Damsa Episode 1 | 2nd December 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

you scared us Damsa and Raheem, what is happening here? again the horror movies dad, it was mom’s idea liar! It’s always their idea and they put the blame on me how dramatic you are, you get scared like a child watching these movies, still you watch them look, I got scolded because of you is that what scolding is like? scolding is when granny yells at dad that was a bad joke,
you shouldn’t joke like that with your dad this is not a joke, I am speaking the truth you are speaking the truth, are you really?
Come here let me drain all the truth out of you dad since you’re back early today,
should we go for some ice-cream yes we can go, it’s not a bad idea,
but first tell me did you do your homework? and you? did you do it or not? Tell me the truth we’ll go after dinner no by then it will be late and then you’ll say that we have to get up early for school then you guys go, I don’t want to go what about mother? granny is not a small child, she can manage it Raheem! in a way he is right, sister will handle it,
come on now, the kids are insisting to go okay, but first look at yourselves you little ghosts,
go wash-up and comb your hair go hurry up! Hurry up and change come here you come, come, come how was your day? I had a very nice day, how was your’s, sweetheart? it was good okay stop, please don’t do this, I feel very bad we already have shortage of money at home
and on top of it you… you are my one and only wife, after all it is my duty you lend me a hand, on top off many more things… I know you are independent,
you are a big-shot nurse in a big hospital senior medical staff yes, yes, senior medical staff okay, I’ll remember it for next time but for now… and don’t tell me that I lend you helping hand… I have no need of anything, besides my Moosa I am with you, have always been and if God will so, I’ll always will be are you done? yes, now go and get ready go and get ready and then I’ll take you out for ice-cream shall I put on lipstick do whatever you please, because I… feel bad if you won’t dress-up,
a wife should be dressed up, right? okay then… what is this?! how many times have I told you,
that don’t eat anything on my bed look at this.. you clean this up, I’m not cleaning this up, here I am aware.. of what mother says but I know
she can’t live without me hello? are you okay? what are these two doing? creating trouble both of them are so mischievous look you colored the dress fine, but I don’t think the buttons are right here first, iron it well, you go and help her as well show me dear this looks fine, show me the other one this is good as well, good work, start the next one yes show me the stitching Madiha, it’s crooked from here,
you’ll have to straighten it out I’ll do it in the next one.. shying away from work won’t do, come on straighten it out yes, show me… the colors are okay… what is the matter Rida? no auntie, it’s nothing no, there is something.. say it auntie, help explain it to my mother everyday she is beaten by father I ask her to leave home, she doesn’t even do that okay, tell your mom to come to me tomorrow… I’ll explain it to her after all, you are also spending your life with sister Areeja then why is mom scared? it is very easy to say anyways, ask your mom to be sure to come and meet me tomorrow I’ll explain it to her Raheem! how many times have I told you… that when your sister is praying, don’t walk in front of her mom I’m not walking in front of her, I’m just sitting here what are you doing? this is part of my video game holding my nose is part of your video game? Raheem, Raheem, Raheem! yes, yes, yes! This is my name you have gotten very naughty, do you know that? he has gotten very sly mom she always imposes herself on me she is your elder sister so, I’m her younger brother his nose is big mine is small mom, now you go to the hospital do you see mom, how cunning he has become do you know, what have you become? a scurrying mouse the scurrying mouse has ran off books? done uniform my dear child you help me out so much my dear child love you mom I love you too although every mom loves their daughter like I do… but my daughter is an angel you are also so nice okay I should be going now, I’m getting late no mom, just a little while longer greetings sir, I was coming to the office to meet you good morning, good morning, good morning everything alright? yes, I felt like getting some cool air today I don’t get enough of it, so I stayed, I thought I’d meet you here when you arrive okay, I came here to give you this what is this sir? some bonus money sir, two months ago… Moosa, you are the first person who is questioning getting a bonus no sir, but one must know why one is getting one yes.. if one must know then listen for your kind information, I am making a fifth branch yes sir, I intended to congratulate you,
