Damsa Episode 11 | 24th December 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

come madam, you have come today after so many days Hi! I want to talk to you about something yes, go ahead if I’ll ask for your help about something, will you help me? absolutely, we are here to serve & help you see, I haven’t found my daughter till now but I want to know, who are these people who abduct the kids like this, from where they do this? & how? from where we can find them? look madam, the people whom we find out, they are kept in the prison and how is this possible, that the people about whom we know already & we leave them unattended this doesn’t happens madam….
we are sitting here to help you but you must be knowing something, how all this happens, from where they come if everything is known prior, then why will the kids gets abducted? whatever is our work, let us do it… you aren’t opening any research bureau though go to your home, serve your kids, husband & your parents we are here…
we’ll search for your daughter how do I not ask about anything? where is my daughter, and in what condition, I know nothing at least you tell me something, where are these people, how to find them hey! bring water for madam look madam… you are also like our sister we really don’t want you to come here time & again, and trouble yourself we are here, we’ll search for your daughter look madam… law is very powerful but these group people, they are… sometimes, they gets so powerful we’ll try to find your daughter shall I get you dropped at your house? thanks… yes, brother Rehman how did you call? a mother’s pulsation is crossing the limits…
I thought to inform you I’ve got two news recently, I guess we need to be more cautious tell the people in your surrounding, to keep their mouth shut the circumstances are not in the control, brother Rehman your mind is working so much, right? as far as the money will continue to come, then the mind will keep on working too stop it, stop it now… have some God’s fear shut the call brother Rehman… but what is this, Mr. Lawyer? this is Mr. Sohail’s will if this is Mr. Sohail’s will, then give it to his daughter… I’ve nothing to do with it one second, this… what is this?
40% shares…. he has transferred in your name but why did he transferred? the whole business, it’s of his daughter… how do I relate to it? he was an old friend of mine I don’t know, what was going on his mind in his last days may be, he knew he is about to die… he use to trust you so much that’s why he has transferred these shares in your name but trust doesn’t means that…. Moosa, Moosa… my boy…I don’t know maybe, he wanted you to stand with Saman OK, I’m leaving now stop it… yes here, stop child… do you have parents?
yes, tell me… child, do you have parents? yes where do they live? why shall I tell you? are they your real parents? yes alright, tell me… where do they live? mom, see… who this woman is hey, who are you? who are you?
get up from her, get up…now….listen to me you came here yesterday to eat our brain go from here, go… you come here daily you come daily, then eat our brains then she asks thousands of questions… now go… get lost go from here she comes her daily, to eat the brain.. crazy everyday she makes us crazy… thank you, take this… you may go now Oh! Oh! Hi! Hi! what happened to mom? she had a light fever in the morning, and we didn’t checked her properly now it has increased a lot if you are pointing towards me, then I must tell you, mom is your responsibility, not mine let’s go mom… let me take you to the doctor No son, nothing happened to me, I’ll be fine Areeja shall give me the medicine from home mom, I’ve just given you the medicine, I can’t give you so soon again alright, leave then… if she doesn’t gets well in some time, then we’ll take her to the hospital Moosa, what’s that in your hand? sweets… for what? I got the bonus &… along with that, as per Mr. Sohail’s will, he has made me the partner in his business that’s why I brought it for Rahim only really! congratulations, my Son may God bless you with more… Amen Areeja… won’t you congratulate your husband? Moosa… congratulations mom, let me go & make Rahim eat the sweets, it’s his favorite.. I’ll come to you in a while OK a wife’s happiness is always in his husband’s happiness only remember this, Areeja mom, let me check your fever again papa yes… today was a match at our school really!
who won? how many sixers & fours were made? two… one sixer & one fours wow! now, day after tomorrow will be finals I’m sure, my son will win the finals also, correct? where are you going, son?
