CourseDen 10.2 Town Hall

welcome everybody we’re gonna go ahead
and start Chi and on the morn hey goal removing the %um or all winner girl mom I’m mom much reading there we are all interested in
tribute to all that is where you I’m not going to arrest so I slow 100 100 black men good let the will let you the puter you are interested in the %uh
although the military s the unexplainable what it’s like to live here on only a few go million men and we are here am requests girl well all that matters and I’m sweatshop I so university as a whole my name is Dale miles and it is Dale Isles I am the new director up the bag with
Development Center Church and just give you a brief introduction
who I am he commanded I my graduate degree was that the Rama from many many many years ago I’ll I have an immediate are Masters in
Education media services here from University and then my specials degrees
instructional technology also from here I my got both my experience has been K 12 in
Montgomery County on started out as an English teacher
switched media center earlier Lilongwe seventeen years the sky
high school inman made a smart move for moving to
mean crossing elementary present the last 14 years my career on also in my experience with governors
Honors Program I what’s that nearly 29 summers with GHB on mostly is mediocre slim been as the system director in charge of the
classrooms and monitoring instruction GHB and then three summers as the
director of the program and in August the governor decided to
you take over the program my services are no
longer required fortunately I ended up here so that’s
that’s the positive Obama arm you I bring to you this
position my skills as instructional designer that’s what is media specialist
for trying to do after all and been supervising construction are governor’s Honors riding herd on brother
fractious faculty I was their dorm other as well as their supra posture I and also my skills and process
development and improvement we’re gonna be making some improvements
and changes on how we approach %uh our services to the the campus and
how we are trained people and %uh in online instructions just for those who care about these kinds of
things I was artistic director community theatre company for 23 years doctor put me was little my partners in
crime there I’ll I’m a composer %uh not recently but
I have written yes and then I made elaborate my backyard so
that’s who I am I am delighted to be here as the
director the Faculty Development Center argue
this is an amazing storm universe is lucky to have them and I’m
lucky to be working with them and now we’re going to start the book
about program take it with me or at me at sea who much applicable anything brush lifted so I think miss you know it you
don’t there so I am David A I question and i
must say they are ready I’m would changing a lot not harm so still to just saying what real they
will figure it out eventually welcomes so we’ll get dive into them and try to show you can
have the what’s new in 10-20 which is the version we going to have our sorrow
system and I’ll o’cleary cannot answer some
questions have been asked online email on going to dive into it bring a lot to talk about is the day
saying you need to know as far as are when the system will not
be available shelf on the nineteen arm December they
can take your system kinda offline unless we can start in the
upgrades the numbers Sep were although it’s kinda back up on
this money for its only back up so that we can go in and do all the markets we
have on our side to make your stuff work so as far as
availability for US professor is a mere 26 to December
before you’re a what’s getting server King again in corsets so there’s a good page
turner from as far as to when your stream
courses are going to be available action right how which is available when
the old version much you can still build your staff member
Jim you can start preparing your courses no comments will review this merchant
from they’re not moving anything it’s just
getting up updated and upgraded version robertson’s its so there’s a big dick so
he said kinda ballistic some other new things
are really are a lot of new things interesting to get into the system and
show you but there are quite a few new things in
the end new version based on my pain usually just the way it
looks it’s much cleaner it just looks nicer I’m when there are some improvements the
stars functionality are still some things to me see is not
instruments I’m but hopefully we can accomplish so
some other new things it has something out with asiana
templates menu created not when you can actually based on a smoke some but I
think that’s pretty slick there’s you may have already seen the
document viewer in certain areas are ends diversion and now you can see it
that’s been improved a lot so if you’re if you do upload were
docking intercourse which I still recommend her your students can now see if you
click on an opening in the shower runs only viewers we can
actually do the documents I’m in same departments however it’s
still not showing us the apartment would its unmarried partner someone is not
getting cooperation just getting the text was a PDF are
ready to transfer she so it has some pluses I’m something better practices stars but
I promise you want for dinner there’s also a new thing called reading
view in discussions agreed to use going away now said
something good to know that our well first several others I’m not gonna
read all these sex respect crack some skulls summer there are so many things I like a
