Congratulatory Performance – Hyolyn [2018 KBS Drama Awards/2018.12.31]

(“Black Knight” OST / “Wind-up Clock” by Hyolyn) Cha Taehyun… Do you… want to see the sea with me? (“Sea Sea” by Hyolyn) (“Dally” by Hyolyn) Hot performances by the one and only Hyolyn. She kicked off part 2. Korea is waiting for you, Hyunmoo. – Me? / – I think. The stage is close. Look that way. Like this. Then how will I see it? You were staring. I was in a trance. It was great. We should turn off the heat. It was steamy. – Alright. / – Yes. Let’s start part 2 of the KBS Drama Awards. Many are waiting for part 2. Best Couple Award. – Are you? / – Yes. The Best Actor Award and the grand prize, for the best actors, will be revealed. Yep. Did you watch KBS dramas this year? I said I watched “My Only One” and daily dramas. There was a survey. There were 34 dramas aired on KBS in the past year. Yes. They aired for 53,000 hours. There were 1,700 actors and 3,400 staff. Do you know how many 200-character sheets of paper are needed to finish a 50-episode drama? I can’t believe they counted. 16,000. They must fill 16,000 sheets of paper. That’s to complete the dramas you love. The writers are amazing. They are. The writers of the best drama will get this award. Let’s watch the actors thanking the writers. Thanks to the writer for the great script. Wonseok and Eunsuk. And the supporting writers. (Creating beauty from nothing) You created beauty from nothing. Thank you so much. Thanks to the writers for making my character Leeyeong. Being a writer seems hard. We all work together as a group on set, but the writers are working all alone. They lost a lot of weight. Their effort all goes into the script. Thank you. (Thank you) Yes. Many actors gave their thanks in an unforgettable way for the writers, who help from start to end. Time for the Best Writer Award. It was hard for this person to come. Kim Haesuk, an actor of 45 years. And KBS drama center manager, Mun Bohyeon. Hi, I’m Kim Hyesuk. Hi, I’m KBS drama center manager Mun Bohyeon. It’s an honor to be here beside Km Hyesuk, who touches your hearts in dramas. It’s an honor to be here with the drama center manager. Great to see you after so long. Me too. KBS will have new dramas in the spring. I’m the drama that’ll air in March called “My Dear Daughter.” It’s about a mother raising 3 daughters alone. I hope you like it. Thank you. Kim Haesuk and I, through “Spring Waltz,” “Famous Chil Princesses,” “Wang Family” and other shows, showed passion in working. I’m shocked at how she changes in each work. She’s a warm Korean mother a charismatic empress, an intense criminal, and always acts with intensity in each role. Which character are you most attached to? Thank you. I’ve played many characters. One was so hard that I prize it like my own child. They’re all precious to me though. In every new work I act like it’s my first time. It’s a chance to act out a new life and character transformations and get love from fans. Writers behind the scenes are the source of that. The weight of decisions rests on the writers’ shoulders. Without them, there would be no dramas. Yes. Let’s applaud the writers who are always working hard. Now presenting the Best Writer Award. Please present it. Okay. The winner is Kim Sagyeong. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. Congratulations. (Best Writer Award / Kim Sagyeong / “My Only One”) Kim Sagyeong turned her writing into a hit with “My Only One,” which has a 36.8% viewer rating and has created history. Congratulations. She’s the writer who wrote the drama with unbelievable ratings. Let’s hear how she feels. Do you hear me? (Kim Sagyeong / Best Writer Award) I’m Kim Sagyeong, writer of “My Only One.” Thanks to all the viewers who loe the show. A writer’s most precious award is the viewers. Thank you so much. Thanks to the staff and actors who worked in the cold. I can’t choose just one person who’s sitting in front of me. It was an honor to work with such great actors. And… Director Hong Seokgu and Na Suji didn’t come here today. They worked hard. To Jeong Seoyeon, who gave me this work, Mun Bohyeon and Hwang Huigyeong, I was a troublemaker with a temper. Sorry for that. I regret it. Thanks to CEO Kim Donggu for always being on my side. I’ll keep up the good work. My family sacrifices a lot for me. Thank you and I’m sorry. My two sons, if you didn’t act up, I couldn’t have worked. Thanks for growing up right. Oh yeah. Thanks to the writers who work alongside me. Let’s keep up the good work. I began studying dramas at age 37. It’s a late age, but I worked hard and joined KBS at age 4 2. Even though I got chosen, being a writer isn’t easy. Thanks to everyone who has ever worked with me. Thank you. I talked too much. I’ve worked with so many people and I’d like to thank all of them. I’ve been too busy to meet Professor Jang Mihui Let’s have dinner afterwards. Congratulations. That was the writer’s speech. Yes. That drama is winning lots of awards. I was tearing up. 2018 KBS Drama Awards. It’s even later now. The year is almost over. 17 minutes left. Soon we’ll meet with the best actors of our time to end the year. Don’t change the channel. Many are waiting for this award. It’s as precious as the Grand Award. It’s the Best Couple Award and we’ll present it now. It’s the jewel of the awards show. There are so many viewers for it. The people’s Best Couple. That’s right. No need to say more. Choi Sujong and Ha Huira. Hi, I”m Ha Huira. Hi, I’m Choi Sujong. It was a special year for us. I was in the morning drama “Lady Cha Dal-rae’s Lover.” and Sujong was in “My Only One.” We’re married and both in KBS dramas. Thank you for all your love. Please show us love for our two shows. We met on the KBS show called “Procession of Love.” That was in 1987. 