Cool Drama To Watch When Your Bored Magic | Max And Nathen | Magic Dudes

Max.. Max..Max! Nathan..Nathan Mahn
Hey Nathan. Remember that girl from The one one we saw
last time? I saw her in the dream and she was like…
aaahhhhhh ooooh bra…What the?/ Hahaha
ok . You are wearing the shirt inside out. Oh Ook
oh Thanks Yea bra. I wish I had powers like you. Man you are using magic all the time
Hey can you make me wear my pants? Hey man can you make me wear my takies? Abra ka Dabra
Naaah man!! Can you make me wear it with your magic stuf? Ahhhh
Yorrr this is too ling bra You are taking long
we are all not like you you are using powers all the time man
Lets go ahh wait for me, I don’t have powers like
you man its fine lets go
uhhh Which one are we gonna use today? use this one. hey you know the password to this computer
here? what!!! School
yeaa oh my God
starving school is so boring
and the how did it go? Tell me what the hell just happened that side? ahhh
what happened at school man? You just disappeared bra
what happened to you? Na you have to explain this to me
you know we have been like brothers we cant keep secrets
you have to tell me what just happened ok
since you came hay? Are you def bra?
since you came this weird thing has been happening to me.
and this is it. you cant tell anyone
but uncle has to know about this what happened to you man? What is this? Its nothing>
I just Just leave me alone man But uncle has to know about this
We have to tell uncle about this You can tell him, But he might not believe
you. See you. But we gonna tell uncle about this
I’ve gotta tell uncle about this Uncle..Uncle… You have to come come very soon
Nooo You see this? Where are you going? Bro
Max Max
Max What the hell happened to you man? Ohhh maaaan
Ahh Man its so good to see you Same to you man
Its really me I dont belive this man
I dont believe this How have you been man? Since I have been to Australia I have missed
you so much Me too
I actually came here to look for you man I didn’t know where to start
Where do you stay? So where is your house here? No this place doesn’t look so good
I will take you with me to Australia Yeaa man I need to take you with me To Australia
because this place is not so good So how have you been man? Im fine. do you wanna see my family? No no
Lets sit here first man I need to talk to you about something. Eish man the sun. My family really missed you
Even I missed the so much So how have you been man
Its been a long time since I saw you I go like On internet and all those kind of
things. like ahh school on the computer
show me your house one day I need to take you with me to Australia. Look at this place Its not so good its a mess
man How was it when you were three
let me not delay you let me tell you
let me get to the point why I came to see you
Remember the night my mother died? A few days ago I discovered this
My mother said I asked her what are you talking ? she said you will understand it when the
time comes and guess what? the time has finally come. So when I went to the toilet a few days ago,
I changed into something I couldn’t believe it
Something amazing something so magical
and look at this now Remember my mother used to do the same thing? ahh I know that’s why you are not scared because
my mother used to show us. This power belongs to my generation. this power belongs to my ancestors
But my mother said one day I will see that who has the same power and that boy must die. You know what? He is the enemy of my ancestors and you will
help because I know you would do anything for me because I know you are my best friend
and you would never betray me you would never stub me in the back
I know you I know you are my friend you are like we’ve
been together for a long time. so are you gonna help me?
to kill this idiot? so now I need to take you with me to Australia
Lets go inside Pack your bags and we gonna go to Australia
To kill this idiot. Obviously for you
That’s right my friend My man Its been a long time since I saw you
Oh its not locked we forgot to lock the door
hey Nathen. Meet my old friend Alex
he nice to meet you too Its fine its fine
hey let me get you some things
ook sure hey man
there is something that I need to tell you Man I cant help it man
If you get killed in this process Of you helping me so I need you to do one
thing for me what is it
If you die, I will never forgive myself I will I’ve with this for the rest of my life
ok so i Need you to do one thing for me
all you need to do for me is give me your power and fight this battle on my own
yea what you say? where is the orange juice? No I have no Idea
so you see all you have to do for me is pass your power to me and I will fight this fight
on my own What do you say? I will do it for you
That’s good lets do it before he comes thank you so much
there only one more person that I need Who? He is my old friend also he is very powerful
and if he is on my side, then this idiot is definitely going to die
I need my phone Ben hahaha
Yea it is me man my old friend need your help with something
Its better if you come over yea
He has to die this one Knock Knock
He is already here go there Ben
Hey Max Ben
You Use your powers again So good to see you man
so how are you good
still at school yea I knew you were at school sorry to interrupt
man yea
But i need to see you so urgently This is the reason why I called you here
The night my mother died .. Ben my friend
the time is right now we should do this and do it now
you understand what I’m saying? Lets kill this idiot once and for all
Lets kill him now! Whose this? This is my best friend ben. He is here to help me kill you
once and for all why?
we don’t have to explain to you why are you doing this?
hallo! Ben! Ben! How dare you? Yea Yea
Yea yea
the power you have don’t belong to you they belong to my ancestors
yeaaa yeaa how dare you? how dare you? Yeaa
don’t worry I will get you revenge
yea the power you have doesnt belong to you
they belong to me what!
you dont deserve the poewrs that you have yeaaa
Hety max My friend ben
yeaaa haaaaa
no! yeaaaa yeaaaa
this is my best friend you just killed you are no brother to me
you deserve to die yeaaa
yeeeeeaaa ahhhhhh
ahhhhh ahhhhhh
yaaaa look what you made me do
ahhh ahhhh uhhhhh
you do not deserve the powers (booooooooooooo)
ahhhhh ahh
I feel stronger that ever My friend
Im sorry man for what happend I didnt mean to hurt you
Im sorry (aaaaaaaaaaah)

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