[CONTACT INTERVIEW★] Ji Chang Wook Close Interview Ⅱ 20170723

[Cosplaying a prosecutor] Defendant Ji Chang Wook who has recently become a King of Romantic Comedy Is that you? Yes, that is correct. Defendant Ji Chang Wook, for dazzling women with your handsome looks that sweet gaze… and those gentle kissing scenes For the crime of bewitching women you are sentenced to life imprisonment. Follow me. Ah yes I’ll arrest you. Where shall we go? My hashtag talk with Ji Chang Wook begins now. First question. #RomanticComedyKing #MasterofKisses There’s a new troika for 2017. Park Seo Joon from “Fight My Way” Yoo Seung Ho from “Ruler of the Mask” and Ji Chang Wook from “Suspicious Partner”! What’s the one thing that they cannot keep up with you? I don’t really know. Shall I say it? Why are you releasing your watch?
You want to hit me? No I’m just too taken aback. I’m not asking you to kiss me. I have my work ethics. – I’m just embarrassed.
– It’s ok. The Master of Kisses in the entertainment world are Gong Yoo from “Goblin” and Jo Jung Seok from “Jealousy Incarnate”. Park Seo Joon from “Fight My Way” is also incredible. How will you rank yourself among them? I’m not sure. I think I should be right in front… This segment is meant for me only anyway. Of course, our leading man today is Chang Wook. The silent kiss that makes him the Master of Kisses. This is not a broadcasting mishap (*referring to the silence). Oh, you can’t breathe right? Even a romantic underwater kiss He is really a master of kisses. Now that we’ve brought up the topic about kisses, please close your eyes, I have a special gift for you. Why is he like that? [Eyes cannot close because of fear] Close your eyes [Surely not] Will a famous kiss scene emerge today? This is business, we sought permission. It’s ok, I’m going ahead. Here you go. It’s red ginseng! You didn’t know that right? You can’t do without red ginseng on a hot day when you are this tired. That’s really good. We continue with hashtags. #ManJjitNam (Korean slang for man who looks like he has emerged from a comic book) #BeautifulSculpture-likeMan Were his parents also sculptures? Perfect proportions, well developed muscles No one can compare! Which part of yourself do you like? My eyes and my shoulders. Your shoulders really make (my heart) flutter.

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