30 years ago. 30 years? Time flies. You started celebrity couples. We started the KBS Drama Awards in 1987. And you met on that show in 1987. – Yes. / – You did. We have that clip. Hold on… Why? We prepared it. Let’s watch. No. There’s no difference. – Hello, I’m Choi Sujong. / – I’m Han Huira. Your clothing color looks quite fresh. You can really stretch out this season. And we’re the same. It’s because we’re young. Just like this balloon color, do you have a color? Join us! You went too far. You haven’t changed at all. Don’t be like that. How was the clip? You flinched, Sujong. I feel like you did earlier. I laughed when I saw your old clip but now I’m embarrassed. You haven’t seen that clip in a while? Yes. It feels new. Great. Never change. That’s why we played the clip. You’ve won the Best Couple Award before. Please continue. We’re here as Korea’s Best Couple and that’s why we’re presenting, but we never won that award. I’m most jealous of the winner tonight. It’s hard for a married couple to win Best Couple. When acting out romance in dramas, sometimes feelings arise in real life. And while doing the same job, you care for each other. And show interest and embrace each other. Then you marry and lock her down. Right, Hyunmoo? I didn’t marry. But the chances go up. Yes, that’s right. I was going to ask Donggeun but he has no mic. There are a lot of new couples made through KBS. Which can you think of? A lot. From KBS dramas, there’s Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo. Right, the Song-Song couple. Yeon Jeonghun and Han Gain. Lee Donggun and Jo Yunhui. Yes. You could say KBS believes in love. I wonder what couples KBS will make this year. Let’s announce the nominees. Right now? Yes. I’ll announce it. First. They’re like a robot and human. Seo Kangjun and Gong Seungyeon. Congratulations. Congratulations. Seo Kangjun and Gong Seungyeon. They made news for showing a love story between a robot and human. There are a lot of fans here. They’re the first nominee. Congratulations. The second nominee. Boss and secretary, landlord and renter. Choi Daniel and Baek Jinhui from “Jugglers.” Congratulations. Choi Daniel and Baek Jinhui. Showing realistic chemistry, they stopped being forever alone and their dating instincts kicked in. Congratulations. The third nominee. Many housewives in Korea have wondered about if this happened in their lives. Kim Myeongmin and Ra Miran! Congratulations. Kim Myeongmin and Ra Miran. (“The Miracle We Met”) Kim Myeongmin and Ra Miran. Trusty actors, with great chemistry, they draw out tears every episode. Congratulations. Congratulations. She said she didn’t know why she came. A real glimpse at a couple tired of marriage. Cha Taehyun and Bae Duna. Bae Duna is filming and can’t come. Cha Taehyun will take the stage alone. Viewers identified with their polar opposite chemistry. Choi Sujong is helping out Cha Taehyun. Congratulations. The fifth nominee. They showed us breathtaking romance. Yu Donggeun and Jang Mihui from “Marry Me Now.” Congratulations. Yu Donggeun and Jang Mihui. A couple in their 60s who bicker and make up often. They raise viewership with laughs and have gotten critical acclaim. They’re so great. I respect them. Taehyun looks lonely. The next couple. A lovey-dovey romance. Lee Jangwoo and UEE from “My Only One.” UEE and Lee Jangwoo. (“My Only One”) Hurry up. Congratulations, UEE. Congratulations, Jangwoo. Many of them are married and enjoying married life. Congratulations. Yes. I’m most interested in this couple. Ha Huira is presenting again? Yes. Jin Gyeong and Choi Sujong from “My Only One.” (“My Only One”) Sujong looks too happy. There’s his on-screen love interest. Is Choi Sujong okay? This is awkward. Huira, come this way. She’s giving the trophies. Congratulations to Seo Kangjun and Gong Seungyeon. Choi Daniel and Baek Jinhui are next. They are getting one. Choi Sujong is looking awkward. Next is Kim Myeongmin and Ra Miran. They have great chemistry. Taehyun is getting the trophy alone. And the flowers. Baek Duna is taking it. Jang Mihui and Yu Donggeun, congrats. Lee Jangwoo and UEE. Look at this shot. Jin Gyeong and Choi Sujong. Jingyeong, receive it. Sujong looks awkward. Huira went down immediately. We were going to interview together. She went down. Let’s talk to Kangjun and Seungyeon. Congratulations to “Are You Human?” Thank you. Is this your first time winning? Yes. – Seungyeon? / – Yes. I see. You’re both born in 1993? Yep. Do you usually talk casually to each other? Yes. – I see. / – We’re close. It’s almost 2019. Give each other some well-wishes. Seojun first. Thanks for perking me up while filming. Thanks for the great acting. Be healthy. Be healthy? That’s what a professor would say. Be healthy. Seungyeon? I’m happy Seojun helped me on set. Good luck in 2019 and stay healthy. Great. Why do you think you won? Kangjun? The writer did a good job and the viewers loved it. Great. The most good-looking couple. Please pass the mic. He has one. Choi Daniel and Baek Jinhui. The loveliest couple. Congratulations. How do you feel? Earlier… (Best Couple Award) I asked her what this award was all about. I didn’t know. She said it’s for having good chemistry. I realized it’s a precious award. Thanks for working so hard. Do we do it like a video message? Yes. She’s right beside you. Just say what you want to. I see. Say whatever you want. Thank you and great job. We won thanks to you. How do you feel, Jinhui? I’m just happy to be nominated. It’s great. I didn’t think I’d get it. It’s all thanks to Daniel. Filming was so fun. You had a ramen kiss scene. And a bed kiss, an umbrella hug and more. It could be awkward. How did you shrug off the awkwardness? Before filming? – Our secret? / – Yeah. It’s not a secret. We rehearsed then talked about what we felt. So you want to talk about that. Yes. I see. While I’m continuing the interview, when 2019 is coming, I’ll start counting down and then we’ll continue the interview. There’s about 5 minutes left. Get ready to count down. Next up… Trusty Ra Miran and Kim Myeongmin. Myeongmin won the Netizen Award and the Best Couple Award How do you feel? I don’t know what happened. I was always jealous of the Best Couple winners. But I get to experience it too. I didn’t know I’d win it with Ra Miran. This honor goes to her. Ra Miran. Ra Miran works well on KBS. How do you feel? I’m not beside him. Kim Hyeonju should be here. Thank you. Thank you. He’s not my real husband. My husband was Go Changseok but he’s my husband in spirit, so we got attached, but we had such good chemistry and I got butterflies while acting. Beside him, his face… It’s okay, right? Yes. I’m glad too. I love you. Suddenly? I love you. Let’s hear from Myeongmin. Give him the mic. She thinks she had better chemistry with Kim Hyeonju. Kim Hyeonju or Ra Miran? Kim Hyeonju or Ra Miran? Ra Miran. I think you hesitated. You hesitated. I did. But since we won Best Couple, I choose Ra Miran. Great. Give her the mic. You had chemistry with Kai as well. I thought I’d win with him. Kim Myeongmin or Kai? Kim Myeongmin. I see. Great. Congratulations again. There’s one minute left in 2018. Let’s count down to 2019 with Korea’s best actors and KBS. 15 seconds left. Right? 30 seconds left. Before continuing the interviews, we’ll count down to 2019. There are LED lights behind you. Let’s count down at 10 seconds. There are 30 seconds left. Think of what wish you want to achieve in 2019 and wish the person next to you well. Let’s start the countdown. 2018 is almost over. 15 seconds are left. Are you ready? 10 seconds left. Yell together! 