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The other guy’s travel rewards program is STILL really confusing. Miles. Redemptions. And what does that even get you? I’m Gerry Dee and I’m back at school again. Let’s see if we can figure this thing out. I find that drama is about communication and expression. So let’s see if we can get through some of the communication barriers that you have with your A******* program. Being dramatic or physical can maybe help. Who’s got a little bit of performing bug in them? We’ll do a little role-playing here. Gerry: Action. Student: Yes, my brother and I want to go to- Gerry: Cut! Cut! I don’t buy that you’re brothers, I’m just saying. And action, better job please this time. Student: There aren’t any booking restrictions for then? Student: You’re eligible for a multi-city miles fixed- Gerry: Cut, cut. I don’t know if that helped, everybody. So I’m going to bring some of you up, and I’m going to read some terms and you’re going to give me a facial expression. And… limited seat availability. No… no, it’s not a rollercoaster. The value of your miles. Okay, you’ve never done this before, have you? Gerry: Reward plan communication. Flight options. Seat availability. Baggage fees. Gerry: Cut. What have we learned? You tell me, what have we learned? Student: It’s still the same marketing language, just now more exciting. More exciting confusion. Gerry: If only there was a travel rewards credit card with no drama.

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