Cops Increase Security at ‘Joker’ Movie Screenings

heavy security of a special New York screening last night of the controversial movie Joker counterterrorism cops with automatic weapons flanked the entrance to the theater at glitzy Lincoln Center fans were wounded and had their bags searched police vehicles lined the block the police presence will continue here and across the nation some officers will work undercover authorities say there are no credible threats but many are weary and are not taking any chances one theater chain says they will allow fans to come in dressed as the Joker but they won’t allow anyone in wearing Joker face paint or a mask that covers their faces Joker stars Joaquin Phoenix as a downtrodden loner who adopts the Joker persona – but revenge can you introduce me as Joker even the US Army has warned of a potential risk at Joker’s showings telling servicemembers when entering theaters identify – escape routes if a shooter finds you fight with whatever you can the warning specifically mentions in cells involuntarily celibate young men whose frustrations could boil over reviews are mostly positive a phenomenal film but one critic calls it punishingly dull Joker is expected to make a bonanza at the box office either despite the controversy or because of it Joker’s gonna open really well it should make more than 80 million dollars this weekend which would set in October record [Music] you [Music]


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