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2019! It’s now 2019. Happy new year. Thank you. The audience is well-wishing each other. Wish everyone a happy new year. While filming the Best Couple Award on KBS, we counted down the seconds to 2019. Thanks to Choi Daniel. Great. Let’s continue. – Cha Taehyun. / – Yes? You and Bae Duna from “Matrimonial Chaos” are the first interviews of 2019. Yes. How do you feel? I’m happy. Happy new year. This award is partly Bae Duna’s, and she’s in Mexico or America. I saw an article about her wanting to win Best Couple. I saw an article about that. Yes. Do you remember? In the drama, she was looking forward to the award. – I see. / – Because winning it means the drama is doing well. And that our chemistry is good. So to her in Mexico or America… That’s what I’m aware of. Maybe she’s in Seoul but just didn’t come. She’s somewhere. Please send her a video message. I won Best Couple in 2015 with Kim Suhyeon. But I’m not fit for Best Couple. Me and KBS… But it was fun filming with you. I got this award because of you. Stay healthy and have a happy new year. Yes. Time for middle-aged romance with Yu Donggeun and Jang Mihui. You have a mic? Jang Mihui. How do you feel? I won Best Couple with the perfect person. (Best Couple Award) Thank you for the award. Meeting the perfect actor is a prerequisite for creative expression. It’s a fundamental for acting. And the start of new acting. Why are you so shy? You keep staring at him. That’s why. Let’s hear from him. He’s blushing. To Jeon Inhwa at home, I didn’t think I’d ever get an award like this. This is all thanks to Jang Mihui. Thank you. Is this your first Best Couple Award? Yes. I see. Viewers said that one of your best scenes was the cute cat scene. Did you get any good awards? Can you show us? I’ll practice and show you later. You’ll come to my green room? Thank you. Alright. You’ll have a chance later to show it. Next is the couple of Lee Jangwoo and UEE. Congratulations. How do you feel? You have a long history with UEE. We were hosts of Music Bank. And were in a drama and won this award. She’s working so hard today. It’s so cold on set with all the snow. Thanks for working so hard, UEE. Let’s keep working together. How sweet. UEE? I rely on Jangwoo a lot and I really wanted this award. You did. But I’m embarrassed now that I got it. – You are, huh? / – Yes. Thank you. Did he ever touch your heart on set? – Touch my heart? / – Yes. A lot. Is that so? When it was cold, he wouldn’t give me his jacket, but he gave me hand warmers. – Hand warmers. / – Yes. Things like that. I’m glad he’s my husband. – You are? / – Yes. Were you ever moved by UEE? She gave me hand warmers when it was cold, and those are like our lifeline in the cold, so we acted while staying warm. I see. You both exchanged hand warmers. Next is Jin Gyeong and Choi Sujong. I had no idea. It’s your first Best Couple Award. True. – It is? / – Yes. We’ve acted a lot but never won Best Couple. I see. How do you feel? Like I could fly. – Really? / – Yes. Looking at Ha Huira… I don’t care. We met in the drama and she still does this… Sujong… I was the ugliest actress you worked with, right? But I’m the cutest too! She acts cute like that? Yes. Thanks to that, we won this award. It’s my honor. I didn’t know you had that side, Jin Gyeong. I’ve only seen you on TV. Did you ever say that? Yes, but… It’s not just to him. When I joined this drama, it was full of famous actors. That’s right. Choi Sujong, Park Sangwon, Cha Hwayeon, Im Yejin, and more. They’re people I watched as I grew up and respected a lot. And Choi Sujong has worked with a lot of beautiful actresses, including Ha Huira. I’m so sorry. But… You’re cute. I’m trying to be cute. The audience is saying you’re beautiful. Thank you. I’m not sure if this Did you ever think about Ha Huira since you were his love interest? No, but he tells me about her and said he talks about me at home. – I met her for the first time today. / – I see. It was like seeing my sister. It was nice. I don’t’ see her in the audience. – Did she leave? / – She didn’t leave, right? Right? – No. / – I see. You probably all know why they won Best Couple. Let’s watch the scenes to see exactly why they won. First is the Heartthrob vs Sweet couple. Let’s check out the clip. (Best Couple Award – Heartthrob vs Sweet) Heartthrob vs Sweet. (Seo Kangjun, Gong Seungyeon – “Are You Human?”) Don’t get the wrong idea. That’s your heart. I don’t have a heart. Just like he was reading from a robot manual, this is one beautiful couple. (Choi Daniel, Baek Jinhui / Jugglers) Why did you go on that date and hold everything in? What about you? Why did you come all the way here? Because I couldn’t see you. I felt anxious. You said it yourself. To do whatever I wanted. This soft, intense kiss made lots of people swoon. In that biting cold. You filmed a kiss scene. Daniel, that must’ve been tough. It was so cold, wasn’t it? It wasn’t that cold then. It wasn’t supposed to snow. But the director wanted snow and sprinkled snow, but it’s fake snow. So there was soap in our hair and it got soaked. It wasn’t actually snowing. So we had a lot of mistakes and filmed a long time. Is that the reason? I’ll say yes. You looked so romantic. Kangjun and Seungyeon, I want to ask something lots of people are wondering. Yes. Did you ever get feelings for the other while filming? It is a drama, but you could get so into it that you get butterflies yourself. Seo Kangjun? There’s an underwater scene. She saves me in that scene. I felt my heart skip a beat then. Why? She ran in when I was trapped underwater and took me out. That looked so beautiful. You’re glad she saved you. And thankful. Did you ever feel something like that, Seungyeon? Yes, in the scene you just played. He picked me up and I was shocked. So you got butterflies around each other. I see. After heartthrobs and sweetness, let’s move onto girl crushes. Best 3. Let’s watch. (Girl crushes: Best 3) I’ll take him. What? (Jang Mihui / “Marry Me Now”) Your dad. Park Hyoseob. Date me. What? What? Answer me. Are you going to date me? Get home safe. (JIn Gyeong / “My Only One”) Yes. But… I wasn’t trying to kiss you. I was going to kiss your cheeks as a thank you. You suddenly turned around. How cute. I didn’t steal that kiss on purpose… But for stealing that kiss, I’ll take a sweet punishment! How cute! Sorry! Ha Huira is looking pleased. No. 1. Where’s the bathroom? (UEE / “My Only One”) Sorry. This is the men’s room. You’re the perverted seagull, aren’t you? Hey! It’s you! In the girl’s bathroom now? What’s up your sleeve? What did I even do? You know what you did! Calm down! How dare you, you scumbag? I said calm down! Excuse me. This is the men’s bathroom. What? 1st place scene is by UEE and Lee Jangwoo. That’s an intense scene for first place. That’s how we won the award? Yes, from being a girl crush. Was filming that hard? The handbag and garbage can. I felt so sorry towards him while I was filming. I kept hitting his head but the strap was hitting his head. It must’ve hurt. I was so sorry. Sorry again. But she was good action scenes. She hit the parts that hurt most. I really got into the scene. Did you ever feel her girl crush charm? I always feel it. You seem scared now. I’m being threatened. Sorry. 