We all have a shadow a Figure within us we try to cover up That dark side of our personality Selfish Ruthless Cruel Egocentric We all have it Yes, even you You know you’re not that nice Tell me what are you hiding? Which mask are you wearing today? That nice version of you the person who wants to be liked the one who goes along Well what if I told you you can use your shadow to transform Go into the fear Embrace it channel it dance with it. Maybe even become it How limitless would your life be You’re a cunt Brian not me explain you’re weak and Your show and you and you want these people to like you and you’re telling me. I’m weak on that email Yeah, cuz you love me cuz you care absolutely. Thank you very much You have no idea how? limitless it is When you’re not afraid of what other people think or say and you can be more than you are if these little cunts think that you’re something now I see you a thousand times more see they have low standards these fucking weenies to watch this fucking thing I Don’t I know what you can be they think you’re a big fucking deal. I know you’re not and Down deep inside Brian you know that I’m closer to being right than they are Today I’m traveling back to the place when my life changed To see the man I hate My mentor damn Pena the 50 billion dollar man a figure born out of the wildest American dreams or nightmares His grandparents crossed the border illegally from Mexico His father was a cop but some say an assassin for the CIA a Gang grew up in the barrio of East Los Angeles when he learned the concept that will mark the rest of his life I’d rather be dead than poor Dan was always where the action was first the military next Wall Street, then the oil business You name it dan would seek it out and conquer He is rich arrogant controversial rude tonk violet politically incorrect a climate change denier at an early Trump supporter If you hate something in this world, it’s very possible that Dan embodies it His life is a constant adrenaline rush In 72 years he has amassed more money than he can spend in ten lifetimes These days he teaches people how to be just like him at his castle in Scotland He calls a qlae the quantum leap advantage His seven day seminar where he’s known to make grown men cry and Yes, he seriously has his own castle The truth is Dan changed my life But that was never supposed to happen And all you poor fuckers out there you know and We’re going to show that’s pan down That’s what Christmas is supposed to look like you poor fucks And there’s about 300 presents here if it’s not made right your Christmas doesn’t look like this My name is Brian rose, and I’m the founder and host of London real Every week I’d broadcast important stories curated from the greatest minds on the planet. I’m trying to make the world a better place Today I’m taking the same train that took two years ago what I decided to undertake an experiment To be mentored by Dan Pena I Recorded everything I Thought it would be amusing It wasn’t Dan stands for everything I hate that’s why I haven’t spoken to him in a year He only cares about one thing money In the last 20 years his mentees have created over fifty billion dollars of wealth The top performers get immortalized with their picture in his coveted Hall of Fame It’s the wet dream of every one of his minions that Wall represents everything that’s wrong with this world and now he wants to put me on it but I’m not a trophy We have a number of announcements who will be making this week But one of the most important is the inductee of a new a brand new Hall of Famer our very own And I might add the quickest to make it to the Hall of Fame since he attended the seminar And he’s very truly yours Brian Chu la Rose What’s happening here is that? I’m paying for my sins Because I introduced a vein into the world and made him the YouTube sensation I open Pandora’s box I Don’t probably go to hell for it Not long ago the act of putting on a suit made me feel sick It was a reminder of my past a memory of all the things I did wrong Back at the castle, it’s just as I remembered Everyone is walking on eggshells Putting on big smiles for the old man 23 years ago, I thought they’d be copying me in months and They’re still not copying me Nobody teaches it because none of the cocksuckers know how to do it Am I the greatest that ever lived you motherfucking right? I am I? Proved it to myself not that I needed any fucking validation now. I expect you to go out and put it into use I Demand and one of the reasons And I pointed at the Hall of Fame the reason those guys are up there and the gals is because they stayed focus longer Tonight’s a very special night because we’re going to have an inductee to the Hall of Fame But I was saving him for last He was here two years ago almost to the day Two years ago to the day The wealth the materialism the fake faces I know this world very well. I know our money and egotism will lead You know I have a bit of an interesting story I usually don’t share a lot on the show, but I think I’m gonna share it with you a little bit, okay You know I didn’t always spend my time speaking with interesting people like yourself I used to to work on Wall Street in