many congratulations congratulations to you as well I would like to leave now is everything alright? my daughter is coming, from the U.K amazing, amazing okay sir.. take your time thank you, thank you okay sir, bye greetings yes?! I called to give you the good news that today I got another bonus wow! great! may God shower more of His blessings for us and our children I think that I am getting all of this because of you everyone gets what fate has written for them Moosa… I am very happy mother is getting upset, I have to give her food okay, listen to me, shall we go out in the evening? we’ll see, for now let me give mum her food, okay? run off, now.. okay what are you doing Raheem? mom told you not to throw the back-pack like that a ruckus so soon after coming from school what?! You weren’t here at night and I didn’t do lunch today as well you didn’t get lunch? what did you get for lunch? burnt french toast burnt french toast! Did dad make them? yes okay get off, let me take something out to eat I’ll take it out you are tired, aren’t you? come here you have grown so much I can’t be tired for you, I’ll never be tired for you get up son, you have to go for tuition I don’t want to go why not? he’s is getting very rude mom don’t swear at me swear? ‘rude’ is not a swear word it is that is no way to talk to your elder sister do we talk like that? Do we talk like that? I will crush you on that bean bag in a second Saman my child ever since you came here,
you have been lying here alone how much longer will you sleep in this darkness? hmm? I am okay father I know dear.. I know but dear, that man was not worthy of you if he was not worthy, then why did he come into my life? why did he? Saman… my child… it takes time to understand do one thing and keep yourself busy divert your mind with work why don’t you come to the cafe and.. no no? you were the one that built it with such joy and before your marriage, you decorated the entire place, you did everything I loved him, father I had loved him so much, and he has become of someone else now Sofia.. have some tea mother this is not good what’s not good? the person who has created so many problems inside my house and I also have to drink the tea made by that person leave it Sofia, it is enough sister Sofia so much time has passed since that incident, for how long will you keep complaining to mother? play carefully in our family we do not forget things so easily they took me along with them, even after everything that happened because of you it was very big of them to do that her sister is still sitting till this day for Moosa why is she sitting? Did I ask her to? ever since she was a child it was decided that you both would get married now no one will marry her so, what is my blame in all of this? everyday I am taunted and beaten because of her sister I am beaten everyday what am I guilty of? look Sofia, I’ve told you countless times before.. take Rehan with you and come and live here you are my responsibility there will be no problem here, you’ll be happy it is not easy to leave one’s home but you men don’t understand that okay then.. keep on getting beaten like this Moosa your sister keeps getting thrashed over there.. but you won’t marry her sister
and bring her here in this house have you gone insane Sofia,
saying whatever that comes to mind you’ve grown up but still don’t realize what to say and whom to say it to she is my wife I married her and brought her here, I love her yes, it is only me to whom nobody loves besides me you love everybody else mother, you explain it to her what should I explain it to her? in a way she is right what is she right about? she is right she is entirely wrong I am saying she is right, didn’t your father marry twice? mother, if father married twice doesn’t mean that I should too, I don’t want to become like father mind your tongue, it is your father you are talking about what father? The same father that forgot mother after his second marriage forgot you, forgot me, and never looked back to ask tell me? look, I’m telling you again I do love you you are my only sister leave everything and you and Rehan come here and live with me I can’t leave him, I love my husband very much okay if you can’t move here then from next time don’t come here complaining about him either yes I won’t from this day on-wards, I will not come to your home I am going Rehan! Rehan! come on son, lets go your mother will not come in this home mother you listen as well,
I will not come inside this home again Moosa, stop your sister how far have you both taken this why is my darling’s face so long? why don’t you complain? about what? the ones who… who create troubles for you the one who create problems for me? and what should I say to the person who loves me the most? you should rest if you can keep on working like this, you’ll get sick okay I’ll sleep early today,
