CTAOP Program Partner | Drama for Life

The idea really was a response to HIV and AIDS The pandemic had really taken hold across Africa and people were trying to find ways in which to not only communicate important knowledge but also to affect behavioral change. We were interested in trying to find a way in which we could bring the therapeutic aspect, the developmental aspect as well as the educational aspect together through the arts. It looks like a piece of theater that’s really fun and interactive – but real, very everyday, very much about what’s happening and being lived through now by people, witnessed by a group of audience who in many respects are seeing themselves in that piece of theater. We then ask simple gentle questions to sort of hopefully inspire them to reflect back on what they’re living with and living through, and for them to start to find their own solutions or even new offerings from that work. The thing about the arts is about engaging the imagination, to offer opportunities for them to imagine into a future that maybe they never imagined before. Creating narratives and new stories that people can hold on to, stories of hope, stories of change, of courage. If you take the care and time to really firstly acknowledge the individuals in the room and then that these are thinking and feeling individuals that are living in a society and then work Work and work and work and work to get them to speak from that place you really begin to open up a very closed door to transformation.

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