fully prepped. You guys, there’s
a journal in here, hold on. Oh, Joey’s here. Listen, we’re gonna
try and get you out
of here, okay? -Okay.
-Did you find anything
that can help us? -We found an egg.
-I found an egg. You know, Joey, I think
we’re fine, we don’t need
your help. You can leave. I feel like out
of all the people here Colleen probably has
the most resentment
towards me. And I understand why. I’m sorry, Colleen. Please don’t do this,
please don’t do this,
stop. You guys, there’s a note
in here. ALEX: Wait, wait,
he has something to tell us. Don’t trust him. -What?
-Mortimer. Who is Mortimer? That’s what I’ve been
saying this whole time, but they’re hypnotized
by his slightly better looks. Slightly. Listen, Colleen, I know
we had our differences, but I’m telling you
he turned on us. -Why?
-And you’ve turned on me. Also, Colleen had
a crush on Mortimer, so clearly she’s gonna
take his side over mine. Okay, listen, we’ll focus
on it later. We need to work together. Let’s see what we can find. Okay, well, there’s a note
in here, so… Okay, you guys solve that, we’re gonna try
and find a way
to get out of here for you. -Thanks for the help.
-JOEY: Okay, come on,
let’s go. We’re looking around
for anything, just
something that can help us get our friends
out of that jail cell. How do we get them
out of there? I don’t know. JOEY: Wait, what’s this? Wait, did you open it? BRETMAN: “With my five eyes,
I can see all things
and keep the pharaoh safe.” The pharaoh was
the person on the card, right? Yeah. “But they’ve been plucked out
by his betrayers and can
no longer protect him.” So we need to find
the five eyes. I don’t know who
is missing an eye
in the first place, but there’s five
of them. So, we start looking
all over for the eyes. We need to find
the five eyes, maybe they found
eyes in theirs. Should we ask? -Hey, hey.
-Oh, there’s guards. BRETMAN: My goodness, Joey,
what did you drag me into? I think Bretman’s
finally seeing how real
of a situation we’re in right now,
especially with these guards. -Okay.
-What’s with the eyes, babe? I mean, let’s just
start looking around, right? Yeah. [GASPS] I think I found one. Wait a minute, that looks
like the egg that they found. Oh, let’s go
grab one from them. BRETMAN: What kind of thing
would have five eyes, also why am I looking
for your eyes, like how is that
my responsibility? It says the Collector of
the Dead once ruled a kingdom
among the living. But she wanted to break
the circle of life and gain immortality. She discovered
the secret of eternal life with the cosmic… Fear, sorry it’s
real dirty. It’s a little dirty,
this has been around. -I think that’s a little…
-And a little bloody,
can someone get that dirt off? Oh, we’re making it worse. -Yeah.
-We’re making it worse. There’s something
about a cosmic sphere, I don’t know what
it’s talking about, but it’s also talking
about this collector who everyone keeps
talking about.
She sounds pretty evil and sounds like
she’s gonna kill us all. She discovered
the secret of eternal life -with the cosmic sphere.
-Guys. -What?
-We need to find five
of these. We just found
one of those. -Oh, give it to us.
-JUSTINE: No, no, no,
don’t give it to him. What do you mean,
don’t give it to me? We must need it
to get out of here. Alex, no! We’re trying
to rescue you. You’re trapped in,
we can’t do anything. -Alex!
-Thank you. -We gotta work…
-We’re gonna get you
out of here, we promise. Their distrust in Joey
is slowing us down. We’re gonna die,
we gotta go. We have two
of the five eggs. [CLINKS] All right, guys,
we need three more. [GRUNTS] Think I found
a pharaoh under here, y’all. -Mmm.
-Yeah. Wait, so are looking
for all of these
little statues? Yeah. Tana and Destorm,
they see the little statues, I’m thinking, “No, man,
this is too obvious.” -Okay. I have two.