bulk upload files is kinda nice and Dropbox yes ma’am you by a hacer all be mice yes they are I yes you exactly so many passing it along the
time you could download book which can upload ok and that’s what they change their
bets but someone like touched by that some huge improvements yet that’s exactly for on when you can now restore stuff I got
works Dropbox folders not some discussion away irons are creates its sir yes I’m orange now my you know be how Michael iraq’s classes your brain said that’s a great from the whole see extremist ask them so that’s a great
question so I’m last recordings to Jamaica repeat
the question so the question is about the mail sorting so it’s obviously broken right now from
and I have seen while the Nasdaq forest what’s happening right now in
open happiness system either you seem chill the treacly
actually going to class and you can see the class are you just see everything its just
from I’m and I’ve had several emails bank what’s the company saying we have
to fix this before I get stronger airstream director she that so far they
tenant just returning actually tried to fix
something which was what broke which signage I’m hopefully that won’t
be happening at 10:02 I’m so not guarantee that and told us
that’s something that remedy its I haven’t seen it yet
happened twenty but has on our users they write so once we get in there I’m I’m hoping
that’s repair but I don’t know for sure current system but that is actually
about american sex that’s that’s not it’s nice but still fresh so that when
star lot a lot more drag-and-drop
functionality that is some this meeting just to recap any
recalculating quizzes right now you have to click recalculate new version actually I’m happy which I
could chris is it do something and then so there are some things have improved
except letting them get into your s would improve already tested this
thread what’s going away is not really much I’m sure looks change into the debate 3
calm in the face is going away that we’re know is that beeping noise in
your pager exchange the hatch make what’s a new
computer I was told that someone actually
reloaded their machine because they’d notice and was last Sony they finally fixed so
that’s not a default noise anymore so that pager show availability so come by make that do not know it but it’s on
purpose to from 100 actually thought that if it’s just
for a second and go ahead and get into exile images show
you some things so you can just get better at it looks
like me Minister movements and I’m going to you we share my screen
just a sec you so this version initially is not a version you can essay axis is just there
so we can test the system magnet more years to give you an idea what he’s going to
look like so hopefully this can ease some pain killer of me get back to you just so they can
reassure that’s sOooo people watching your nudist lutely homers in so this is the
new look and feel a desire to learn you’ll see in January says in my opinion
quite frankly just finished looking at is just much much cleaner a lot of the clutch you will goes on
from homes being before has now been removed showing necessary arm gary that’s three
column work simultaneously what’s missing in what’s
new so in the past we have a lot of me colleges and one was settings it was all
learners widgets are just a lot of stuff going on
lot less not missing out because the redesign so across the top miss blue bar near my
home bar arms that navigation bar of course
instructors so first course to my home get suspect
we are not you course paycheck ever wanted no I also have to select the course
which is in any way my course I can get another course we quickly some right click on this I can get to
coerce anything about this that the other one didn’t offer is it ability to can course so presence if I really want to go into
this course I can actually in this and this will be on the top of my course
it’ll always be that I can access past so that’s kinda pissed if you have
a lot of course that’s kinda just looking at me like that you know it in
courses I’m so that’s one option unitrust up we have these these alerts
now the in lockstep used the FBI on the baby product page which is a
little bit annoying my in the just-concluded up so the alerts this or my my mail to hold
the pager thanks I D is that are this my other just alerts is other
one is subscriptions on so i subscribe to certain things and
of course not see it there you can do and you can now actually like
what you realize that and then my profile so the real picture
is but might be very similar to use they
were you seen Google on kinda social media almost use the
battles you gonna change your profile I some settings I made a couple more
than you have so much in his administration when the glue if me to go into groups that I want to look
at the course eye-popping this course I still didn’t
help that my courses a reading below now probably stay there are ways to
access a course on top is on the bottom separate some better by
semesters rights one count that as well Sony going to
courts this is one that I decided we want each
under arrest I can give to you if that would reduce
my manager mister that said this is your basic look at
your course look like this come Jan breaking out the
two column layout of this is gonna spread pretty courses are hoping you
just answered there will be some some differences but
the navigation as well to the nose and that
the medications little different than the other courses yet love the snow
across the top that my home are now in the course for
it’s at my home is changed a lot since just a blue screen so now the attic or some course builder