2nd place is Choi Sujong and Jin Gyeong. Jin Gyeong, you’re a go-getter in the show. How are you in real life? You mentioned cute. You’re a girl crush in the drama. I’m not like that in real life. What are you like in real life? I’m not a go-getter in real life. – You’re not? / – No. So you acted with determination. Yes, I followed the script. Yes. I see. Why are you so shy, Sujong? I am. – You are? / – Yes. Why? It’s acting. But still. I see. 3rd is Yu Donggeun and Jang Mihui. This is for Jang Mihui. We use the phrase “girl crush” a lot. Do you ever feel your girl crush charm? Yes, sometimes. When? Depends on the situation. Like during meetings or so. Those times? When doing something official. And they showed that in the drama. Miyeon proposes to Hyoseob and asks them to date. Like that. Yes. I see. Yu Donggeun’s face is getting red. Let’s move on. Viewers burst into tears. Excuse me. Yes. I’d like to use this opportunity to thank the viewers who enjoyed watching. You got lots of Grand Awards but never a Best Couple Award. Here’s a scene that moved viewers. The king and queen of tears. (The king and queen of tears) (Cha Taehyun / “Matrimonial Chaos”) Yes. Sir… Did you put milk at the front door? Yes, I… I did. How many times are you making me call? This is so annoying. Your body is hers but your heart is mine. You have to give me those feelings. Turn your heart towards me. She’s not the only one suffering. I am too. Don’t go. I’m going to wait here until you come. Until you come. I’ll wait. I enjoyed that tearful performance. Best Couple recipients had not only romantic scenes but also sad scenes, which is why some of them won. Please give them a round of applause. Congratulations once again. We’ll reveal a few upcoming 2019 KBS dramas now. (Upcoming KBS dramas) I can do even more for Suho. I’ll risk my life. I’m the heir of Aurora Group, Park Dogyeong. Your brother from the orphanage? Yeah. My first love. (Four people whose lives get intertwined) What are you doing? Apologize. I dare you to cross my path again. I’ll send you to the afterlife. Suho! (An unchangeable choice) Find my husband! He disappeared! (I’ll change your destiny) (KBS Draily Drama “Left-handed Wife”) (Airs January) How… You have no guests. My guest… Why kind of jerk would do this? I said I’d pay it back. That’s why family is great. It’s just money. We have nothing to lose. What? Did Hwasang give you credit? It’s urgent. He moved out. Quiet, brat. He’s still our father. How is he our father? He didn’t do anything for us, but he is! Dad! Save me! Dad! (Upcoming Drama “Liver or Die”) (Airs January) Let me ask you a question. Is a crime without intent a crime? Or is it not? I didn’t intend to kill him. (“My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2”) (Airs January) (Look forward to 2019 KBS dramas) I can’t wait for these new KBS dramas. We hope you like them. Next is the Best Miniseries Award. People say dramas are a reflection of the times. – Yes. / – True. Like the drama I was in, “My Only One,” many dramas showed the importance of family. Yes. These next award-winners are preparing dramas that will make viewers realize the value of family. I can’t wait for it. It airs on January 9th. “Liver or Die” leads. Welcome Oh Jiho and Lee Siyeong. Hi, I’m Oh Jiho. 2019 is the year of the Golden Pig. I hope you have a fruitful year. Have a happy new year. (Oh Jiho and Lee Siyeong) Hi, I’m Lee Siyeong. It’s already 2019. I hope you have a happy year. You must be happy. What? Today’s the release day. Thank you. Fury and action in “Sister.” Thankfully, my movie “Sister” is releasing on the first day of the year. I hope you like it and our drama is coming out on January 9th. It’s a miniseries and we hope you like it. “Liver or Die” I play an awful person, Lee Jinsang. Look forward to it. I play an awful girl, Lee Hwasang. Tell us about the show. “Liver or Die” is about Pungsang, who dotes on his younger sibling, and the spinebreaking siblings’ adrenaline-filled daily, troublemaker lives that show us the meaning of family in a warm way. We hope you like it. It’s the first new drama of 2019. We hope you love it. Yes. Let’s start the awards. Best Miniseries Awards male nominees. Best Miniseries Awards male nominees. Kang Jiwan from “Feel Good to Die.” Vulgarity, rumors, physical violence… You dare do that to the boss? Mr. Lee is the culprit. Why did you do it? Kwon Sangwoo from “Queen of Mystery Season 2.” Me? The police drug dog. Park Sihoo from “Lovely Horribly.” Don’t say anything. I’ll talk. You look pretty without bangs. To each other, we are lucky charms and we keep each other safe. Park Hyeongsik from “Suits.” Hey! My dice are always two steps behind. I bet my life on Attorney Choi. No matter how you put it, this is betrayal. Jang Donggun from “Suits.” Help you? I’ll make sure you never practice law again. Cha Taehyun in “Matrimonial Chaos.” You got drunk and passed out. ♪ Like I got shot ♪ I asked for a divorce and got one. I’m living happily while single. Choi Daniel from “The Ghost Detective.” It’s not a suicide. Trust me. I can’t get weak until I kill you. Make him stop! Make him stop! Ha Seokjin from “Your House Helper.” It’s a wreck. A large garbage bag. Are you being picky? Throwing things away doesn’t mean that I’m throwing away memories. Done with laundry! (Best Miniseries Actor) (Best Miniseries Actor) All the top Korean actors are here. I wonder who’ll win. Please announce it. Just like these actors, I hope “Liver or Die” is a hit so Oh Jiho can win the Grand Award at the KBS Drama Awards next year too. The winner of the Best Miniseries Actor Award for males… It’s a tie. Choi Daniel and Jang Donggun. Congratulations. Choi Daniel. And Jang Donggun won the award. Choi Daniel had a cold poker face in “Jugglers” and “The Ghost Detective,” showing supernatural ability in his characters as well as strong acting to much acclaim. Jang Donggun, in “Suits,” played Choi Gangseok, a member of a legendary law firm in korea, showing charisma and major presence. How do you feel, Choi Daniel? Thank you. (Choi Daniel / Best Miniseries) While doing lots of new projects, I’m working with a director I always wanted to, and I just filmed a movie with Lee Seongmin and Yu Jaemyeong, and