-I have two, there’s an Ankh
on the bottom. I can’t trust nobody. So I’m taking lead. Let’s set ’em up
in one of these
little canisters, so we only have four, we need one more. Hurry up, let’s find
the fifth one, y’all. -Is it?
-Dig ’em all up. -Did you find any?
-Nope. Tim is just wandering around, like, find the statue,
I found two, Destorm found two. What are you doing? I got it. -TANA: You found it?
-Yeah. Let’s go. Okay. TIM: Oh, a guard’s coming. -Oh, my God, no.
-He might take us away. I’m so close to figuring
out this puzzle, and now more shirtless men
with knives are running at me, what is going on? Okay, you guys,
all the things we’ve seen
on the ground are in here. So there’s this square
sphere, stars, all those words
are in here. The Collector of the Dead Ones
ruled the kingdom among
the living. But you have to make
the circle of life, -circle’s the first one.
-Okay. Circles. The circles are… -There’s a circle.
-It’s a six. -They’re both sixes.
-Ready to square off. Oh, it’s a square… -There’s a two.
-Two in square. And the last thing
is stars. -Stars.
-[ALL CLAMORING] ALEX: Here, here,
here, seven. -Seven.
-Got it. Six, two, seven. -Seven.
-[GASPING] Yes, we did it. I open up the box
and inside there’s an egg and then this really
decorative cube thing. It doesn’t open,
it doesn’t break apart. It’s just,
it’s an actual solid box. Did you guys
find another one? -Uh, maybe.
-Maybe. Yes, we got another one. Okay, can we have it? Thank you, Justine. Tim, read that sign
right there. Gods of the Nile Statues, arrange the statues
to face the mountain. Top to bottom,
left to right, you said there was
symbols on the bottom, these things,
do they mean anything? DESTORM: Yeah, but not to me. That’s the mountain,
Did you see the mountain? I mean, I’m looking
at the mountain. Shit, that’s a great mountain. TANA: Wait, wait, on this
tapestry, there’s like these symbols. -Let me go look.
-All right… Yo, you can’t be
my girl if you can’t
get shit right. -Oh, hell, yeah.
-You guys didn’t even
see this… Maybe she more
than just a face. This the paintbrush,
the circle, the half circle,
and the lady, got it. But there’s five
of them though. DESTORM: And no, this one’s
here, look. TANA: So we need to find
the statues with the symbols and put them in order,
it’s not rocket science. -[EXCLAIMING]
-Oh, sh… TIM: Oh, what is this? -Do we take this?
-DESTORM: That’s the rod. -TIM: Is this the rod?
-[GASPS] So we have the rod and now
it’s time to go meet up with everyone else. TANA: Oh, we did kind
of do that. DESTORM: Well,
we did kind of did. You know, me and Gabbie,
had to be getting along
anyway. Yeah. This is crazy,
how’re we supposed
to find all these eyes? -GABBIE: What’s going on?
-That guard. -Who’s gone?
-The guard. -Oh.
-It’s the guard. GUARD: You thought
you could hide from me? -[ALL SCREAMING]
-Run, Gabbie! [SCREAMING] GABBIE: Where did
he come from? But how can you blame him
for grabbing this? JOEY: Originally I was here
on a rescue mission, but I feel like
I just made things worse. Bretman, if one of us
gets captured,
we’re so screwed. -We need to stick together.
-Okay. We need to find two more. We were just looking
and looking in the courtyard, and I’m like, “Joey,
there’s stairs leading down.” Oh, what is this? BRETMAN: [GASPS] Yes. Thank you, I love you. Now, we’re finally
getting somewhere. I feel like it could
be out here. BRETMAN: And there it was. [GASPS] Bretman, we did it. Oh, we got the fifth egg. -We out here.
-Yes, here we go. -Oh.
-[GASPS] So I open the chest
and I find this gorgeous
head piece, that will look so cute on me, but there’s no attachment. And then we also find
the key to the jail, so that’s cute as well. -And the sorcerer…
-We got a key. -You got a key.
