Cuba Gooding Jr. Interview – 2006 Tribeca Film Festival – Meniscus Magazine

– [Interviewer] I was wondering
about actors and actresses in the industry who are Christian. Are there many? And if so, what’s the perception when you tell people you’re a Christian? Do directors kind of– – You know, the funny
thing is even though people have their prejudices
and have their hang-ups about certain religions in
Hollywood, it’s a melting pot. I mean, listen, Scientology took off, and that was like a science fiction writer who raised that sect. So– – [Interviewer] Really? – It isn’t that Hollywood is judgmental, but they’re very creative, you know, it’s like to your face,
they won’t say anything. And you might even sway them
to believe what you believe, but it’s like a blank canvas. And that’s why there are
positives and negatives of standing on your faith
and what you believe. That’s why I say you can’t let
them change what you believe. You got to eventually believe
in something, you just do.

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