acting is getting harder and I wonder if I’m doing well. I felt a lack of confidence, but now… Thanks for this award. I don’t feel like I did much. I worked with a lot of you, like Jinhui and Gyojin. Thank you so much. I did two projects at KBS after coming out of the army. “Jugglers” and “The Ghost Detective.” I kept at it and worked hard until the end and I’ll keep working hard. Thanks to the directors of the two projects and went along with me and made fun memories with me on the set. Thanks to the CEOs and the writers and the other managers and Park Eunbin. And to Jinhui. It was fun. I love my family and thank you to my fans. To all the viewers now, have a happy new year. I hope you have a better 2019. Thank you. Thank you, God. Congratulations. Jang Donggun couldn’t attend, but we’ll get him the trophy. Let’s continue. Next up is the Best Miniseries Actress. Yes. KBS Drama Awards Best Miniseries Actress. Park Eunbin from “The Ghost Detective.” I don’t think I can keep that promise. I won’t die. No matter what you do. No! Bae Duna from “Matrimonial Chaos.” I brought this for you. You can never tell why I’m sad or why I’m upset at all. I want to end this. I don’t need you anymore. Baek Jinhui from ‘Feel Good to Die.” I suffered because of you! Die! What did you do that was so great? I hope you get struck by lightning! Song Jihyo from ‘Lovely Horribly.” If you try something again I’ll break your spine. Yeah. You! You! You! If you’re scared, get lost. EL from “Matrimonial Chaos.” You don’t know what I’m really like. I’m different than you think. Why are you crying? I can’t forgive you? Choi Ganghui from “Queen of Mystery Season 2.” Get on. Strawberry? This murder has a will, charcoal, a car, and a manual. He got dragged along. He struggled to survive. (Best Miniseries Actress) (Best Miniseries Actress) Those were short videos but I could tell the actresses are passionate. Time to reveal the winner. Let’s do great on “Liver or Die” and win next year. – Let’s do it. / – Yeah. Sorry. Presenting. The winner of Best Miniseries Actress goes to Baek Jinhui. Congratulations. (Best Miniseries Actress / Baek Jinhui) On “Jugglers” and “Feel Good to Die,” Baek Jinhui showed a realistic range of acting while captivating viewers. She did great in both projects. Congratulations. How do you feel? To be honest, I have a lot of people to thank. Since I did two works. Thanks to the workers who brought my character to life. To director Mun Juna and Lee Geonju, who gave me a second chance, to writer Joyong and the people in front of me and the actors. I miss you. Thanks to the directors of “Feel Good to Die” and all the actors and staff. Thanks for listening to me complain and supporting me, everyone at J.Wide. Entertainment. The CEO and the managers and employees, thank you so very much. Thanks to my mom, dad, siblings, and my friend Hyeonmin, who always gives me strength. I was so scared every moment when going to set. I hoped the next day wouldn’t come and prayed that it wouldn’t. I felt so small in front of such great actors. Now it’s 2019 and I’ll stop thinking that to be a more serious actress. Thank you. Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations to the winners. Time for the Best Standard Drama Award. Winners of the 2017 Drama Awards will present the award. Hi, I’m Park Seojun. First… Thank you. It’s a new year. 2019. To everyone here, the viewers, and all the beloved fans, happy new year. It’s my 3rd year here. I don’t know how we got so connected, but it’s my third year here. First as a presenter, then an award winner, and now back as a presenter. But the difference is now I’m alone. Two years ago I was with Hyeongsik and last year I was with the “Fight My Way” cast. We won an award, but now I’m here alone. I feel like I’m presenting the grand award. Thank you to the KBS Drama Awards organizers for giving me this honor. I’ll keep working hard until I can present the Grand Award. Thank you. I just mentioned “Fight My Way” which I won Best Couple, Netizen Award, and Best Actor for. I was on the stage 3 times. I was happy each and every moment. I wanted to present here at least once. I’m presenting Best Standard Drama, so let’s meet the nominees. KBS Drama Awards Best Standard Drama. Kim Raewon from “Black Knight.” Know what happens if you cry while eating ice cream? The heart of the man before you is racing. I like you. Are we living together from now on? Kim Myeongmin from “The Miracle We Met.” I’ll never tarnish my career. You did that! Can I be forgiven for that? Seo Kangjun from “Are You Human?” I’m your robot. I’m programmed to hug when you cry. I don’t know about that. Because I have no emotions. Lee Junhyeok from “Are You Human?” Don’t trust humans. A person’s life is at stake. It’s okay. Don’t. It’s my responsibility. Where is he? Kim Raewon, Kim Myeongmin, Seo Kangjun, and Lee Junhyeok. They all showed charm and great acting on KBS. Who will win? The Best Standard Drama Actor award for 2018 goes to Congratulations. Seo Kangjun. Congratulations. Congratulations. On “Are You Human?” he played the robot Namshin, showing more humanity than most humans, and the human Nam Shin, acting two roles in one show. Hi, I’m Seo Kangjun. (Seo Kangjun / Best Standard Drama Award) When I decided to take this project, I was afraid. I had to play 2 characters and I hadn’t acted in a while, so I was afraid. But filming was fun. So was Seungyeon and Kim Wonhae and Choi Byeongmo. They’re all great actors, so it was a lot of fun and it was precious. But I feel I still have a long way to go, so I feel a lot and regret a lot about it. I would like to thank the Fantagio family, CEO, and my family, the director, and Seunghyeon, thanks and I love you. Thanks to the business team, accounting team, management team, and promotional team. And thanks to everyone on the set. Hyeji, Dahui, Ahyeong, and Jaeho, thank you. Thanks to my family, and my dad, who I most respect. The woman I love most, my mom, and my sister, who I love. Thank you. Stay healthy. Thanks to the staff of the drama and the director and the writers. The staff all worked so hard. Thanks to the fans who always supported me too. Thanks to my cat Okey Dokey at home, I hope you stay healthy. Like I said earlier, this is a lofty award. I think it’s excessive. So I won’t see it as a mixed blessing but rather focus more on work and be a person and actor who keeps improving you. Happy new year. Congratulations. Congratulations to Seo Kangjun. Okey Dokey is the first animal to be mentioned in a speech. Congratulations. Let’s continue. Next is the female nominees for Best Standard Drama. KBS Drama Awards Best Standard Drama Actress Award. Gong Seungyeon from “Are You Human?” A bare fist is