CREED II | Official Trailer 2 | MGM

If we don’t do what we love then we wouldn’t exist. It’s time kid. It’s like nothing really matters to him right now… including me. You gotta think real hard about this, cause you got people that need you now. I’m taking the fight. Viktor Drago, son of Ivan Drago who infamously killed Apollo Creed appeared today to issue a challenge to Adonis Creed. Don’t do this. I ain’t got a choice. That’s the same thing your father said and he died right here in my hands. That kid was raised in hate. He’s dangerous. He broke things in me that ain’t ever been fixed. It ain’t worth it. It’s not just us anymore D. I wanna rewrite history. If you want to fight this man that’s your business. But don’t pretend this is about your father. This won’t be the end of me, or you, it can’t be… cause we a team. Now you know what you’re fighting for. Round after round… you learn more about yourself. And when I stepped in that ring… it wasn’t all about me.


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