CueSystem Family Overview

To keep shows smooth and production staff safe, backstage communication is key. With CueSystem’s plug-and-play network of cue
light outstations and controllers clear communication is at your fingertips. The system features CueSpider Outstations. control desks, Playback Units,
and PC software to simplify how users patch, configure,
monitor, and control CueSystem. Regardless of the size of your production or venue CueSystem is easy to reconfigure and expand with connections through any standard
power-over-ethernet network. The desktop controllers come in
4, 8, or 12 channel tabletop versions. The rack mount format is also available
in 8 or 12 channel options. Multiple desks can be used together on the same network for larger installations The red and green buttons on the CueSystem desk activate “Standby” and “Go” lights for each channel. Stage managers can also activate
multiple CueSpider Outstations at once by using the yellow preset buttons for each channel and the master buttons on the side of the desk. CueSpider Outstations are available in a standard size for touch-and-go backstage,
or front of house communication. They can be connected individually or daisy-chained together to build larger systems. CueSpider Lite Outstations are available for those who do not require the Ethernet-thru ports. CueSpider Outstations display information about current and upcoming
pre-programmed cues. When a standby cue is activated, both the CueSpider and the desk
flash red indicator lights until the standby is acknowledged. Once pressed, both indicator lights
switch to a solid red communicating to the stage manager
that the operator is ready for the “Go.” CueSpider Large Outstations are designed for use at a distance
in circle rails, wings, and more. A remote acknowledge button is available as an optional accessory
with the large outstations. The free downloadable CueSystem software includes sophisticated features that allow the stage manager to pre-record cues and create a real-time map specific to the venue to view all current cue light activity. At a glance, you can see that
all units are operating correctly The optional Playback Unit offers a dedicated hardware solution for long-running or complex shows
with many cues. These come in desktop or rackmount options and include a readout screen
that shows current and upcoming cues. With this wide range of features you can keep up with rapidly
changing production needs in a system designed specifically for you. Visit our website to request a demo and see how you can “Go” anywhere with CueSystem.


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