nothing. You can’t even help whatsoever! Freeze. Stop. He’s my own robot. Kim Hyeonju from “The Miracle We Met.” I should be the one to get mad and argue. Don’t get too crazy. You said the world had no answer. The freedom you got… Is beneath me. Ra Miran from “The Miracle We Met.” Women should always be pretty no matter what. You speak so cutely! He’s completely totally cheating! Do you know my husband? Song Yeongcheol! Seo Jihye from “Black Knight.” What does it feel like to be loved? No, never. I’ll wait. Until you’re reborn as a man who loves me. Shin Segyeong from “Black Knight.” Can you stop liking me? You didn’t steal my man in a past life, right? Apologize, you ignorant brat. I said apologize. I would like to marry. (Best Standard Drama) (Best Standard Drama) Tough competition for men and women. I’ll announce the winner. The Best Standard Drama Actress Award goes to Ra Miran. (Best Standard Drama / Ra Miran) In “The Miracle We Met,” Ra Miran showed purity and heartbreaking acting towards her husband. (Best Standard Drama / Ra Miran) Hi for the first time in 2019. I choose Ra Miran. Honestly, this was a big challenge for me. I had lots of fun and bright roles that gave you laughs in the past. But I had to cry a lot for this role and show a lot of emotions. I wondered if I could make it, and I pondered a lot. Writer Baek Migyeong said she wanted to see a different side of me and trusted me completely. She gave me that role and I’m not sure if I did well in it. I don’t think it fits me. I got a lot of feedback while it aired and a lot of it was hard. But thanks to the viewers for being open and a person like me doing this role was a cautious challenge that I took on. Thanks to Baek Migyeong and the director and staff. It was harder for Myeongmin playing 3 characters. I had a tough time playing one. You worked hard, and so did Kim Hyeonju. I wish we had more scenes together. I wish I did for both Hyeonju and Kim Myeongmin. Thank you for giving me this award. Thank you. And it’s a bit awkward, but if possible, I’ll keep on taking on new challenges. Thank you. Congratulations, Ra Miran. We just heard how she feels. We’re filming in KBS Hall. Time for the highlight: The Best Actor Award. And the Grand Award are coming up. First, let’s hear a supporting speech. In “My Only One,” there’s a mother-in-law romance. You’re showing us sweet chemistry, Yunjin. Take the mic. If Cha Hwayeon supported you, what would you say? Why should she get the award? Well, she’s pretty, acts well, memorizes her lines well, helped me get here, and I support her for the award. – Thank you. / – I see. She supported Cha Hwayeon. Lee Jangwoo, are you rooting for Hwayeon or Sujong? Choose one and campaign for them. – What? / – I know it’s cruel. I choose my mother-in-law. She treats us well and she teaches us so much, so I’ve improved my acting. She looks great in red tonight. Yes. I support Cha Hwayeon. You support Cha Hwayeon. Both of them chose Cha Hwayeon. You have nothing to worry about, Sujon. Ha Huira will speak in support of you. But she can speak in support of Hwayeon if she wants. Talk about the person you support. Yes. This is a hard choice. I’m supporting them in my heart, and everyone here deserves the Grand Award, so I’m cheering for every one of them. Who? – What? / – Who? Say why your husband should win. I got a lot. Stop getting them. Since he got a lot? So you don’t care if he gets more or not? Are you satisfied? Yes. I see. Thanks for that relaxing speech. Lee Sangwoo and Han Jihye. Lee Sangwoo. From the “Marry Me Now” cast, who do you support? Both of them. Both? You can’t choose both. It’s against the rules. I choose Yu Donggeun. Start. Is that all? Say why you choose him. Since he’s right next to me. Since he’s next to you. Since he’s next to you? That all? Yes. Being bland is his charm. I’ll say you support both. Han Jihye? Which one? I choose Jang Mihui. They’re both great. I choose Jang Mihui. Great. Jang Mihui and Yu Donggeun, do you want to win it? I don’t know about today. I won Best Couple for the first time ever. It’s the same as the Grand Award for me. I like Choi Sujong and I do want Jang Mihui to win it. – Personally? / – Yes. You support her. We’re a couple. Best Couple must have really moved you a lot. You keep talking about it. Yes. You want your partner Jang Mihui to get it. Yes, I want to continue like this. Sweetly like that. Who do you think will get it, Jang Mihui? There’s not much time left. All the nominees are great actors, so I think it’ll be a tie. I see. All together. – All together. / – How would that be? 4 people? Yes. If that happens, then I hope we get another version of your great speeches. Just tell us what kind of night it is. I can’t wait. Kim Myeongmin? Now… You’re in the same drama. Will you support each other? Ra Miran won already. You can choose yourself too. You can say you should get it. Be honest. I said it earlier, but I really enjoyed “Marry Me Now” and Jang Mihui’s acting touched me, so I think she should win. So you want her to win. A long time has passed. The awards you’ve been waiting for, Best Actor and Grand Award are coming up. UEE, let’s continue. First is the Best Actor Award. The presenters have been here 3 years in a row. Lee Yuri, who won Best Actress in 2017, and Lee Donggun, who’ll turn into a ballet director for an upcoming drama in May. Hi, I’m Lee Donggun. Hi, I’m Lee Yuri. This is my 3rd year on the KBS Drama Awards. 2 years ago I won, last year I was a host, and this year I’m a presenter here. But the hosts legs should hurt at about now. They do. Aren’t you tense? I am. I know how you feel. Thank you. This is also my 3rd time bringing in the new year at KBS Hall. We’re very lucky actors. It’s an honor to be with KBS to open 2019. Whenever I’m at the KBS Drama Awards, I feel the awards are a responsibility and motivation to challenge themselves. Lee Donggun, after you won the Grand Prize, you worked hard and have a new drama this year. I’ll be in “Just One Love” which airs on KBS in May. I hope you like it. Time to present the Best Actor Award which goes to an extraordinary actor. Let’s see the male nominees. (2018 KBS Drama Awards Best Actor Award) (Kim Raewon) (Kim Myeongmin) (Yu Donggeun) (Jang Donggun) (Cha Taehyun) (Choi Sujong) (2018 KBS Drama Awards Best Actor Award) (Best Actor Award) Kim Raewon, Kim Myeongmin, Yu Donggeun, Jang Donggeun, Cha Taehyun, Choi Sujong. Six nominees. We all want to see the results. Let’s hurry and reveal them. I’m so nervous. Just saying these great actors’ names is an honor. I’ll calm down and announce 2018 KBS Drama Awards Best Actor Award goes to… There’s an envelope. I’m so nervous. There are 2 winners. Choi Sujong and Cha Taehyun. Congratulations