Daily Motion Drama Series Trailer

So what’s the plan? Nothing The plan is to wear nothing? I like that Is she pregnant? Dad! I’ll come by tonight I can remember you begging me to date you Not me What are the rules for this whole process? God please don’t let this man show up with some ridiculous looking ring In marriage the real man comes out What kind of a man needs to get his feet back on the ground? A man’s feet should never leave the ground I’m doing my best here but you keep pushing me away Will it hurt you to take ten minutes and pray for this child? What child? Our child Kevin! Six years I am Oluwafifehanmi, and I am depressed I don’t remember you answering me When I asked to meet my father! He abused me in every way What’s going on between you and mom? You are the man of God Ask God what to do I don’t want to ever see you talk to that boy Or have anything to do with him again! Go tell the church what to do You are not to see that boy again! So can you come? They finally left Got to be safe If you don’t want the devil himself to take a grand seat in this house You will fix this problem and you will fix it fast! My wife does not satisfy me in the bedroom We are Christians for God’s sake! That’s all you Christian folks say Is it really for God or is it for you? Forget God my friend! Where was God when this happened? I don’t trust her Where are my children? My children are fine! I didn’t want to have to tell him You forced yourself on me Touch me one more time! I’m so scared Jesus!

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