Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 133 – Full Episode – 16th January, 2020

Eknath.. Sir, I.. Eknath.. Hey, leave him. Leave him. S-Sir, this is my son.
His name is Eknath Waghmare. Spare him, sir.
He hasn’t done anything. He cannot kill anybody. Do you know who’s
body parts are these? Hey, my dear son.
Leave him. I brought all of them. Everybody needs to know.
– Yes. What is he saying? Sir, he took me there. Body parts lying there.
– Where? There are more body parts
near the bridge. There are a lot of body parts. Sir, there are body parts here. Look at this.
Here. Sir, I found something here
as well. Long live India. ‘Joshi, please look into
the matter.’ ‘Before this matter escalates.’ Sir, we have reached
the location. We will do our best.
Sir. Sir, I think the murderer has
spread the parts of the body to confuse us. First of all, collect
all these body parts and send it for forensic
investigation. We need to find out
if these body parts belong to one person
or more than that. Head. It’s necessary to find the head,
Keep searching for it. If there is any CCTV footage
source in this location then get it checked. And find out more about Eknath Waghmare.
– Yes, sir. ‘Faces’ Hello. I am Annup Soni. I welcome
you all to today’s episode on black headlines of
‘Crime Patrol’. An unknown man’s dead
body parts reached to the police station. This was a shocking news itself. Media and the public were
following this case every day. Every day the police would
receive a new information and everyday a new news would
get disclosed in the media. The huge question
which the police had was the identification
of the dead body. Who’s dead body was this? Who killed this person
so mercilessly and why? And what was Eknath Waghmare’s role in this murder who brought the body parts to
police station? Oh, wow! The musician
has entered. Play something wonderful, pal. You didn’t do a right thing,
Peter D’ Costa. Man5 has taught you
everything. But he couldn’t teach you how to talk to your Guru
unfortunately. Hey, leave him.
– Move! Let it be.
He is a kid. He is a little drunk. He will be fine
once he sobers up. You took away my career,
Peter D’ Costa. You will be dead someday. You won’t be spared. Peter D’ Costa! Thank you. Peter. You’re such a nice man. Then why do you want to be
friends with this animal? Doctor, a human can never
be an animal. but yes an animal resides
in him. You shouldn’t let that come out. Everybody will be dead. Look an enquiry has been set up. Once we find out something
we will let him go. 999. Now what is this? Everybody will be dead. Hey, what are you saying? Come back to your senses. Everybody will be dead. Everybody will be dead.. Sir, he seems mentally ill. Take him to the hospital
and get him checked then we will find
if he is really mentally ill. What do you think, sir? Is 999 the name of the murderer
or a code? I mean, is he trying to give us
a clue? For now, everything seems
unclear, Kamal. First of all, we need
to identify the body. Send all the parts
we have found for forensic investigation. It is important
to identify the body. And get the missing complaints checked from all the
nearby police stations. Who’s body parts are these? I want to meet
Peter D’Costa. He is my dad. His music class is going on
inside. Come later.
Please move aside. Hi, Anjali. You’re not answering
my calls these days. Do you have any problem? Abhishek, where are you? Take this car.
– Coming, sir. Abhishek, I have told you
several times not to roam with Abhishek. Abhishek is not a good boy.
I have told you. But you always
keep roaming with him. Do you have money?
Okay? Mr. Peter.
– Hey! What is your problem? Idiot! I’ll break your head.
Get out. Will you break my head? Will you break my head?
Come, break it. Old man, why are you
flirting with a girl? Don’t say a word.
– Dad. I am not a bad man like you. I am not a bad man like you.
Understood? Idiot! Leave me.
– Dad, leave him. I won’t leave him. Look at your age
and act accordingly, understood? I will teach you a lesson.. Show me. I’ll teach you a lesson.
– Show me. Stop.
– Get out. I’ll teach you a lesson.
– Stop it, Peter. Cool down. Cool down. Anjali, you go. Go. What is this, Peter? Why are you interfering
in others’ matters? That’s not the problem,
Doctor. I try to help others
sometimes to get rid of my loneliness. Hello. I have the old habit
of reaching on time. No excuse of traffic
or no lies. I am coming. I can come
only if you hang up. Okay, bye.
Bye! What happened, dear? Why do you look upset? Uncle, I wanted some money. Today is the last practical
in college. So, I want to party
with my friends. You are upset
for such a silly reason. Wait. I have spent my entire life
in giving money to others. And whom will
this money help if it doesn’t help
my family members? Keep all this.
Enjoy. Thank you so much, Uncle. Hey!
– You’re so great. Hey, be careful. My hair will come off.