besides this tomorrow is my day off mom let me have a day off from school today today is your test I also feel the same way today mother dear if you say things like that, then what will your younger brother say? but today is your day off it is every Friday next Friday we’ll also take a day off okay really? yes, yes, of-course you’re just lying to send us, right? yes I love you sweetheart, now go you give everyone breakfast Areeja but not yourself because I like eating breakfast made by your hands Raheem has become very mischievous he has become very naughty and Damsa is exactly the opposite of that, she is so sober daughters are the way towards happiness even then… people like sons more all of these talks of daughters and sons are all nonsense daughters take care of their parents sons belong to their wives after marriage sister Fakhra? yes, yes Moosa is very fortunate to have a wife like you okay I will also say that mother is very fortunate to have a daughter-in-law like you sister Fakhra, speak in a lower tone you have kept everyone together otherwise tolerating mother and Sofia.. okay speak in a lower tone it’s not like that whatever mother says, I know she can’t live without me here comes your Friday guest is the tray ready? yes I’ll take it okay, give her tray to me thank you sister Fakhra everything is in it, right? okay, okay, thank you bye looks like Fakhra made it you know who has made it as soon as you put it inside your mouth, how do you know that? because we blind have an internal eye given to us by God why didn’t you come last Friday, Naseebo? I wasn’t feeling well what happened? I had a fever you should have told me,
I would have given you some medicine we are poor people sister, our sickness knows that it has to diminish without medicine sometimes it goes away, sometimes it takes us with it Naseebo all the things you say fly over my head eat and the money is also on the tray for God’s sake Naseebo sometimes it doesn’t seem… that you can’t see anything I’ll send some water, okay? greetings! how is my wife? I am completely fine, how about you? you sound like you’re in the mood yeah it’s like that on my day off okay tell me have the kids come back or not? no they are about to come, I’m going to stand by the door for when they come by the door, why? because it is your son’s wish that every Friday I should stand by the door oh, really! okay then, it is also the wish of your son’s father like father like son oh really! you answer me with metaphors and your son with love it is exactly like that I’m hanging up now, otherwise your son will be upset with me okay then okay bye! it’s okay, what happened? everything’s okay, everything’s okay what happened? deep breathes, deep breathes everything will be alright dear deep breaths one more, one more deep breaths good boy, breathe out and breathe in it’s over, it’s over good boy this boy scares the life out of me my dear child every moment you fight with your sister and now you only want her don’t tease my Raheem okay I won’t dear listen don’t send him to school tomorrow no, I want to go I have a test tomorrow I’ll take care of him, don’t you worry don’t tease my Raheem my beloved child such a grown-up you have become I love the both of you are you okay? are you sure? should I double check? you tease your sister so much and now you’re showing so much love thanks to the Lord lay down how are you Areeja? greetings auntie, I’m fine, how are you? so soon have you realized about my well-being I am very busy nowadays auntie, forgive me Damsa! Damsa! Damsa! oh God! What has happened, someone tell me someone tell me, where is my grand-daughter? mother, they took Damsa.. I’m dying, my child someone call Moosa my child, my beloved bring her some water leave me, they have taken my child my daughter is gone, my daughter is gone no! Damsa! Damsa! Damsa! someone call Moosa, someone call Moosa Areeja? Areeja? Raheem, Raheem, Raheem, what happened? Raheem where is your inhaler? where? In your bag? where is it? where is it? Raheem, nothing has happened to you, nothing has happened Raheem, open you mouth dear open it one more time close your mouth nothing has happened nothing has happened, you are fine everything is okay, nothing has happened to you Damsa! Where is Damsa? I was here Moosa, I was here I was standing here, I was standing right here that car came from there from where? Moosa see it I ran over there I ran towards it the car came from here and I went there they took her, they took Damsa, her hands were like this they took her Moosa, they took her away get up get up my dear, get up get up they took my daughter I saw them going from there they took her away If someone saw it, tell me they took my child what has happened? they took my daughter, Moosa Moosa I think you should go to the police station do something where is Raheem? I’ve laid him down in the room, he is very scared stay with him what will the police do? she is right police will do nothing if someone will do something then it is my Lord what are you doing dear?
