CRY IT OUT is now playing

CRY IT OUT is a play about new parents. It’s a play about people looking for support in a time that…that is a HUGE change of life. It’s also a really funny play.
Did you set out to write a really funny play? -No! I thought this play would be about…pain. [Laughing] -Cause I think…
-Which is hilarious. I feel like I’ve lived a lot of dramatic moments in life but the…the most dramatic I’ve experienced is this
decision around what to do, when you have a newborn, to go back to work, to not, to restructure your life… I thought it was a very painful subject
and then I started writing it and I was very relieved that the characters were funny. -Right, cause it’s a time of life you have to have a real sense of humor about. -You have to, yes, you’ve…you know, you’ve got
poop on you, vomit on you, you don’t know who you are, your identity has changed, your marriage has changed, everything’s changed. You have to laugh and you need a friend. -My hope with the production is that people walk away with just a little bit more empathy for
what people are going through and questioning how we take care of people
and how we force people to make really quick decisions -Yes.
-About going back to work.

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