are on the top you can access them records easily on there’s also this new
option for group with a navigation bar singing group
things together so in grades I can group somethings may actually accurate
not that lets people asked about that so that’s me a little better look clean
its but the big thing like we have is was not changed really so the the one question I got a
lot when we sent an email asking a question joe had was to have to be
retrained careerist in my in a quick answers not
necessary so I think I’m course builder this
should look reddish million so you can just build your course you
can still get you killed your course still has the same pretty much the same
way out on this part of the course builder tool so getting yes ma’am the rendering your yes agreed instill building from the
drop box is it really so can create us used to access immediate course
option as well and i’d like you said I think will
change that make it would be easier to Moses quite the same so when think
this change in here bolivians I’ll man Jimmy dodge you could never find a project like day
to day in call your mom responding so they may be easier on is that have to
go through this big like training have to rate quicken is weird
little icon to get to the a bitch now you just click Manage trials alexi
Open File Manager still happen to good aren’t from the
backing said I think that’s improved makes leisure if you like to organize
for yourself the back near your course is new there no cases
changes that constant link sugar content note I actually had now
have some new abilities the concert one is a drag and drop which is our data here wasn’t there in the past so there’s
some new pieces though making this is your work for me if this
is the hear you like to build from as the content area it may be that much more usable you from arms Inc what else cooked means not yeah coach it’s not be still have the
rules which actually down here something is do this
message I’m good miss didn’t you well interested in using the very much
the same so I I’m in the course home now this and
other content browser content I’m you made this there may be
some adaptations ours outlets thats in be laid out
because if you notice this right now there are new options that
meet were in the actually stopped re easily seen in the past which you mean
what at your are tens some kind of opening pages I come down
tomorrow table contents so again this is actually I just played
with are great conference presentation so it’s a look and see that something
Tyrel there’s a cent well love this is an empty I just miss
using this is a sample course for people and so these
are tied to said like be working on some things
means this like inside here recite the content area and I’ll go back
to the instructor first let’s do it now and that really saying let’s make or
small and elm change my role management
structure in the new team only cunanan cunt so even here I can drag these around
when mother I’m so that’s that’s something you can drag
and drop I can then also say new from here just like a something like two
billion content not the course builder I was trying to use the course though
the X makes more sense to me as you like to build you can do all that
you these all can be moved around I’m stars placement said that wasn’t
available in the other direction I’m said and shit sandwich st. yessir I’m ready used all our or are be years the I or problem this conduct their job and so real easy right are big problem I I’ll I school that’s not not necessarily a year this is more the
in features inside the soviet million rancher your organizing your content by granting
nothing even crew that went horribly I’m I im
not sure I can drag right up my just up and drop it on here that he I don’t I have to say that go okay my s of I don’t know I yes and I have letter me forget so there’s that’s probably a
good deeper compositional get into a canal accompanist like here it’s okay so there
several ways to build in the system a man you may start same course I again
I really like the course builder to so from the course builder tool I can
actually on in one of my models I don’t miss tilly happened 101st I can
just upload the files directly here by clicking on sign up looks are so program this night to make a couple
miles there it just goes into the root directory to file manager but I really like my thumb and
reorganized that I may go to this manage files so be doing here next to think that
marks little girl the questions so i think thats yes ARL your gertz yes you are own there are still is still not ideal
so I’ll shall if those if you’ve tried it is our
mission pass for special I like that remix and they work pretty well in the Dropbox
so in the discussion till they don’t seem to go from the discussion are you a
great book for school students don’t on the great stone crown
students Easter when I’m told and we still are trying to
justice its doesnt here is the easiest said arrest is a fixed part I’m not
saying that distance not see the state back each year it appears that grace still do not
transfer so stuck to greater bargaining power and secrets so we’re still pushing the company to
try to be in a sec summer those things that’s a big win by Dreas lot make one why is it that way so but that’s a great
question burns arms murder say biggest Walmart you you tax rewritten special near you scam I eating you can still use a minute in
discretionary it’s just ok has some issues had house
it didn’t stick some things that rates and hoping that was hot so we treat me like a ship and warm and
