Daag | Official Trailer | Rajesh Khanna | Sharmila Tagore

We will keep looking at each other… …and let silence speak everything
that our lips wish to say. “Me and you, you and me…
are happy after meeting like this.” Greetings! Bahadur, take them to my room. How lovely his wife is! A real fire-cracker. Sunil! He’s a criminal your honour,
who should be punished severely. Instead of happiness, I’m giving you
tears. If possible, forgive me. Sunil! Unfortuantely, I have to fire her. We should show compassion to her. The crime was done by her husband. Will you come with me? – Where?
– To my house. “I worship my beloved, let the
world say what it will!” Who are you? He’s my friend. Oh? Rinku. This is Sonia, Rinku’s mother. He’s my husband, Sudhir. At least listen to me, Sonia! There’s nothing to listen, I’ve
witnessed it through my eyes. A woman loves only once in life.
Not time and again. What does Sonia have that I don’t? Sonia is my wife, Chandni! I am ashamed of myself! Why did I even you bring you here? Sometimes, the friend who helps,
also gets destroyed in the process. You can’t escape from your fate. My fate and luck, both have
made fun of me.


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