Coraline (9/10) Movie CLIP – No I’m Not! (2009) HD

So.. You’re back, and you brought Vermin with you? [ Worried Meow ] No, I.. I brought a friend. You know I love you.. Hmm. You.. have a very funny way of showing it. So, where are they? The ghost eyes? Hold on.. We aren’t finished yet, are we? No, I suppose not. After all, you still need to find your old parents. Don’t you? Too bad you won’t have..this! [ Fire Whooshing ] [ Fire Whooshing, Other Mother Chuckling ] [ Ghost Eyes Jingling ] Be clever miss! Even if you win, she’ll never let you go! I already know where you’ve hidden them. Hmm. Well, produce them. They’re behind that door! Oh they are, are they? [ Glass Squeaking ] There! [ Glass Squeaking ] Mom.. Dad! [ Other Mother coughing up door key] Go on, open it. They’ll be there all right. You’re wrong, Coraline. They aren’t there… Now, you’re going to stay here forever. NO… I’M… NOT!! [ Cat Yowling ] [ Snippit ]

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