Aaron skin keep doing things and have a quick
question right move on to this next you already took you yet well it’s not a question or a
mistake he saw a you sales your your I’m of his you know call me what happened
where actually head raster her suggestions that there are levels
suggestion any search some an exact same sir and are sir nah hey it’s no longer just one person our was
%uh time and she how some George she warm what’s are the markets are all gmail attack me Trinity but yeah yes just like I’ll me love me home what hurts what you see then since
higher New Year not was there we’re trying to make them
a switch okay what we’re what we’ve been told by
there people like conferences so is that we will look at
next time they follow so that’s what we’re being told I
quietly will agree with you sometimes sometimes we do get that time really but then one look at least six or more
people pushing those things kinda the squeaky wheel gets the more
agree so confidential that sorrow yourself but that really is
a good meet some me she I think about 1 minute left
these are the questions that we have among our email list we send out I’m so I think I can to some ways but make sure I think about Telus you yeah me that come about especially to someone
was assed BR form will be sent to: on the lesser yes
herman’s or much issue rare your he’s well inside no yeah actually is not an issue that’s
but that’s correct it’s it’s a weird peace in the in the
past it because there’s actually some tangos on a backhand cause problems but
there are some good reasons to keep them there is some not use as a lot of
discussion about the best way to do that whether it’s just stays inside a system
mercosur absolutely no I’m basic cable just email students get
to see a movie camera aren’t you so they could respond a just
dissipation cyberspace you realize there’s and response so
there are some concerns I know it’s artists yes however systems working but not
necessary brookings artworks so more spare your on yep arts you right but that’s really it when you
treat your own review pages are injured creating a course like real good communications are as this is
I talked like me but you’re right that sometimes doesn’t
matter destiny arms I’m thats E here the higher your instructor yet no
not me your nightmare stars in consumer but
that its how this is just and I took that
current so there you go so are our next contestant with the GSXR a giveaway here 30 injured yet always okay my slacker I and needs you got me goin
joined in August I come from you from all over
the place actually I’m me short answers did say that I
started up in Georgia Southern where do you have my master’s in education school
psychology and I did my graduate assistantship we’ve dated in the senate for online
learning curve but there’s everything I’ve learned handshippy to him and breaking see little should I’m I and your online learning a nation or
mater I’m gonna be kinda but narcissistic and say I’m a big deal
right now because I’m near you can read all about me and the
respected as Highlands your our online newsletter and I challenge you all to game
dominance we have it in the office right now Safin it had me alright so I was watching us today about
quality matters how many view hence coupley scenes me there’s emails we’ve
heard this term right it’s a quality matters is new here to USG and yours I which Inc so a little bit about quality matters it is
a not-for-profit organization coming out merely and online and what it is it’s focusing on the delivery and the structure your
online courses not about the content and this is what
the uses a Burberry for the best its own understanding and a
standard for your online course design what is going to make it accessible and
great for your students and make it easier for you since to managing get
there and they have all these pieces in there and again it’s not about the content
what you put in there we’re not watched ongoing backed so quality matters its faculty trippin its
pure reviews its you’re talking other faculty
members at teach online hang how to make the course as best as
possible for your students and give each other suggestions this tips and tricks for improvement and
things like that it’s a klutz takes some stress that collaborative on peace to quality matters which i think
is very very wonderful specially you have the opportunity to
take some other training courses you’re not alone in that course you’re
talking with other people throughout the country give each other hugs oh well I do this
at my college what unites to overhear hey I like what you do that’s pretty hot or and it is a it’s a
continuous in your costly going in there and checking in on their courses in
saying how can I make this better supply-demand
is identified all the pieces that make for on that make for good course or affect your
course all these pieces are big factor that
course design how you’re delivering it whether it’s
air any desire to learn or somewhere else the contents I’ll things institutionally
what’s important on what support we have available for you
how compared you feel dirty John Mike
sometimes that can be a bit over it’s your first time teaching online
just kinda like your in the Lions Den basically and student
reading that’s a lotta times our students are coming in and they’ve never
been online whether they’re that 18-year-old student
coming Russia high school or that %um are non-traditional student
who’s coming in for the first time he’s been at a scooper a couple years but specifically what
quality matters is focusing on and what we hear egli want to promote from quality