to Cha Taehyun and Choi Sujong. (Cha Taehyun and Choi Sujong) In “My Only One,” Choi Sujong played Kang Suil and displayed tearjerking scenes with his 31 years of experience, captivating and moving viewers perfectly. In “Matrimonial Chaos,” Cha Taehyun played Jo Seokmu, who found out the reality of how hard life is after getting divorced, to critical acclaim. They’re both amazing at acting. They’re getting the award. Cha Taehyun is getting the trophy too. Who’ll speak first? Rock, Paper, Scissors? (Best Actor Award / Choi Sujong) This is such an honor. Thank you so much. The drama isn’t oer, and we’re in the middle, but you show so much love and gave such a great award. Thank you. You should’ve tipped me off. My mind is blank now. Thank to the director and writer and the staff working outside. We’re having fun filming although the drama has tough themes. Jeong Jaesun, Park Sangwon, Cha Hwayeon, and others are having a lot of fun while we’re filming alongside younger actors. Thanks for this honor and thanks to Ha Huira, who always prays for me to succeed. And my Mom who’s probably praying now. Thanks to my family and I want to give this honor to God. I have to stay humble until the end because of these things. I haven’t done anything and I haven’t achieved anything. This is all thanks to you working with me. I only did a small part, but you gave me this huge award. I’ll keep working hard. Watch “My Only One” until the end in March. Thank you. Congratulations, Choi Sujong. Cha Taehyun from “Matrimonial Chaos.” Thank you. I’m going to get cussed out a lot. I don’t deserve this award. (Cha Taehyun / “Matrimonial Chaos”) Thank you so much. Thanks to the “Matrimonial Chaos” directors and writers for working so hard. Thanks to the staff who worked hard, I’m receiving this on behalf of them. Thank you so much. I said I was going to the Drama Awards and my eldest asked me why. I said I should be here and I’ve already been to lots of awards shows. Thanks for giving me this acting award and thanks to my lovely wife, Choi Seokeun, I love you. Stay healthy. To my kids, who are sleeping, I won on the Entertainment Awards and Drama Awards. I’m doing pretty well. I’m that kind of dad. But they’re still young, so I’ll keep improving so I can get more awards before they grow up. I’d like to thank my parents as well. Thank you go God. Thank you. Let’s continue the awards. Next is Best Actress Award. (2018 KBS Drama Awards Best Actress Award) (Kim Hyeonju) (Bae Duna) (Shin Segyeong) (Jang Mihui) (Cha Hwayeon) (Choi Ganghui) (2018 KBS Drama Awards Best Actress Award) Those are the female nominees. Competition is stiff and they’re amazing Lee Donggun will present them. I’ll hurry and announce them. The winner of the Best Actress Award is a tie. Jang Mihui and Cha Hwayeon. Congratulations. Congratulations to both of them. (Best Actress Award / Jang Mihui, Cha Hwayeon) In “Marry Me Now” and “Black Knight,” Jang Mihui played a unique role, showing strong acting and a wide range, proving her skills. In “My Only One,” Cha Hwayeon played an ignorant, rich wife as an annoying mother-in-law, to much acclaim from viewers. Congratulations. You’ve won a great award. How do you feel? First… Let’s hear from Cha Hwayeon. (Cha Hwayeon / Best Actress Award) Thank you for this great award in the new year. I don’t deserve this benevolence and so I’d like to give it to God. And… Choi Sujong and the other actors said everything I wanted to. Producer Hwang Huigyeong, thank you for encouraging me. Thank you to Kim Sagyeong, who won the Writer Award, You can pull all my hair out. Stay healthy. Thanks for writing such a fun drama. Thanks to the director for loving us and looking at us with humanity and many ideas. You’re the best. Thanks to the director who’s a small woman with such confidence, and it’s so cold you can only see her jacket. I love seeing your Joan of Arc style. Thanks to the staff for working so hard. Jaesun said her hands hurt from pulling out my hair. Stay strong even if it hurts. Thanks to Park Sangwon for treating us often. We’re having lots of fun. Choi Sujong always says I do well, but I only see my flaws. Our team is full of compliments and love, and care for and comfort each other. We’re the best. I want to act with a team like this again. To my mom at home, thanks for cleaning up after me. Thanks to my kids and my friends who pray for me and I wasn’t going to say this, but Director Mun Yongseon of Imagine Asia, from my agency, asked me to mention him. Thanks to Imagine Asia for helping me. Thank you. Have a happy new year. Have a year full of thanks. Thank you. Congratulations. Everyone here, have a happy new year and I hope you are at peace. In 2018 in the miniseries “Black Knight,” I was the mysterious 200-year-old Baekhui and in “Marry Me Now” I was Lee Miyeon, the confident, lovely woman crush. I didn’t live that alone. I did it with the viewers. I brought fantasy and warm realities to life through those two projects. Thanks to everyone who stayed by my side and encouraged me, and the viewers. I have an unspoken promise with them. No matter the situation, I’ll do my best and beyond. That’s my promise to you. And I’ll keep that promise. I’ll keep your love in my heart and work hard to act anew. Thank you. Congratulations. Congratulations. KBS weekend dramas are so loved. Both of the leads. So much happiness tonight. Yeah. You cry every time there’s a speech. Congratulations. It’s January 1, 2019. It’s now 1:08 a.m. And we’re filming live. I learned something preparing to be MC. The Grand Award nominees have something in common. Do you know what it is? Being the leads of high-viewership shows? That’s true. It is. But they moved the viewers through acting only. Yes. I can’t wait to see who’ll win. I bet. Let’s announce the presenters for the Grand Prize. KBS President Yang Seungdong, and Cheon Hojin, who won 2 years ago. Give them a big hand. Give them another big hand. Have a happy new year. I’m KBS President Yang Seungdong. Thank you, everyone. I’m Cheon Hojin. Be happy this year and I hope the youth are even happier. Thank you. You won a year ago, right? It was in the drama “My Golden Life.” You worked so hard and I hope you’re in KBS dramas this year too. If I can in 2019, I’ll definitely be in KBS dramas. Alright. KBS drama had some tough times in 2018 but the viewers’ unrelenting love and encouragement allowed us to bring you this meaningful event. Thank you to the viewers. In the new year, KBS dramas will bring you greater laughs and move you more. I and the producers will do our best. I must say on thing. We are planning on making better working conditions for the staff who work on the KBS dramas. Thank you. You said you’ll