I’ll take care of all this hmm tell me, did you have breakfast? I’m not hungry dad not hungry? what has happened to you? one shouldn’t stay hungry, come and have breakfast come on get up I’ll have it in a while, leave me alone for a while no dear.. child.. listen to what I have to say give me a little time, I’ll have it, please father please? hmm greetings yes sir what? oh my God! that’s very bad so… has he… left for home? okay I want you to take over… yes, yes, I’ll talk to him, in the evening I’ll talk to Moosa in the evening God! what happened dad? what happened dad? what should I tell you? you remember Moosa… his twelve year old daughter has been kidnapped oh no! listen dear.. there is so much sadness in this world if you look at the world’s sadness.. then maybe.. maybe it can lessen your sadness listen, how much longer it will take? this is not a railway station, it’s a police station wait for your turn, there is no given time here so what was I saying to you? whatever it takes do you even realize how worried we are? nobody comes here because of their own choosing whoever comes here is worried and because of everybody’s problem we are also very much strained so? you should be strained it is your duty, to protect us is your duty put your finger down do you know the consequences of pointing a finger at a policeman? I’ll lock you up in an instance that’s all you can do we are very worried, we are very worried miss take him away what is happening here? Why are you creating a ruckus? who are they? they are here about the girl’s case oh! So it is a fresh wound of-course it will hurt, have them seated in my office,
I’ll be right back take them to the office follow me to the office come on come on so miss tell me what happened? our child.. I asked the miss they have taken away our child hmm the case is critical what is her age? twelve years name? Damsa strange.. Damsa that is a unique name what was the color of the car? white did you note down the number? yes, that is the problem moments like these one shouldn’t scream and shout… in moments like these it’s more important to note down the number of the car rather than screaming and shouting you are right see, she is convinced by what I just said,
Nawazish! this calls for a cup of tea, bring me a cup sir, please, do something you have just filed a report shall I make the girl appear out of my pocket? look I know that you are tensed because of the situation but.. there are a fortunate few who get their daughters back by that I don’t mean that you won’t find your daughter but in situations like these often girls are kidnapped to get.. raped.. no, no, please, what are you saying? God forbid God forbid sir, God forbid what are you saying?
Nothing of the sort will happen to our child nothing of the sort will happen to our child you have made me emotional look you have just filed a report let me find her, as soon as I find something,
I’ll tell you about it both of you leave, I have much work to do, please at-least tell when should I come back? when we find out any news,
you’re the first person we’ll tell I have your phone number you have written it in the report, right? yes then we’ll tell you now go, I have other work to do God help me lets go come on oh God! oh God!
How my brother’s home has been ruined Moosa! What has happened? wait a minute but why are you upset with me? I am upset with no one,
I’m trying to send an urgent message I’m not being able to do so….
I am not upset I am upset with no one, why would I be? no brother, please don’t cry what should I do if not cry? be a man, be a man why? Don’t men cry? do men not have hearts? in our family men do not cry are they men or stones you have gone mad sit here if I didn’t cry… then he would’ve said that I didn’t feel any sadness and when I’ve cried he’s upset with me, I don’t understand them you’ve gone mad, go inside and give your sister-in-law strength I don’t want to meet her I enter this house only for my brother not that witch you want me to go give courage to the person because of whom I have to listen to taunts have you gone insane, calling her a witch you yourself are a witch, shame on you you are mad, she is your brother’s wife,
you should go and meet with her are you going or not? where will she be now? what will she be thinking? she must be crying who will calm her down? what must she be thinking? she must be thinking that where are we? Moosa she must be thinking of us right now,
she must be thinking where are we? Moosa why can’t we find her ourselves? why can’t we find her ourselves Moosa?
Why aren’t we going out to find her right now Moosa? I don’t know where she must be who were those people? where must they have taken her? they haven’t called yet they haven’t called yet, they just took her, they’ll call they’ll ask for money, they’ll call us, Moosa! yes
right? yes a phone call will come their phone call must come their phone call will come whatever sum they ask, I’ll sell myself to get it we’ll save Damsa, just pray that their phone call comes I hope their phone call comes I’ll bring back Damsa she’ll come back… their phone will come it will come, it will come it’s okay, it’s okay my child Moosa get up! get up!

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