matters is your course design that is the main focus of this again not your contacts Nena its there at the process is peer to
peer when we do you arent our internal
reviews here camps are bring that up a little bit later you’re
selecting another peer your department for someone else that
you noticed haha mine to go in and look at your course intake
you have all these elements and then also we do these internal
review its myself and when your show who also participate in certain we
receive the training all that matters and we’re constantly looking for that
new information research as to how can we help you make
your or spatter because maybe using Google Hangouts
isn’t what you want to do but you want to use collaborate so that you can make
that social interaction in your class
montreal because it’s one thing to just a car going up there it’s another thing to
like really bring that interaction and things like that and how to use
provocative discussions on your discussion ports so work of looking at these things and
to help you and that’s what we’re here for and
quality matters helps us to you suggest listings here so what did it’s not about it not but
you’re the individuals instructor and it’s not about the
faculty evaluation it’s not about judge me we tried read
you try to keep our recommendations from right he’s out for you very positive
constructed because you can’t do much or just say
hey this is bad you did wrong you can do anything with
that you can do something with you did a really great job we provide
your students with his communication be back who I thought about doing a Google
hangout for Burchill office hours since one thing to keep going back forth with
those emails especially if they’re broken maybe years since a few more comfortable
speaking with you things like that and its not about to
pass fail within minutes did you meet the standards tear again when we’re doing these
reviews whether it’s quality matters or internal RBI’s here not about to pass out not getting in a
redacted we want you to meet the standards
quality matters is set yet the standard and the expectation we’re
here to exceed them we want to give our students the best equality matters international on it is
becoming a national standard both in cage while and in the higher head currently right
now there are 46 states are represented as a this year are Georgia
10 joining a party that I can ever say we have
States subscription other states may have a consortium had trouble sleeping so maybe his words
ask you know say the word where the box we read ok
sam you guys up and about on and bloody
matters discussed leon are these trainings for for faculty and
instructional designers you right now they have over 20,000 acts
he said desert net again it’s a collaborative process
you’re all coming in together and learning about these things and its it’s also international II did
not include the map but this is also an international standard which i think is
beyond amazing its international not just here
nationally sleep the past look at her well I yes initially yes ok initially when I was a the original
program that was offered by Maryland they did get the grants and that would
enable e2000 to you and he doesn’t want it doesn’t
hear and from there it just kinda blew up exploded everybody
saying this is what we need because that’s you
know would college in things like that it’s one thing for us to say hey this is
only one set up our courses it’s another thing to say this is our standard that we’re going to
go in k12 a rehab Common Core rich in some circles is a bad word but it are K-twelve classrooms Rd how their
standards of what they other courses should look and see all
quality matters is offering us that starting point %uh what do we need to put our classrooms in
our online classroom specifically to make them easier so that that
original grant why is standing by the government in 2001 and it leaves a
six-year grant and since then has run out make high
notes it’s a be stolen internet their funding in
their grants and things like that that’s how they they operate now but it is it is a
not-for-profit organization and what it means here at the
institution and things like that the rubrics on consist up eight he areas with 41 specific areas and 21 essential
standards those ideals alignment pieces that it this one piece doesn’t fit if you
don’t have this one piece in your course you can’t really say that everything
else works and the 8 standards are anywhere from do
your assessments match your objectives are are the measurable are the observer will can you honestly
say at the end of the day did your student learn something did they get if you’re telling Houston demonstrates proper practices and Ethical Treatment how are you recessing and the other peace in there that I am had a horrible dear to my heart just
because my special ed background school psychology is that accessibility portion of it if
you have but he is up there are they captioned or do you provide an
alternative text for your students as well do you have descriptors up your pictures
if you’re using pictures up there any student per whether they blind or our text me things like that are you providing them
which an alternative to that picture are you telling them what’s and I
esperanto other things are is navigation your
course is a consistent if you’re seeing is taking psych was 11
01 this semester and may take English 1101
next semester can they move between courses easily enough because thats
wanna the number one complaint we get from students sometimes as saying you know it was really easy to get