You know that it’s a wig. You go and have fun. Where are you returning from
at night? Let it be, Ravi. She’s tired
after working the whole day. What is happening? Had you gone to meet
that old man? Tell me. She goes early
in the morning for work. She gets late sometimes. She doesn’t go for work. Ask her whether she had
gone to meet that old man. Hey, tell me. Tell me.
– Yes, I had gone. I go everyday
and will continue going. How is that old man
related to you? Is he your boyfriend? Yes, he’s my boyfriend.
I lie on his bed. But why are you asking?
How does it matter to you? I’ll cut you and that old man
into pieces, understood? Leave her.
Go inside. Go inside. Look how she is
talking to me. It’s okay.
Go inside. Dad, no matter where I go people treat me
as an object. Nobody understands me. I work hard
to manage my family. But nobody thinks about me. D-Don’t cry. Rani. Don’t cry. Did you have food? No, I’m not hungry. But..
Rani, order food for her. Have you seen the time? It is 3 a.m.
How can I order food now? There might be something.
Check. She is hungry. No, Dad. I’ll eat something outside. W-Wait. Take this.
Keep it. Have food. Okay?
Go now. Take care. Why didn’t you serve food
to her? She was starving. Serving food to the hungry
is a good deed. Don’t teach me what to do
and what not to do. I know how to treat whom. But.. You.. You guys..
What do I say? Sir.
– Yes. The body’s forensic
report has arrived. It is the body of a man
between 45 to 48 years. Some pieces
were scattered around. But some pieces
were wrapped in this shirt. Patel Tailor. I have asked Sangeeta
to check the name. Sir. Sir, there are 14
Patel Tailors in Mumbai. Two in Borivali,
two in Mahim, four in Sion two in Mira Road,
two in Andheri and two in Colaba. Inquire about this.
– Yes, sir. On the basis of
the only evidence found by the police all the Patel Tailors
in the city were being searched. Stop the car. Was this shirt stitched here? Yes, this was stitched here. Yes, this is the one. Philip.
Philip D’Costa. Yes? – Is this Mr. Philip
D’Costa’s house? I am Phillip.
What happened? We found the pieces
of a body in the Borai area. We couldn’t yet find
the head and a few other parts but we found
some parts in this shirt. Do you recognise
this shirt? Yes, this is my shirt. But I had given this
to my younger brother. He is Catherine’s
ex-husband and Robby’s father. Uncle, he isn’t my father. Don’t call me as his son. What can I say? What
my brother did was really bad. He left Catherine
when she was pregnant. But, how did this happen? Whatever happened is good. Finding a body part in the shirt
doesn’t mean it is his body. How are you so sure? He isn’t my father. Am I am not talking? Go in.
Go in, I say. What is your
younger brother’s name? Peter..
His name is Peter D’Costa. He doesn’t
have anyone but me. He is a very good man. He is my father. He isn’t my own father but
treats me as his own daughter. He is even
going to adopt me. To keep away my loneliness,
I sometimes try to help someone. It is a good thing
to feed a hungry. For the past few days, I can’t
find out anything about him. Please register
a missing person complaint. Yes. – It seems that that body
may be of Peter D’Costa. His so-called daughter is
here to file a missing report. Finish your enquiry and come back. I will go
to Peter’s house. Okay, Sir. Peter is missing
since three days. No one could find
anything about him. We doubt that
those body parts.. Did you have any
familial enemies or otherwise? When did you
last meet him? Probably six months ago. What share
are you asking for? You won’t get
any part of this. Everything belongs
to Catherine and Robby. 16 years ago, Catherine
and I were divorced.. Not divorced.
You had left her when she was pregnant. I didn’t leave them.
I consider them as my family. You can do whatever
you want to but now I want
to settle down in my life. And I need money for that. Give me my share
anyhow or else.. – Or else? I will kill you.
– Robby.. Robby!
– Leave. Leave him.
– Leave him. Robby.
– Leave him. Behave yourself. Peter, get up. Get lost, I say.. Peter. My friend, Guru Kamna
has fulfilled all my wishes. Shares have
appreciated 10 times. Just see
what happens next. Baldev, what have you
done? – I’ll talk to you later You again gave him money?
Why are you spoiling him? What difference
does it make? When we have money,
then let him enjoy. Do you remember how we, as kids,
were always short of money? What difference
does it make? Let him enjoy
and live his life. You will spoil him.
But when he troubles me where will I get
so much money then? As long as I am alive,
he doesn’t have to worry at all. Forget it.
Why all this discussion? I had gone for shopping.
I got you something. It is a surprise gift.
