Como Ignorar El Drama Y Seguir Adelante || Charlas Rápidas con Ashley

hello and welcome back to my channel
today we are going to do something different because I want to sit down and talk with you
This is something I have not done in Spanish and it’s something that’s called
quick talks with ashley where we spend a couple of minutes talking about a topic
that I feel that God has put in me heart today’s topic is how we act
when we feel we have a target in our back and I think it’s called
where you throw darts. I usually don’t watch television but this week I was
watching a netflix show that is about of a fitness competition what one
of the coaches said is if someone has put a target on your back, it
means they are behind you I kept thinking because usually when
we feel that someone has put a target on our back we forget to
realize that they are behind us and that this person was trying to stop us from
moving forward, they are trying to affect our next step trying to affection your destiny they are trying to
push you off your path and they do that by trying to control your emotions and
control your thoughts and if you think what happens when you feel that you are about to
be attacked from behind usually we stop and we turn and stop
walk forward we take our eyes off the road ahead and direction in the
which one are we walking and that is what the enemy wants wants us to stop us
he wants us not to move on he wants us to turn and start looking
back to our past and to pay attention to what people
think what people say because Once your attention has already turned
and is looking back suddenly we let in fear
anxiety negative thoughts that pull us down and suddenly that advantage
we had against the next world of having God and the holy spirit in
our lives we don’t pay attention anymore that we are not using peace no longer
we are using god’s trust suddenly our thoughts are
become negative thoughts and all that changes us
and there to change that change as we see the world as we see other situations and that
alter how we decided to attack certain situations and we talked a little
of that military we have been reading the book of frames we talked about how
Jesus shows us that people is bothering and trying to water
you can sigh and move on we show that there is no gain
spiritual when we try to face to those people your identity must be
in what God says what God calls you the purpose he has given you and each
person has a purpose and has no expiration date
so if this week they felt attacked and have felt provoked or
tried remember if you put them there a target on the back is because they are
behind you and if we want the reflection of the love and character of god
in our lives we have to take the decision to sigh and move on
instead of giving rise to the desire of the meat that wants to stop turning
defend oneself attack the person that wanting to show
all of which one is correct is not worth worth taking steps back when
you were going to have to work so hard to get where are you today so take the
decision to make a reflection of character of jesus and not giving way or
entrance to those dramatic fights in your life so that’s the talk for today
because I wanted to give them a little encouragement and remind them that they are not alone that
these things sometimes will happen they are going there are people who we are not going to
like him and that’s part of life and we all have to learn how
behave when these happen situations in our lives thanks
for sitting and listening leave your thoughts in the comments and we
we will see the next 100 blessed bye no no no

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