-He got a key. BRETMAN: It was kind of like
the princess saving his king. I was like Peaches
and he Mario. So we all run inside
hoping not to get caught
by the guards again, and we run into
everyone else. Yo, who this? [GASPS] Who is this? Wait, wait, wait,
is she a friend? -What’s…
-I mean, she kind of
helped us out. I don’t know her,
but Gabbie knows her and she says she
killed some people, but apparently,
if everyone’s all right,
and I’m like, “Uh…” Who is Mortimer?
Why does he look like
a male model? What’s going on? She’s friends with Mortimer. Mortimer’s nice. -No, he’s not.
-He helped us. Colleen, after you died,
he turned on me
and my friends. Why should I trust you?
You murdered me. -He helped me.
-I was just trying
to save my town. All right. I mean, are your hands
so clean, Joey?
Why are we all here? That’s a good point, Joey. But we’ve been saved. Okay, but I’m here
to make things right. Well, maybe I can help. I still don’t trust
either one of you, okay? -I don’t trust any of y’all.
-Mm-hmm. Okay, listen, what
did you guys find? I got a stick. I got a box. And I have a gorgeous bird. We couldn’t really figure out
what to do with them and, so I was like,
“Guys, let’s just put that
on top of the stick “and see what happens.” [ALL EXCLAIMING] Soon as we put it on,
it lights up and we feel the power. There was a note
that said this rod helps
control the guards. So the other group
found out that we can
control the guards with this rod. So I’m like, “All right,
let’s go.” -Let’s go.
-What? -Let’s go.
-Nope. I think the guards are
gonna just come and kill us. I think this is
a crazy idea. So, apparently now this stick
that lights up is gonna make all of these giant guards
just bow down to us? -Shh.
-Hey, I have the scepter. Oh, God. [ALL EXCLAIMING] Oh, that’s right, yeah. Apparently the big stick
that lights up actually does make all
of the guards bow down to us. What do you command? -What do I command?
-Have them dab. Help us, I don’t know. The possibilities are endless. I command you
to go into the prison. Wait, what’s that key
around his neck? He has this gorgeous key
on a necklace and first of all,
I want it for fashion but then I realized
we could probably
use that key. Okay, go to your prison. I command thee. I feel much better that
the guards are locked up in that cage
that I was in and now they can play
with the blood and guts. Let’s go back,
they’re all locked up. DESTORM: Can they tell us
where to find some food? I have breast milk. JOEY: All right, guys,
we need to find out
where this key goes. Okay? You messed with
the wrong bitch. [GRUNTS] This museum should be mine. JOEY: That’s
the Armageddon clock. Once the sun rises, if we’re not out of here,
we’re all gonna turn to dust. Oh, and send us to hell,
huh, cool. -Great.
-We still need to figure out what the heck
this box does. -What do we have?
-We have a cat on the box. ROSANNA: Gabbie, Gabbie, look. -What is it?
-It’s a hieroglyphic
like from the box ALL: Oh. It’s the same symbol
that was on the box, within a box. And I’m like,
“This is something.
A clue.” Do we match it up
with this? ROSANNA: Maybe, maybe
we’re sitting on it. [ALL GASP] Okay, something’s
going on over there. So then, Mortimer
and I take down
the painting and behind it,
there’s this huge vault with a bunch of holes
that look like key holes. We need Ocean’s 11,
12, 13, 14 and 15, to get into this thing,
this is custom. Mortimer notices that
there’s this creepy note on the back. For 100s of years,
the Collector of the Dead has been stealing
the souls of monsters and storing them
inside her museum
in purgatory. You are her latest find and she would like
to keep you forever. But there might
be a way out. Within her iron vault
lies the cosmic sphere which has the power
to reshape space and time. But the vault can
only be opened with
the nine jeweled keys which are hidden
among her exhibits. To retrieve them,
you must unravel
the evil mysteries of her museum
and vote on two who must undertake
a challenge that will end
in a final death. -[SCREAMING]
-for which there
is no return. Again, be swift. The Collector will be
back soon with her most
frightening exhibit yet. So we’re all gonna die again. No, no, oh, my gosh. This Collector is gonna come
and collect all our souls
for her museum unless we don’t find
all of the jeweled keys and put them
in the right key holes, it seems very complicated and it seems like
we’re probably
all going to die. Joey, you promised us
that you were helping us, but we’re all gonna die
again one by one? It’s fine, I promise
that the Society Against Evil will get here before
we even have to do
any of that. -Oh, yeah.