Look at this. This T-shirt and a watch. Now,
show me if they fit you. Baldev,
you are really mad. – Wear them. Hey! Smile a bit.
A bigger smile, please. Wow!
You look younger than me. I have an important call.
I will be back. Where is
Peter D’Costa’s house? That’s the one. Since when is it locked? What happened, Sir?
It is locked since many days. I didn’t even meet Peter
since many days. Any quarrel with
anyone or any fights? Not at all, Sir.
But what happened? Do you recognise
him? – No, Sir. Break the lock. Stay here. Check the house. Sir, the locker is open. It seems to be
a case of robbery. “Happy birthday to you” “Happy birthday to you..” Peter and Rani
were a wonderful couple. I advised Peter
to marry but.. So,
Rani was not Peter’s wife? No, Rani wasn’t his wife. She used to sell
balloons outside the bar where Peter
used to play violin. She was very poor.
She had seen very bad times. Peter was kind
hearted and pitied her. One day,
he brought her home. Whenever they talked about
marriage, he used to get upset. Why? – The fact is
Peter had two broken marriages. The first one eloped three
days after they got married. Second is Katherine who went
away after becoming pregnant. Why did she go? How can I tell
their family issue. You know
husband and wife are different. It is either that the
woman can’t please her husband or the husband
can’t satisfy the woman. And that’s what happened. Rani also left Peter
about two months back. Do you know
where Rani lives? I don’t know. But she must
be selling balloons somewhere. As police investigated, facts
about his life came to light The life of a music lover
and a musician seemed dull and
depressing on the inside. Police was investigating
every aspect of the case. Rani ditching Peter
made the police suspect her. On other hand, Catherine
and Robby were also suspects. Police couldn’t find much
from Eknath Waghmare either. But police kept going with every clue they could get. Yes. – We have
uploaded Rani’s photo in server. Now we can get information
through this. Okay.
What about Eknath’s report? Sir, doctor said
he’s mentally disturbed. We investigated on
his medical history. He was being diagnosed. He has a six year old
medical history. He was fired from his job
due to the same reason. Some people said,
since last few years he has been digging out
human and animal corpses from the bay. Sir, I think he wrote 999 with the same context. I brought it.. Everyone knew about it.. Sir, my son is innocent. Please release him. Open it. He has been bailed out by a NGO. That’s why we are releasing him.
– I.. I brought it.. I..
– Let’s go, dear. I brought it.
They should know.. Okay, let’s go. Kamble, after looking
at his condition I can tell, it’s just a number. Unless we find the head
of the body. We can’t get confirm,
it’s Peter D’Costa’s corpse. But Peter is missing and we found blood stains in his house. This tells us, it’s him. Keep an eye
on this Eknath Waghmare. Don’t be scared. Tell us what you know. How do you know Peter? Sir, he met me outside the bar. He took me to his home.
Also, provided me food and shelter. Did he torture you?
Did you face any problem? I mean, did he ever try
to molest you? No, sir.
He never did any such things. He’s a good person. So, why did you leave the house? There was no reason to continue. We don’t have any relationship. He was just a support
for few days. He wasn’t even ready
to marry me. He can’t keep me there
forever, right? When he refused to marry,
you killed him. And robbed him as well. Sir, what are you saying?
– Listen. You stayed in his house
for so many days. You were well aware of where
he used to keep all the money. You knew everything about Peter. So, tell me the truth. Sir, I don’t know anything. I just know that he helped me
a lot when I was struggling. Where is it? Hey, weren’t goats
enough for you? Now you have started
slaughtering people. Sir, if I had done it
why would I call you? A guy called Eknath Waghmare
has left it here. Really?
Now you want to frame him. Why would I, sir?
He came here in the morning
to take back his bag. Hey, return my bag. I have to deposit it. Come on, return it.. Give me my bag. I have tied him inside.
– Show me. Sir, all will die. Everyone will die. Put him in the van.
Take the head as well. You will die..
– Get up. Trust me..
– Come with us. Police was minutely
investigating on every aspect and every statements. Until now Peter’s image
was good. But police felt difficulty
in finding out the reason for the murder. Was it a robbery,
or was it for enmity? Or, something else? This case went
into a new direction when police found
a CCTV footage. In the footage, they saw a car
going towards the bay. All the assumptions of police
came out wrong. Stop here..
Go back. You threatened Peter
in front of everyone. Peter D’Costa, you spoiled
my career. Soon you will be dead.
I won’t spare you. You went to his house.
Robbed his money. You killed him brutally.
Then on the night of 12th October, you dumped
his dead body in the bay. Wow! Such an obedient student.
