College Life EP-5 | Before Exam Hall Part- 2 | Rey 420

Subtitles by- Deepak Dagani Rey Ha Check me Where did he hide? I couldn’t find.. Dude, you didn’t come up with slips I have them for all chapters important questions Where did you hide. If, I can’t find them. No lecturer could do. hmm Wait Sir Give the slips and go Why did you keep the slips sir? ha So, are you suspecting me sir? One on the right hand Ohhh Two on the chest Two at back Down there…. Sir Sir Don’t go beyond that. I will give them Wait ha What sir? Checking? ha One minute Check now Check sir, check everything Where do you want me to show You want me to remove t-shirt? Check, check everything Want me to remove want me to remove the pant Done with your scanning? No one can catch me hey Give me that water bottle and go Did he scan the bottle also or what? Did he hide the bottle? Have water sir Will have later Then give the bottle I mean, had dosa in the breakfast If I feel thirsty while seriously attempting the exam not to waste the time got the bottle You found that? Get out Hold on Where can you escape without scanning Remove your hand there Sir Myself will give Why would you keep knowing that I’m here? Seems very deep inside Throw there Go Go Sir, give me your phone once Why Once give me sir Here it is Hello baby Me Prudhvi You don’t get any slips Sir looks like a big scanner Wherever it may be, he will find Love you baby hey, go Baby, call you back Thank you sir I know, many of you has come here with slips Has seen many like you If you ask how? Even I was a student once First time, scared to fail, you will keep slips Second time, it becomes easy Third time, it will become a habit hmm There is no wrong in failing But, practice makes a man perfect sir, I’m woman here Whoever quoted this, seems didn’t remember ladies Practice makes a man and woman perfect OK At this age, it may not look wrong for you But after 40-50 years means, when you all become old You will die right? on your death bed You all will feel bad What is this? What is he speaking man? in doubt whether you will go to hell there will be no use to get realized then So, realize now itself Proudly throw the slips directly reach heaven You opened our eyes sir Don’t think. Come on How much hard work it was last night? he kept here also stupid fellow Let me retain two slips Greetings sir You will die right? On your death bed No Sorry sir I will never commit this mistake in my life You will definitely go to heaven Thank you sir Oh my god, looks paper is tough How many among these might have students read Sir, is the paper easy or tough You will easily pass, go God is great!! Sumanth Have you read 4th question in 2nd lesson 3rd chapter? yes sir Paper has last 10th question from last lesson of last chapter which has not come in last 10 years. Read and come, go I have no mood to read sir Give me the paper, I will check how many questions has come among I prepared for Here it is, check yes This is OK OK This has not come This is OK This is OK This is OK. This has not come This is also fine 7 questions 4 each equals 28 even half mark for each gives 40 It’s OK sir, I can pass easily Then it is fine. Go Excuse me sir Give it This question is there Dude, what? Have you come with slips I’m saying it is there in the prepared ones we know about you right sir Slips are not allowed but if required, you will give the question paper Ya OK sir Present hmm then go Power to the power Wait Studious studeny… you? You write everything not even leaving the choice You don’t need, go How these people read? Sir, does paper has what I read? What did you read? Prepared for few, thinking they will be in the paper Check if there are present ha I read this don’t cry buddy How many are there Only two sir How come only two How did you read? With the help of light bad punch means, by the help of lottery what shall we do now If you can give 10 mins time Will you be back with slips? No, will prepare and come sir Come fast go Then, shall I get slips Even it gets delayed come only prepared Go Go Give the slips and go Wait sir Please What shall we use, if we give to you sir If squad finds, you will get debar If squad comes, not only we you will also be debarred That’s why asking, give the slips and go Why to ask, If squad comes, shout that squad has come at least you give the slips and go I didn’t get any slips sir I know, you are the only good boy Only text book


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