Crisis On Infinite Earths Ending – Justice League Scene and Green Lantern Easter Eggs

every existence multiplied by
possibility life a precious gift persevering in the
face of every obstacle till finally
the Age of Heroes was born why’d you why’d you choose a condemned building
what no this is not a condemned building no listen this is an old STAR Labs
research facility that nobody uses and what’s even better no one knows it
exists good for you no good for us I figure we could all use this to gather if
anything ever happens again. it’s a great idea Barry. Thanks Superman!
oh it’s like that? Don’t worry, I was the new kid last year all right listen I haven’t
even showed you guys the best part yet you ready should live with that bro
yeah not bad! I love it it’s perfect sounds like we need to call pest control What is that? Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this
is going to be my new crisis on Infinite earths video for the end credit scenes
and all the stuff that they set up also talk about what’s going on with future
crossovers the Superman stuff would happen to the Smallville characters in
all the Green Lantern’s stuff that they’re setting up for the Green Lantern
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obviously spoiler warning for all the stuff that happened during crisis on
Infinite Earths I think most of you have seen it or seen the most important parts
by now so hopefully you’re at least a little caught up but the big stuff here
is there obviously canonizing Green Lantern’s in the Green Lantern Corps to
the arrowverse using footage from the Green Lantern movie so they’re basically
saying that Ryan Reynolds movie is now canon – the arrow verse but it’s also
meant to be a teaser for the Green Lantern HBO show that they’re working on
that’s going to premiere in the next couple of years they even just released a brief
synopsis in the plot description for that TV show so this will get you really
excited it’s going to span multiple decades covering Sinestro and the lives of two
different Green Lantern’s they didn’t say which Green Lantern’s but odds are
pretty good that it’s Hal Jordan as the first one and then Jon Stewart is the
second younger one to come along the synopsis actually kind of makes it sound
like they’re doing the plot of the planned Green Lantern Corps movie that
they had originally wanted to do but doing it as an 8 to 10 episode HBO show
probably closer to 8 episodes though because the budgets going to have to be
ridiculous in order for them to do the special effects I don’t know if this
means that they’re not going to do the Green Lantern movie anymore Geoff Johns
was working on a script a couple years ago when he set up his new production
company but we haven’t really heard any updates about that since then that movie
was pitched as Lethal Weapon in space with an older version of Hal Jordan
teaching a younger rookie version of Jon Stewart it sounded really cool so
hopefully at some point they’ll get to do Green Lantern in the movies but I’ll
cover more of that in my videos when they give us some more official details
they’ll probably start doing that when they get ready to drop the Green Lantern
HBO show Oliver narrates all these end credits scenes and cameos doing a new
origin for this multiverse remember they rebooted everything DC rebirth style big
easter egg for the DC rebirth of the comics I take that to mean that he
hasn’t been completely wiped but exists in
kind of limbo cosmic state there are a billion reasons why cosmic characters
don’t walk around showing up all the time to talk to the characters they also
probably didn’t want to ruin his eulogy at the end in the Hall of Justice the
one thing that they didn’t do during these end credits scenes was have a
scene from the Justice League movie to let us know which earth number
corresponds to Ezra Miller’s Flash character in the other Justice League
characters like Wonder Woman Henry Capitol Superman Batman Aquaman I think
they’re probably a couple reasons for that mostly they just want to get too
complicated with things because the flash movie is going to be doing the
flashpoint plot or a version of flashpoint so I think they want to let
them do their own thing in the idea that you get a movie actor cameo inge on the
TV show was already a huge deal so they probably just wanted to leave it at that
wooda brothers does a studio has also kind of changed their movie plans for
how everything connects and crosses over it gets a little bit complicated like
the Robert Pattinson Batman movie in the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie best
examples of two movies with really core DC characters that aren’t really
connected to any of the other movies that are happening Wonder Woman 1984 is
still technically connected to the DC EU but because it’s set during the past
there’s no big crossover scenes with the other characters unless there’s some
secret post-credit scene that we don’t know about set in present-day
birds-of-prey is another example of a DC movie that is connected to all the
Justice League timeline films in present day because it takes place right after
the events are a little while after the events of the first Suicide Squad movie
which of course they’re completely sort of wiping from the timeline with James
Gunn’s reboot of The Suicide Squad franchise it does sound a little
confusing when you dig into it so I’ll just address the timeline and continuity
for each different DC movie when they come along so don’t worry too much about
that right now but speaking of Justice League then they
have their big Justice League Hall of Justice scene with Barry finally making
it official they introduced this Hall of Justice looking building a couple years