listen! child, come here what are you doing this, son Rahim? dad, this the portion of Damsa’s sweet as she is not here, so I’ll make the birds eat this Damsa use to say, birds pray for us, after eating the food I’ll wake up early & ask them to pray for my Damsa, that she gets back soon we’ll find our Damsa, if God willing hey, are you people ready for morning, yes? I’ll be nearby to you people no one will think about any clever act
and don’t even dare to think about running away and whatever is taught, that needs to be said only…got it! yes? yes, OK yes, OK *sarcastic* you are a blind beggar, you won’t be able to run so far… why isn’t she opening her mouth? open your mouth yes, OK OK… hey Chotu! look if you’ll do good work, and will earn well… then aunty will give you 2 sweets will give them one sweet & 2 to you and we have to wake up early in the morning, tomorrow no need to do gossips at night on a single voice, all the children will standing, attention do you understand? now, eat the dinner quickly & go to sleep don’t you dare to make any plan in the night, alright? they keep on talking at all times, without even a single break… go to sleep quickly, after eating Areeja yes what are you thinking? I am not sleepy a lot had happened… Mr. Sohail had also died yes… you didn’t tell me, yes? about your promotion & partnership yes, I also got to know this all of a sudden Mr. Sohail had already made the letter, and has signed already just now madam Saman gave the information is she her daughter? yes she has come from abroad, divorced she had a child that also died her child died? yes you know, the pain of child is so much child’s pain… listen.. yes aren’t you happy? for what? about promotion & partnership… you know, Moosa I feel, till the time, we won’t get Damsa I won’t find happiness in anything may God be merciful… brother, those 8 new kids… they are on the ground now on the ground, you are saying as if… they have stepped in to play cricket so, brother… what else shall I say? alright, go ahead & say whatever you want to say haven’t you sent the three of them at the signal? No, brother no.. you had already told me, so I have sent them at the tomb keep them away from the city her mother is searching for her yes brother, Arif dumb has told me this is the same woman, whose daughter… dumb! yes, brother… no need to talk useless stuff also no news or talk, you won’t do without my permission alright brother this detailed tongue of yours, I’ll cut it & place it on your hand you’ll get dumb in real…
get lost and listen… keep an eye on that woman OK brother get lost! mamma! mamma…. mamma…. mamma! mamma…. mamma… she was my mamma… mamma! my mamma… mamma… mamma!
mamma! why didn’t you wake me up?
who dropped Rahim? I went to drop him I… please listen… don’t say that you haven’t recognized me… I’ve recognized alright, where are you going? why are you following me?
don’t you have any other work? I do have… but since you’ve got out of the house, you must be going somewhere look, stop roaming around me, else I’ll break your mouth hey… look here in what thoughts you are in? whatever you are thinking.. I know everything what are you doing? come on get up… go & beg she was my mother if she was mother, what shall I do then?
she went after leaving you she won’t be coming now, go & beg let me go to my mother… your mother came, and left you… she won’t be coming now… understand! come on stand up!… stand up… come you know, the kids who cry gets more alms come, come from here give me in the name of God give me in the name of God in the name of God!..
in the name of God in the name of God, my sister…
in the name of God, my sister in the name of God God!… God…
hey! are you doing some work or not? you are dieing? hey you blind?
did you earn anything?
you should also do some work hey good… wow! good you have earned the notes look at her, by saying you can get more money… understand! sitting quiet only come on get up, it’s time to go back.. hold her hand, as she can’t see have you become old?
don’t know how to walk? hey, bad face.. what have you earned?
only this, that’s it? why are you siting her closing your mouth?
open your mouth & beg tell me what you’ve earned? you keep sitting here quietly hey Pasha! come here… get him, the scoundrel you are so late today, I was so worried you could have called, if you were worried you could have also done that yes, I’ve to do everything what happened to Moosa?
how are you talking to me? when you feel like talking, then I shall talk and when I want to? what is this happening?
how are you talking to me? you’ve come late, you are making me worried & fighting with me what sort of impassive attitude is this? Areeja, nothing has happened to me you shall ask this question from yourself…that what has happened to you and if you feel, that I am that impassive person then do whatever you want to do what was the problem?