Manhattan, and I was actually an engineer by trade And you could argue that I could have gone on and build you know domes at the Venus Project? But I went straight to Manhattan I was sold kind of this Bull Street dream and if you see these ultra rich pieces you’re constantly kind of advertised to and you just I don’t know I think it all came down to me when I got caught up in a Further wave of greed in the dot-com boom I saw the Trade Center come down in front of me I was living in the East Village And I must say that my my kind of capitalistic dreams definitely went to a place where I think that we should be doing something different I Was ashamed Couldn’t explain to myself how I ended up the typical greedy banker How could I spend ten years thinking only about me? Doing work, I hated only to have more money I’m supposed to be a good guy How did this happen I? just wanted more for Did that ever happen to you I Had everything I Had nothing I was disconnected from what made me human? Who could I blame? Was it advertising my upbringing the American dream? I? Couldn’t process it all so I began drinking myself to death Finally I had to admit it the Selfishness the arrogance the egotism were a part of me It was my fault that was a bad day But also the day my freedom began so I walked away from it all I Started London real In a desperate effort to purge myself of my sins And guess what it worked I Felt like I woke up from the nightmare I was doing something I love that’s just for the sake of it I don’t know good or bad people people are shaped by culture I started making real human connection And for the first time in my life people Like me question the nature of reality and what Marshall about Nikolas is a big Russian majority asking Instead of extracting value from the world I was adding value to it This world is a theater of experience. We are here to learn time to grow I Realized how toxic money it made, and I’m pure I felt without it because it’s extremely easy I think to be achievement focused so forward driving boom oriented What is challenging is having the proper balance of achievement and appreciation go figure? the banker is Delta hippy I Was thinking about what I want for living real, I don’t want to sell London real and make us both rich someday I want to be 70 and having cool guys. Sauce you know like that for me? This is the fun of doing this it’s like meeting cool people and doing what we’re doing Everything was awesome. I was the king the free content and then Came the email from Dan Pena at first I ignored him 50 billion was this guy was the total opposite of London real I’m not going back to the money. That’s everything I walked away from But persistence can be effective especially when you need a guest every week To this day. I don’t know exactly why but I finally accepted and invited Dan on the show Shall we do this absolutely okay here we go. This is London real my guest today is mr.. Dan Pena Who is an american-born businessman entrepreneur and mentor who lives in a castle in Scotland Daniel? You’re like a James Bond villain in that and you know you’re dressed for success I don’t know many people that can pull off a three-piece suit and a gold chain That’s fantastic. You are the author of the book your first 100 million, which you just gave me a copy Thank you very much. I guess that’s 100 million dollars correct, okay? What do you tell people that you do when they ask you? What do you say well the last 20 years? I’ve been a coach mentor high performance coach to Select few that really want to be all they can be let me ask you a question You know we’re very zen here on this show, and yeah. Yeah, we talk a lot. I’m here anyway. Yeah, you’re here Anyways exactly you know we like to shake it up here and try some different things Um what if I said to you you know okay? This guy is gonna be ultra successful. He’s gonna make a billion dollars What if I said Jan why does it matter what he makes? You know or well it doesn’t or my question is you know to you that is the ultimate metric of success no no Good money’s not the only thing in life but if the only thing anybody keeps track of as measurable economy since the Pharaohs Okay, size of the pyramids etc. Okay a metric you can keep direct, but what I give you Brian is the ability to? Have more choices. I have more. I’m just assuming I have more money than you so I’m Gonna say that I have a lot more choices than you do because you have more money than me if you want to send your kids to a Better school if you want to be able to take care of here your mother when she gets dementia if you want to this all takes money not Zen I Never paid a bill with Zen Then the unexpected happens People love dance Most of us go through life with our emergency brakes on then you release the brake What happens hmm? I? Get people to do that they think they’re impossible you come to me with your goals by the time you leave at the seventh day Your goals are a factor between five and a hundred times bigger You give me your business mile on 120 seconds, and I’ll tell you in 60 seconds whether it will work If it can’t work how to fix it or whether it is shit can it, okay? That’s your specialty correct, but