ago during the dominators crossover but it was mostly a throwaway joke like well
we should do something with this someday the whole idea is this is just a spare
warehouse that belongs to STAR Labs so technically Barry owns that they weren’t
using it for anything but the facade is designed to look exactly like the Hall
of Justice from the Superfriends TV show so you knew at some point they were
going to be doing their TV Justice League it was just a
question of when they were going to do it and when they were going to
quote-unquote unite the seven seven members of the Justice League that’s why
there are seven chairs plus the one for Oliver is a sort of memorial yes I
totally think that Stephen Amell is going to come back at some point and cameo
in a future crossover just to kind of keep one foot in the door so he’s not
gone completely even though they killed him off turned him into the specter in
their ending the arrow TV show if Tom Welling will come back for a cameo after
Smallville went off the air almost ten years ago then Stephen Amell is totally
going to come back in cameo every once in a while you could also say that them
leaving the eighth seat is sort of a back door for a Green Lantern to
potentially get a seat at the table eventually because this HBO Green
Lantern TV show but they’ve been really cagey about how that’s connected or not
connected to the DC TV shows early prediction because it’s going to be on HBO
it’ll look very different it’ll be way bigger than all the other DC TV shows is
that it won’t be any more connected to the DC TV shows than say like Titans so
Titans crossed over during crisis on Infinite Earths they had a scene but
when are you actually going to see those Titans characters actually appear in a
big way during an episode with the flash character of Superman or anyone else
probably not anytime soon on top of that no one in this final end credits scene
says the words Super Friends or Justice League or league of any kind they just
sit down at the table and have that funny moment I think that’s because one
they’re not allowed to use the term Justice League officially and they’re
just trying to be as ambiguous as possible about it the actual final end
credits scene with Gleek is one basically a Super Friends TV show Easter
Egg because he was the monkey from that TV show and they played the theme song
from the Super Friends TV show and – they’re probably actually going to do that
character at some point even though he as a character would have to be full CG
and he’s totally ridiculous if you’ve ever watched the Super Friends TV show
it’s totally ridiculous it was designed to be that way on purpose but the tone
of this episode got a little ridiculous and because it’s meant to be the legends
episode of the crossover in legends as a show is pretty ridiculous I think them
having this funny moment with the Gleek at the end is totally in keeping with
the tone of the rest of the stuff that they’re doing but there will be a
crossover next year with basically these seven characters
are seeing here including black lightning probably coming back
now his earth is technically earth Prime so although black lightning characters
just live in Freeland on earth Prime because they’re starting their Superman
TV show in the fall and he’s basically their big a-list character the next big
crossover villain might wind up being a big Superman deep cut villain like
Brainiac it would be the easiest slam dunk in the world to do Brainiac they’re
also kind of implying that this version of Lex Luthor is going to become the
president of earth prime because they rebooted the multiverse but now suddenly
he’s this hero to the people everyone loves him he’s running the deo it’s
just like they’re setting him up to become the US president even though you
don’t see Tom Welling or the Smallville characters come back they did explain
that all the Smallville stuff was put back the way that they left it so those
characters are fine they didn’t really mess with any of the stuff that they had
established during the Smallville scene with Tom Welling earlier in the
crossover so all that stuff still stands after they rebooted the multiverse a lot
of people also wondering where the hell reversed flashes during this crossover I
was kind of upset by the answer that Marc Guggenheim game they included him
in some of the promos so they imply that he would appear in some way and there
was all the future newspaper stuff that they’ve been setting up on the flash for
the last six years this will probably make you upset but Marc Guggenheim
basically said that they didn’t want to do something that another writer set up
so the people that set that stuff up on the flash with a future newspaper back
in season one don’t work on the flash anymore none of those writers those show
runners are still associated with the DC TV shows so you have a bunch of other
writers coming in later deciding that they don’t want to deal with the stuff
that the other writers set up which to me is kind of upsetting I feel like it’d
be pretty easy to have included him in some way I’ll do a couple more crisis on
Infinite Earths videos I’ll do some more Green Lantern stuff but if you have any
special requests or are there any big Easter eggs you want me to do videos for
just let me know in the comments I’m working on another new big Spiderman
Morbius video that should post tomorrow while you wait for everything click here
to re-watch that scene of Ezra Miller’s flash crossing over with Grant Gustin
and all my Easter eggs and click here for that brand new Spider Man Morbius
trailer thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome
I’ll see you guys tonight!


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