through this once course but when I got it says no one says course it just did
not make sense that’s a quality matters is helping are do for us saying here’s a consistency
hears that scalability accessibility for our students to make
it easier for them there are exe reviews I what we could conduct here
on campus is it unofficial review however we
utilize the quality matters ripped and some other schools around the
counter County around the state also other her to stay in these summer evaluations kennesaw also does an internal review
where it’s spelled as does the official tributes heard on high quality matters what we
hear on campus do you are the internal
reviews if you’re familiar with the term I’m star birdies that is what we conduct
utilizing the quality matters are back since your feedback again on the scores reviews that we do
you um we hope the benefit from that we do make
them as detailed as possible for you with suggestions with examples
with additional resources they’re not just going to say you need
to do this far from it we’re not going to say that we’re gonna suggest when she trying
again virtual office hours and will provide you with that
assistance to do that especially you never used them before is one thing
first stated you it’s another injury your writer Sao I’m and would you take into account that
your YouTube provided for us your instructor that
you’ve chosen where you its it’s a collaborative
process we’re all in this one together US the context for are going to tell us what is necessary in that course if you
have well objective Center department-wide a
course like we’re going to take that into account
not just insane oh you didn’t have anything there witnesses it’s a joint it’s a team
effort say here on campus like I said we have five star review
they take between four to six weeks they take this long because we want to go to
your course and get you the individual time you desire you’ve given us this course
you give us an excellent course we want to give you the the time and attention you deserve ur
for having developed this course and eggs at its conducted by myself and
when the Christian members at the beach I’ll in Sac as well as you’re going to do so. heard you on your
cell and she said and an additional instructors me expertise as well this semester we had about 4 horses right now but there are you a couple
other are you online on our website have been recognized
themer bear tried this course is I’m that have are you been recognized
for this semester will be putting up the due dates for the
spring if you’d like to participate in that review as well and you can email me if you’d like their course that review
will provide you with the rubrics as well as anybody back ahead entirety
just kinda want to just stop check on your course we can do that as well am what we also offer here which is new to
this semester is our training that we are we have prescribed sequence a a training
class that you can participate in we’re recommending these three courses
to give your the best idea of the rubric as well as how to design your online
course its designer online course the plane rubric and the peer reviewer after the
completion these courses you’ll be recognized as a UGG alright certified instructor as well
as nationally recognized as a peer reviewer or quality matters you to these courses
two weeks law their specific start and end dates you
must complete the work during those dates it is self-paced you
can go in on Thursday maybe not go back in until Sunday to complete the modules but all course
work needs to be completed during this two weeks well he matters are recommends he spent
between eight to 10 hours taking those courses I found it easy for myself to just spend
Saturday and Sunday knocking out for modules each just kinda when an
responded some money came back and read some material it when
he said basil case but if you feel like might
have a busier time during one part sensors placed another any its you take the courses that your
you pick the times at your schedule best what we’ll do it for you on will handle your account creation as
always register you for those courses and contacting the appropriate
individuals for payment if you’d like hell other speaking to your department chairs
about receiving funding for these courses we can definitely provide you with that information to
bring your department chairs as well and like I said once your in are went to give me the OK from your
department chair that you would like to participate in one in our training session I’ll take
care of everything for your get spammed with the emails from me from
your camp creation to your registration to joining a good or community group as
well so you can talk with other faculty
members that are currently completing this course is I guess at a time right pine completion will be recognized as
you did ya 96 constructor as well as a quality matters act like
you’re iraq’s you can participate in national reviews as well because party it the National on quality
matters recognized peer reviews you need somebody who’s outside your own
institution see you can purchase a p/e as that person likes about us is my
number one seed you quality matterease he might get called
in to do when it was the team barry words and payment I the courses each cost at bay would you have to pay for
these courses I’m if you’d like to participate in them in your department is willing to find
you they need to provide us with the other bank account numbers and things like
that which we can charge you her use what I had one but total its five