– What rubbish is this? He was my master. I admit, that day we had a fight
in the bar. But I was going to apologize
after getting back to my senses. Here.. I bought a new violin for him.
Here it is. You are ready with a photo. That means, you are
well prepared for this enquiry. Sir, I am telling you the truth. I haven’t met him. Where were you
on the night of 12th October? I.. I was in the bar, sir. If you were in the bar how did your car reached
the murder spot? Listen, tell me everything or else,
I will beat you so much that you will
lose all your senses. Sir, I was drinking
in the bar till 2:00 a.m. I gave the car for parking. Where did you take
Sandeep’s car? Sir, I didn’t take the car
anywhere. We face parking problems here. That’s why we give the cars
to our parking boys. Who took Sandeep’s car
that night? It was Abhishek Yadav. Where can we find him? Get up.
– Sir! Get up!
– Sir.. I haven’t done anything, Sir. Where did you take Sandeep
Joshi’s car on the 12th October? S-Sir, Sandeep who? Who’s Sandeep?
Wait. Is the water hot?
– Yes, it’s boiling. Give him a splash. And listen, it should
appear as a suicide. No, Sir.. I-I’ll tell you
the entire truth. I’ll tell you.
Just don’t hit me, Sir. Sir, actually I drive the car for
snatching. I drove a date
to the mall that day. Who did you go out with?
Tell me! S-Sir, my girlfriend. Give me a name.
Who was she? Sir, my girlfriend Anjali. Anjali Matre? Peter’s so called daughter? Not exactly. Peter used to
harass her a lot. Where is Anjali? Come with us.
– What’s going on, Ma’am? Just come with us.
– What’s so urgent? Hey.
– What’s this about? Mom!
– Ma’am! Let go of me. You told us Peter
was like a father to you. But Abhishek here.. Your boyfriend here says
Peter used to harass you and you used to complain
about him to Abhishek. Also, you two went out
in the car on 12th of October. He’s lying, Sir. I didn’t appreciate him,
so he’s getting back at me now. I neither went out
with him in the car nor is he my boyfriend. D-Do not trust her, Sir. She’s a class A liar. If you don’t believe me ask Ali, he’s vouch for me. Sir, we helped Anjali. We were friends after all. But, I don’t know
anything about the murder. I never saw the body. Sir, Anjali is
a very clever girl. She was two timing us. I never though
she could murder anyone. What is it?
You guys look worried. Darn it. Mr. Peter is dead.
– How? He was abusing her. His dead body is still
in his house. I can’t think straight. Tell me what to do. How will you dump
such a large body? Look, buddy I can lend you a saw
to dismember the body and a sack to dump it in. But, I can’t go with you,
buddy. Sir, they are lying. They are giving me
a bad reputation. They always had their
eyes on me. And when I rejected them they promised me
payback. A-And they got their revenge by murdering my ‘father’. She is lying, Sir! She came to me and told me how Peter
would enjoy with her. Later, he got caught up
with another girl. So she killed him
because she wanted revenge. Mr. Peter was a good man, Sir. He never wronged me. He even told me that he
can’t satisfy women. That’s why women
would always leave him. They are very smart. Get their call details. Find out who they were
in contact with. They may have hired
an outsider to kill Peter. Oh, and dig out
Rani’s complete history. Find out where and who
she was with in the two months. She must have some connection
in this case. Peter D’costa’s murder case
kept changing its course. The police had only
one option now. Which was to determine if
Peter was genuinely impotent. Finding out the truth
with this plan was like shooting
an arrow in the dark for the police. Look, don’t be scared. We have been told that
your ex-husband Peter was impotent. That was the reason why
his first wife and then later you, left him. If you don’t tell us we’ll consider your silence
as a ‘yes’. The answer is key
to this case. So, please.. Sir, I don’t want to talk
about this at all. Very well.
I’ll just be direct. Whose son is Robbie? What kind of a question
is that, Sir? I don’t want to reach
a conclusion that’ll hurt you. Peter may have been a good man but he was an impotent man. So, the question is,
who are Robbie’s parents? But if you don’t have
the answer we’ll have to conduct
Robbie’s DNA test and then Phillip..
– Stop it, Sir! Philip is like
a brother to me. Peter was the monster, Sir. So, why did you lie? Sir, however Peter may
have been, I loved him. I didn’t want a bad reputation
for him following his death. Excuse me. Hello. All right.. Bye.. Sir. We examined Ali and
Abhishek’s call records. They used to call Anjali
and she’d call them too. Which means, Anjali had
a deep relationship with them. Also, we found
an interesting number. ‘4442525’. A few months back, Ali
and Abhishek made multiple calls to this number. Who’s number is it? It belongs to
one ‘Baldev Chauhan’. Baldev Chauhan. Yes? Baldev Chauhan lives here?