why have you come here? and why didn’t you sent her? I came here to talk about that only what has she done now? how many times I’ve told you, that the city in which the kid’s house is, e shouldn’t let them work in the same city she has seen her mother mother! yes mother hasn’t seen her, but she saw her & after that she shouted & screamed a lot has this happened for the first time? pray that, this happened for the last time what are you trying to say? look Rehman, as per your told me I sent her on the road but this is very dangerous…
that girl is of the same town some time will pass, and you’ll give her some time… then she’ll forget everything and her family will also forget her… are you understanding my point? look, presently don’t give her this road work… send her at the tomb do accept what I’m saying… you’ve become so wise I stay with you, so this much I could think for sure I won’t dig the hole in the same plate, from which I’m eating.. Rehman OK, stop it… I’ve accepted what you’ve said.. now go go now! give me pancake… there aren’t pancakes today, mom…
today are toasts how will I eat the toast? eat it please take this, mom you didn’t sleep? I’m not sleepy sit & have breakfast with us I’m not hungry who is it, who has taken away your hunger? don’t start this early morning, Sofia I’ve just asked a question… what’s there to get so much flared up? whatever you say, I really know.. why you say really! then tell me, what I want to say who is it, who came till the house? who is it, who follows you when you go for the hospital? Sofia! what are you saying, what is happening in my house? that’s what I’m asking… what’s happening here? don’t stare me like this answer me… I don’t feel appropriate to answer such shameless question it is shameless but it is the truth… will you make her quiet? or I… Areeja, no need to get so much flared up… answer her so that her mouth gets shut you are asking asking me to answer?
you are also asking me for an answer? what do you want to know? Areeja, I’m asking to answer her, not me… for God’s sake try to understand what I’m saying alright, then tell me.. the envelope which had came, what was in that? what is this happening?
you go & bring the envelope let me bring it envelope.. envelope alright Moosa, listen to me…
here it is take this… open it & check I’m fed up of all this… what is this? what is all this?
I haven’t ever seen this all my life…this is a lie OK, then what was inside this? this is a lie, hard core lie I’m saying since so long… she is having an affair somewhere Sofia! stay quiet, for a minute.. Areeja… child Areeja,,, at least you open your mouth what is this?
what is this issue? mom, this is a lie… I haven’t seen this ever in my life these are not mine alright I do accept that these are not yours, but tell me… what you’ve kept in this? in this… there were my hospital documents alright, the matter is over now No, no.. she is telling a lie, if there were hospital documents in this , then from where did this came? day before yesterday, that guy came till the house Sofia!… I don’t know what all of you are thinking neither I’ll answer these questions… do understand, whatever you want to I won’t give the testimony of my truth what is this all happening in my house?
I’m unable to understand anything what are you talking about, mom?
everything has been revealed if the person doesn’t understands, then it’s something different do more love marriages yesterday she was in love with my brother, & today is someone else stop this non-sense of yours these papers aren’t that important, due to which I ruin my relations with her, or doubt her after seeing & not believing is foolishness…
don’t be that blind in her love Sofia… Sofia! don’t be that angry Areeja, I know you are sincere… then Moosa… look, he also knows if he knows, then why he asked me all this? look, he trusts you.. don’t you worry about all this now then, in front of me.. look Areeja, leave this matter here now only just think, who is doing all this? Sofia is doing all this… that day, I saw her myself coming out of our room she was hiding some documents in her stole,
this is all her work, Areeja but she… No.. this is done by that person, who has returned me the documents what does it mean?
what are you saying? I won’t spare him my life has become a living hell already & then he… hey.. why you people are being dead now, come on.. don’t you have to go to work? aunty, she is suffering from very high fever she got the fever? hey princess, get up aunty, don’t take her like this aunty, I beg of you… I’ll go with you & Chotu will also come don’t take her hey, don’t pretend much.. I know everything this character girl.. get up.. get up now for work… today is a holiday many people come there, and a lot can be earned today
I can’t waste this day come on get up, hold her hand… get up she has fever *sarcastic* she is becoming a princess… you are beggar, mind it don’t show tantrums… come on, come I had already sent Chotu in the morning she doesn’t know anything, just pretending in front of me Hi! hi! is Ahsan here? Ahsan? Ahsan Ahmed who are you? I have an important work with him Ahsan went home, early today he has gone home… can I get his address? sorry this is not our policy…
we can’t give you anyone’s personal information please it was an important work, else I wouldn’t have asked you alright please, don’t tell anyone thank you.. thank you she has gone quickly
quickly.. what are you doing? hey, this is your baby?
what are you doing, hey listen hey listen hey listen to me hey girl…. what are you doing? will you get our business lower? aunty, this is her child it’s not hers anymore, it’s our gift now… you go & sit at the same place where i had asked you to sit look, how beautiful is the child look! Ouch! you are such a cheap but you can do such a cheap action, I couldn’t ever imagined… what does this mean? have you gone crazy? I’ve told you, to stop following me look, already so many problems are there at my house stop following me and stop these cheap acts… stop them I’ve just slapped you now I’ll ruin your condition


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