improve working conditions. I’ll trust you. Now the KBS 2018 Drama Awards Grand Award will be announced. But first, let’s look at the past KBS Drama Awards to see who took home the Grand Award in the past. (2018 KBS Drama Awards: past Grand Award Winners) (1987: Im Dongjin – “Toji”) (1988: Ban Hyojeong – “Toji”) (1989: Go Dusim – “Fetters of Love”) (1990: Yu Inchon – “History Goes On”) (1991: Lee Nakhun – “Yesterday’s Green Grass”) (1992: Oh Hyeongyeong – TV’s The Art of War”) (1993: Ha Huira – “The Break of Dawn”) (1994: Lee Deokhwa – “Han Myeonghoe”) (1995: Na Munhui – “Even if the Wind Blows”) (1996: Kang Buja – “Men of the Bath House”) (1997: Yu Donggeun – “Tears of the Dragon”) (1998: Choi Sujong – “Legendary Ambition”) (1999: Chae Sira – “The King and Queen”) (2000: Kim Yeongcheol – “Taejo of Goryeo”) (2001: Choi Sujong – “Taejo of Goryeo”) (2002: Yu Donggeun – “Empress Myeongseong”) (2003: Kim Hyesu – “Jang Hee Bin”) (2004: Go Dusim – “More Beautiful Than A Flower”) (2005: Kim Myeongmin – “Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-sin “) (2006: Ha Jiwon – “Hwang Jini”) (2007: Choi Sujong – “Dae Jo Yeong”) (2008: Kim Hyeja – “Mom’s Dead Upset”) (2009: Lee Byeongheon – “Iris”) (2010: Janghyeok – “The Slave Hunters”) (2011: Shin Hagyun – “Brain”) (2012: Kim Namju – “My Husband Got a Family”) (2013: Kim Hyesu – “The Queen of Office”) (2014: Yu Donggeun – “What Happens to My Family?”) (2015: Go Dusim, Kim Suhyeon) (2016: Song Joongki, Song Hyekyo – “Descendants”) (2017: Kim Yeongcheol, Cheon Hojin) Amazing. My name being up there with those people is like a dream. I don’t believe it. It’s time to announce the 2019 Grand Award winner.e Finally. But I’m more nervous than when I got it. Would you present it instead? I’ll give it to you. Thank you. The 2018 KBS Grand Award… I’m so nervous. Two winners. Yu Donggeun and Kim Myeongmin. Congratulations. Yu Donggeun from “Marry Me Now.” and Kim Myeongmin from “The Miracle We Met.” You’ve won the Grand Award. Congratulations. Kim Myeongmin played two roles in “The Miracle We Met” With polar opposite characters, he showed detailed, impressive acting. He’s worthy of his reputation. Kim Myeongmin has won the award. In “Marry Me Now,” Yu Donggeun played a father who cared for his children, showing fatherly love and human romance, which showed his capabilities as an actor once again. The winners are Yu Donggeun and Kim Myeongmin. Congratulations. Yes. How do you feel? Let’s hear from Kim Myeongmin first. (Grand Award / Kim Myeongmin) I think it’s polite of me to speak before Yu Donggeun, who I admire. So I’ll go first. I’m not worthy of this, but thank you to God for giving me this. I’m not better than others and I’m worse off than others, but he gives me strength. When I was going to give up, this is the spot that rebooted my acting career. Whether 13 years ago or now, I’m unchanged and still have a long way to go, but thank you to the KBS organizers who made it possible for me to be here. The role of an actor is to make characters come alive. That’s an opportunity and fortune for an actor. Thank you to writer Baek Migyeong for giving me that chance Thanks to Lee Yeongmin, the director, who I met in 1999 when he was a supporting director and I wasn’t famous. He’s always rooted for me since then and he’s a famous director now, but he always helped me. I met him after 20 years in another project and it was an honor. I’m glad I could breathe life into Song Yeongchol. And he got it on camera. Director Hyeonmin, thank you. The cameraman and staff and all the actors, thank you. More than all, Thanks to the best actress, Ra Miran, and Kimi Hyeonju. Without them, I couldn’t have made eit here. Miran must have had a hard time taking on new emotions for the role. But she did so well, which I’m thankful for. I was touched that she put her heart and soul into it and that helped me work harder while acting. I want to give this honor to Ra Miran and Kim Hyeonju, who helped my acting stand out. This is all thanks to them. I have nothing to show, but thanks to my fan club members who have rooted for me for 20 years. Thank you so much. Yeongchol, Dongseok, Jimin, Ara, Gyeongmi, thanks for making me look great. I won’t forget that desperate promise I made 13 years ago at this spot. I’ll keep it in mind and keep acting. I may forget it at some time, but until then… I’ll never be tired of the creative process. And… I’ll never be satisfied with myself. I’ll never put things off. Thank you, everyone. I don’t know why the Golden Pig was given to me. It’s a bit regretful. Honestly, “Marry Me Now” was possible because of Jang Mihui. I did nothing. I don’t know if it’s because I’m old, but I don’t know how I can handle this. When we started, it was my first time doing a romance in my 60s. That script was a huge load on our shoulders. It hasn’t been long, but life always has tough times. Someone told me that everything will pass. That’s why it’s worth doing and that person always helped me on the set. Honestly I was fine with the Best Couple Award. I wanted to bring that romance to life and the writers Yun Changbeom and Park Pilju worked with me the whole time. Doing that drama, I relied on my juniors more than ever. But here today, receiving this award, I feel so sorry and we got along like friends. I’m so sorry, everyone. And our drama only has one episode left. The viewers love this station so much. This was our hometown. Thank you to the viewers who love KBS and thanks to the crew and staff who kept working on the set in that sweltering heat and kept us entertained. Thanks to the managers, staff, juniors, and Hwang Jeongyeon, who suffered alongside me and Imagine Asia as well. Now in 2019, the year of the Golden Pig, I have a dream. No, all actors have a small wish. That wish is that this year long, epic dramas make a comeback. I was jealous of the great acting in “Mr. Sunshine” but that drama taught me the meaning of “duty.” All the viewers, if you give us your passion, your enthusiasm, and your support, we can make long, epic dramas return. Help us. Save them. Happy new year, everyone. I don’t deserve this award. Thank you. Congratulations once again. Come to the front. Kim Myeongmin, too. Congratulations. Congratulations. The honor of the Grand Award goes to Yu Donggeun and Kim Myeongmin. The 2018 KBS Drama Awards are now over. It was an honor to join in this great event to wrap up 2018. It was. Thanks to all the viewers who showed KBS dramas your love and support in 2018. KBS dramas in 2019 will bring laughs, tears, fun, and melt your heart through sturdy projects in production. We hope you love them. Have a great year. Everyone! Happy new year!


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