hundred and fifty dollars for all three courses the design and we
do you get a discount because we are state subscriber and that does not include the cost an
additional material such as they were correct feel worse if you participate in the
courses you’ll get %uh a PDF copy over the river and then you’re always welcome to come
by our office and check out are rubric that we have a hand but the
courses like it said it is they are paid it sounds like a lot 550 but when you realize that we’re
getting a discount state its pretty pretty good act between questions like me gets arms means and he said well here on in georgia alone there are 36 institutions total I believe about Twain me by 20 little bit 136 is already using it
between two any to about 30 institutions here in georgia
alone are using it we had when he and I had the opportunity
beginning of October to meet with something there’s other institutions and it’s really
awesome to see how many others are using it and and implementing it
alone in their campus also like that forty-six states in total are
using it arm I know that the University in Ohio is using it Florida International
University in Miami hmm I believe montana is also using it
as well effect for me right now we have
thirty-seven faculty going a.m. and that’s the count as of
last week so I’m very happy about that number she just are yes we just started this
semester ok soccer ball Hall next or I’ll I was not I of Matt your rich this I have a house ideologues you well standard not sure right yes it wasn’t
necessarily where back it wasn’t sure it was a any
internal recognition whereas this is a national you get it goes each new that says rm1 yeah just had a great %uh all Henderson
I just backed great here it is it’s very easy going
from school nursing right now there’s about 9 p.m. right now they’re
going to do that said you answer to worry about that on style arms you not maybe there’s a whole chunk heel go
in there and like I said I in my email to her I want you guys I
can ever say another nice things out-sourcing latest
effect your head me your she UGA on track and he did %ah my head your Bay 101 represented there I remember they had one representative from UGA at
this training that we went to you and he seems kinda hurts it then I’ll you yeah yesterday yes me ID at school or at work the PR value I would say day your quality matters is a standard US US back
we’ll see choosing to be a party this you exceed it you’re saying you’re ready
to you kick everyone else’s but basically 11
seasons it is the Nationals Danny 0 Syrian fax red yet as far as quality because this
is also time back to our complete college Georgia plant as well that we’re providing you with
that training that you need to be successful in the online environment take me you get to say that your you’re
trained you know what to expect in an online
environment you know what your students need whereas UGA I can’t speak exactly to
what they’re gonna be doing but he said the same for their passes at
their training ready to address the needs their students up crime consented saying
scrambling later ongoing oh my god I didn’t happen is ready you
already have yes and I’ll miss me trust program can I’m three-star usually recruiter reached some there we initially sent out an email stock in
September on you it’s possible to Egypt inner he just passed it but if you’d like to
participate we’re not turning anyone away I mean like I said I’m okay with setting
up those emails and getting your cap rate it as soon as
you tell me you have funding I’ll get you n if they’re needs are mark certain things it’s two weeks worker course there’s
about six modules her class and they expect you did spend
about eight to 10 hours what you doing is or
or didn’t do the modules is your responding to other people all
your posting up discussion and things like that so they expect
between eight to 10 hours %uh in the course well I did in the week ended its but that’s me good you are home her you RC CIR star Richboro it’s a certain time yes if the
course begins like we have course beginning on
November 30 batons now and start wrapping up on the
27 so all course material needs to be completed in those two weeks but it’s okay so not
that you can kinda go to model the day country and
maybe message you can skip today things like that but easy your peers you
networking across the other the country key
returnees: other instructors at stopping people from Colorado which I
runs on University cardholder all-women’s I love their people whenever they hatch
beings posted are but it isn’t specific start mandate
and it he start a class and you feel that you can’t finish it we can’t be responding are it’s very
important that you need to drop down to reschedule to let us never had a time since high school so that we can review
in our quality matters are presented on Nancy radius from quality matters is
on me using the woman is cell response ThinkCentre to help me out
and it’s like X I am your institutional representatives or
money matters as a me and you can email me any questions
later on as well my car is out there it’s much
easier to just like my car in centimeters tall my last name because my whole last name is not
included in the email as well and you can pass by the FTC is all just
i’m Jack Burton or try to get to mention units are you doing me what he’s UK home miss you ok am I’m not from here also originally but
added meet here for senior high school on Jim’s but I’m I got my bachelor’s and master’s
degree from her West Georgia and you must

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