Curtains Trailer

[♪ DRUM BEATS AND TRUMPET PLAYS ♪] FRANK: I’m Lieutenant Frank Cioffi of the Greater Boston Police. It is an honour to be standing on the same stage as each and every one of you! [♪ THATAWAY! PLAYS ♪] FRANK: Ladies and Gentleman, you are all murder suspects. What do I got? A dancer choreographer, a distinguished director, CHRISTOPHER: Well it’s an honour just to be nominated. FRANK: Ex-partners is music and marriage, a jealous cast, and ruthless producers. SIDNEY: I left you in charge of opening night in return to find a murdered leading lady, deadly reviews, and a bunch of cops who tell me I can’t leave this theatre! [♪ BIG BAND MUSIC PLAYS ♪] GEORGIA: Oh my God! [♪ BIG BAND MUSIC PLAYS ♪] CARMEN: Holy crap! COMPANY [SING]: It’s an honour and a joy to be in Show Business! I feel the spotlight hit me and I’m gone, At the last curtain call, I’m the envy of all, So I know the show must CARMEN: Go on! CARMEN: This show is going on Are you with me? [♪ SHOW PEOPLE PLAYS ♪] FRANK: Just a polite reminder: you’re all still murder suspects!

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