The game that is played, the metaphor that is at the heart of it, it is the idea that as a citizen – as a person in the world – in society, that we are wedded to something. At it’s most basic level, a social contract, that we are all
contracted to the state. This is a fundamental idea of modern society there’s a payoff and we will protect you, your health will be taken care of but these are the rules, these are
the laws that you abide by. TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) was another big thing a transatlantic agreement, which brought into question our rights and gave
more and more power to organisations and big businesses. So these were the things that
were bubbling around in my mind when this metaphor of being married came into being. I don’t think I make stuff with a message, but, I think it’s trying to open a door inside
of you and say there’s another way. This system that we feel streamlined into as people, it’s only a construct really and if you make a decision to think about the world in a different way you can divorce this particular system and there are three different kinds of divorces that happen in the show Robin sort of opts out he takes off his wedding dress. There
is a kind of suicide sort of idea, he pulls his tie up and he says he wants a divorce
he just rejects it really. Sophie leads a revolution she shouts to former generations that will arrive into this game and she gets angry and stirs it up and she says I want
a revolution, I want a different way. She takes to the streets, she wants to have that conversation about tearing down an apparent dictatorship. Khalid is sort of divorced, he
cheats his way into… he steals a wedding dress he puts it on, he joins in the wedding because he wants to be wedded to this particular society but then he gets ejected out, he gets mocked and turned into a terrorist actually. I feel more so, over the last three, four, five years we’re in an arranged marriage. We’re in a relationship where the terms of the relationship, the terms of the contract are shifting and I feel there is a loss of control, a loss of power of that marriage.
I think people are a lot more powerful than they think and I think the people that are
already dissatisfied are waiting for a cavalry to come and solve the problems, that’s not going to happen like that.

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