– Yes. I’m his elder brother. Six months ago, he left
for some personal work and he hasn’t returned since. We filed a missing complaint. They found his car,
but not him. What do you think
happened to him? He traded in share markets. He was doing good. Does he have any personal
belongings or a laptop? There is his laptop.
I tried to open it. But it was password protected.
I have the laptop. I need that laptop
and his photograph. Look, Rani, it’s crucial
that you tell us the truth and help us in the case. Don’t be afraid.
Just answer. Did you live with Peter? What was your relationship
with him? Were you two
in a relationship? Asha said she could tell
by looking at the two of you that a marriage
wasn’t too far. And what was his relationship
with Anjali? First, he had a good time
with me. He’d get drunk and abuse me. But I was helpless.
I didn’t have a choice. I kept quiet because
of the kids. They had a place to stay. But when I learned about
his relationship with Anjali I confronted him because he said he’d marry me.
I wanted answers. He began to hit me. I knew that my time
in his house was at an end. Because he had found
a new girl. Sir.
– Just a minute. Baldev, the man who the three
were making calls to has been missing for the last
six months from April. His mobile had been
switched off. And a few days later, his car
was recovered from a drain. His family did file
a missing complaint. The IT cell have unlocked
the laptop we found in his home. Tell me, Anjali. Tell me that it’s not
your phone number. And it’s someone else in this
video footage, not you. Tell me that you had no
relationship with Baldev Chauhan and Peter is the dad. A girl who had
never seen the world.. Mother and brother
couldn’t even earn food. Brother used to preach. Mom used to tell me to earn. When I got out, I met Abhishek. He used to pretend
that he loved me. But he loved only my body. I was insane. I wanted to win heart
at the cost of my body. But once he was satisfied,
he brought his friend. What’s your problem? He is my friend. What are you saying? I am your girlfriend. Don’t be childish. All right, listen,
Even Riya is my girlfriend. I love her too. Do you mean that
it is okay for me to have more than one
relationship and not for you? Come, my friend. All right, I will see you later. Get him out of here. How are you going to fulfill
your wishes this way? And when he was satisfied,
Abhishek told me that there is more to do. We befriended Baldev
through a stock broker. And then we entrapped him. Don’t ask questions and keep
giving the money I ask for. And if you try
to inform the police then I will make
your video go viral. Which video? This one? Do you think that you can
blackmail me using this video? Before I call the police
and have you two arrested.. Get out. Hey, get out of the car. Let bygones be bygones. It happened in Gujarat. Neither will the police
find any evidence nor will they get to us. It has been almost five months. No more murder. Let’s just make money. They are throwing money.
And the old man is taking all of that. Let’s trap him. Then I befriended Peter. He used to tell me that
I should leave these people. He had already told me that he cannot keep a woman satisfied
due to his medical condition. So his wife left him.
Then I told him my sad story. All three of them
together molested me. They made me a prostitute. I did tell you, Anjali, that
they were not good people. You should’ve stayed
away from them. Don’t worry. I will take care of you. I will adopt you. I will make you my daughter. But Peter.. He was evil. It was really good. I enjoyed it. Who was she? Just go and make me some food. Make something good. I am not your servant. Who was she?
– Hey! Why do you care? Don’t try to be my wife.
Do you understand? Stay within your limits. I pay for all the services
that I get. Go, make me some food. Committing crime is not
the answer to atrocities. You have committed so many
crimes at such a young age. What about the rest
of your life? It will be spent in jail. I’m sorry but.. Baldev is no more. We have confirmed it
with the Gujarat Police. He was murdered and burned
six months ago. The police cremated him
as there was no one to claim the body. According to the statements
of Anjali, Rani, and Katherine Peter was suffering
from dual personality disorder. He used to get drunk at night
and behave rudely to women. On the other hand, he maintained a decent image
in front of his close ones. He hid his bad intentions
behind this good image. Even today, people cannot
accept Peter as a bad person. Anjali chose the wrong path
to fulfill her dreams. She did take revenge on Peter but that was not right. And meanwhile, Baldev got
died in pursuit of his dreams. Eknath Waghmare
was mentally ill. Therefore, he was
sent for treatment. And he was not associated
with the murder. It is not wrong to fulfil
your dreams and wishes. But it’s important that you
take the right path for it. I am Annup Soni
and I bid adieu to you. We will meet again on another
‘Black Headlines’ episode of ‘Crime Patrol’
with another case. And remember.. The distance between you
and crime is decided by how alert you are. Stay alert and safe. ‘Jai Hind.’


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