Crossings Film Series 2019 – Nathan Hall

(calm music) – [Man] Crossings is a tool that we use to understand Christianity. – [Woman] It’s a lens, a
way of understanding life. – [Man] A really dynamic,
vibrant community that began as type-written pages being handed around a university. – [Man] All of my imperfections being smart for generosity. – [Woman] It’s become
such a way of life for me. – [Man] It really is good
and it is something new. (slow music) – The Crossings Conference is intense and that’s a very vague term but by that I mean that it’s
going to both engage your brain and which is an important
part of our faith but also it will touch
matters of the heart. It’s not like those are separate things but it’s going to make you think deeply and it’ll make you sit in
your chair for a long time while you think deeply. And there’s really no other
way to do it, it’s wonderful but what I’ve been amazed
at by the conference is that there are such
a range of speakers, so we’ll get intentionally
people who are going to confront and perhaps question this method
that we are talking about, the Crossings Method and
push the limits on it. We will intentionally find
speakers from a wide range of movement, some who are
very familiar with doing this sort of theology, some who are not and we will see how we
can make things work. I first heard about Crossings probably when I was in college. I went to Valparaiso
University which seems to be one of the focal
points that Crossings has across the country. And so some of my professors
were writing in it, I have a brother-in-law
who was writing for it and I first became aware of it that way, I didn’t really start using
it though until much later, probably even after seminary, when I started using the text studies as I was working on sermons
or I would actually probably even more so I got in
by doing mercy theology. I have been using
Crossings very frequently for sermon preparation for
both the text I usually get emailed out to me or I
sometimes hunt up online. I use them as I am going
through the weekly work of confronting a text and
trying to find what God is saying to my congregation now as it encounters this scripture. So, I’ve been using
that on a regular basis. I’ve also used Thursday’s
theology when that comes out too, though I find myself as often
as I’m scanning the archives, just going through the old stuff too. Crossings is vitally important
because it seems to fill what I sense to be a gap. In my denomination, we which is the ELCA, we have many who are deeply
interested in doing good work which is wonderful. We have a huge social justice concern and other denominations it
seems we have a deep concern for all the things of God
but we don’t quite see how they mesh and Crossings
is that point of meshing. It reminds us that this
gospel of Jesus Christ is the grounding thing
but then it is also trying to actively engage the
concerns of the world as it talks about this. And so I find this method, it’s
almost like the missing link that connects life, justice
to what God is doing and saying in the death
and resurrection of Jesus. (dramatic music)

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