-Let’s find the keys. -Okay.
-This guy. JUSTINE: Luckily, Joey already
has a key so that means
we only have eight left. This kind of looks
too small, man. That’s not the key. I don’t know
if that’s one of the keys. Dang it, then where
the hell does this key
go to? So, we’re back
to finding nine keys. As much as I don’t wanna
help y’all, when we was looking
for the ruler’s rod. I saw a door at
the end of the hallway, -[GASPS]
-and it had a key hole
in the middle. -It looked like
it might fit the key.
-Let’s go. Look at you being
a team player. I thought you were
a villain. DESTORM: It will
never happen again. JOEY: Wait, Destorm,
lead the way, I have
no idea where it is. As always I’m right. Joey fits the key
in the lock,
and he opens the door. -Oh.
-Guys, it’s an exhibit. ALEX: This is where
she keeps the good stuff. I think we just opened
the Egyptian exhibit. -Oh, clue.
-Guys, there’s a box
with a lock on it. This paper, paper. No way, this is wild. Whoa, look
at all these symbols. This is a full on exhibit
and I’m living for it. -Anubis?
-Anubis. Thank you. Anubis, god of the dead,
holds the soul of
the deceased pharaoh, if the Ankh of life
is placed on his
sarcophagus and surrounded by those
with clear minds, and the chants spoken, a doorway can be opened
to learn the secrets of
his death. And then there’s a chant
down here that we have
to say. Well, look if there’s
all these people -surrounding the pharaoh.
-You gotta surround
and hold hands. That’s that right there. We have to hold hands
on some kumbaya shit. I ain’t about that life. So we need
to find an Ankh -and then we have
to surround…
-Wait, what’s the Ankh? I really don’t know
what an Ankh is. Is this an Ankh? Bitch, it’s right here,
do you not see this? It even says it
on the diagram. Guys, I found the Ankh. [ALL CHEERING] That’s right, bitches,
read it and weep. JOEY: Did Tana just
find the Ankh? Wow, what is going on? Okay, so we got to put it
on his sarcophagus. -Okay.
-I’m really scared,
I’m really scared, No, we good. -Yay.
-Okay, so we now have
to hold hands. -Now we hold hands.
-Sorry. Anubis, god of the dead. ALL: Anubis, god of the dead. Release the soul
of the pharaoh. ALL: Release the soul
of the pharaoh. So his crimes
can be avenged. ALL: So his crimes
can be avenged. [ALL EXCLAIMING] -[GROWLING]
-[SCREAMING] This beef jerky
looking ass bitch. -Oh, my God.
-[GROWLING] [GROWLING] Honestly, I was on
a rescue mission, but right now
I’m on a rescue mission
to save my own ass. THE COLLECTOR: You think
there’s a way out? Oh, my God. THE COLLECTOR:
You stay here forever. ALL: No, no, no. -I love you.
-I’m not dying. What is that supposed
to mean? I told her I was going
to get her out of here. You’re evil, bitch. -He’s coming.
-So we have the blood now. Matt? Nikita?! We’re back, bitches. Joey, watch out. [SCREAMING] [SCREAMING] JOEY: Every time we put
a key in there,
one of us dies. History’s repeating itself. That’s how you get it. I’m literally just
in a cycle of death. [SNARLING] I’m dying in here. Go to hell. [GROWLING] ♪ Should’ve come alone ♪ I ain’t messin’
with my throne ♪ Gotta keep you
at a distance ♪ Trying to roll
my name wide ♪ Play a wicked game ♪ Welcome to
your warning rune ♪


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