you probably charge a lot of money for that Do you ever think to yourself and look in the mirror and when you’re in your castle, and you’re like you know what I need To get all rid of all this stuff I need people to meet me and not know that I’m you know Dan pena of the castle in my CV And I need people to tell me straight and be like who the hell is this guy and I have to you know start over Again, do you ever think that that would be the owner the ultimate challenges no, but I’ve got a better challenge bringing twenty five thousand people across the goal-line That should be living in a homeless shelter It’s much more satisfying than that and it made me think You could whip me into shape. Yeah, you think you be a tough sled, but like Atlas, Shrugged You’re not pushing that why would I be tough? Do you know because you’re You my set in my ways no no no no it’s your age. You can’t be set in your ways Okay, and my invite comfort zone too much. Oh, that’s probably. I don’t know you well enough, but that could be it Okay, you seem to enjoy what you do or you got a pretty good act stick about it so okay, but There there will be a life beyond London real yes there probably well. I’m sure you’re too young yeah. I don’t think you can do London We oh you go until you’re 55 or 60. It’s not likely This is good. Come on. Yeah. Yeah, give me a few minutes pretty calm no No once I get you to release your emergency brake Brian Then you’ll be carried out now. We’re standing dears. Yeah, you know you think the Zen is hurting me No, no, no, it’s where you got is where he’s supposed to be today Dan you are an original you are a unique gentleman, thanks for coming here and telling us about yourself I asked you some hard questions And I appreciate your answer right now my pleasure and I wish everybody in the audience all the luck and good fortune they earn and to your quantum leaps in life and business Fantastic as we’ve seen on London real. It’s about the journey You’ve had a fantastic one, and I wish you well on your future one. Thank you very much. I appreciate it very much Thanks, Dan today My hour-and-a-half here with Dan at the end left me feeling very strange. I felt like I had actually been on a psychedelic adventure into the depths and horrors of Capitalism and egoism, and I didn’t know what quite to thinking and I went home that night And I really I felt like you know I just had some psilocybin or ayahuasca I didn’t know what to think you know and I And I think part of the reason it struck me so much is because what I see and Dan is a lot of what I? used to be and what I still AM and You know the more. I think about it. Maybe there’s a way we can all coexist Here I am back in the same place I was two years ago It’s strange how everything has changed and yet this place remains exactly the same How does someone go from East LA to this They say that you can learn a lot about a man by looking at his home At what he chooses to show you That what he keeps locked away Who wants to live in a castle anyway is this what happens when you dream from the body open? Yet, I can’t deny that it’s an effective symbol To prove to dance followers his now infamous slogan Yesterday’s dreams are today’s reality Great to have you back good season. See you nice to be back in good 3castle. Yeah well I mean it’s a very special place, too. I’m gonna show you around yeah That is me and that’s how I used to strut around in stage in the boots. Yep. I’ve still got those boots Life’s a motherfucker and sensitivity equals poverty Sensitivity equals poverty, and I got a little dance I do Is this you with the bowler hat yeah, I used to wear a bowler and Carry a Brawley, that’s a big smile there. That was happy ten million pounds that was about twenty million bucks And what is this phase in your life, so you had you’ve grown tired of golf. I had made a lot of money on board He was still alive, but then I jumped on him with a big knife and He killed it. We want to jump on him from the back not the front Because in the front. I mean they do a lot of fucking damage to those claws I’m not afraid, and you lose your fear you lose your adrenaline. I could kill people I’m no put me unless I get no I have no hesitation whatsoever about that My goal is I want to go on the highest bungee in the world But I got to get my other knee fixed and the reason I’m getting my knees replaced is I want to climb, Kilimanjaro And I’d like to climb Everest performed I die And what are you waiting for maybe you can ask your mama? Tell the kids mostly this should go to a gun store and eat it This used to be a live grenade but we made it unlive when we came here because you can’t bring shit like that in Britain I Drive none of them. I haven’t driven in over 20 years, but I’ve had a rolls since I’m 26 years old And so didn’t you tell me that you want to be up here at the apocalypse that’s right the fuck We’re gonna stack up the have-nots when it comes to the hands against the have-nots, which it’s gonna Do we’re gonna stack up dead bodies – right here, right? Here we’re gonna shoot him down like a fucking dogs that they are Dan made me do a lot of thinking after that first show I saw a lot of darkness in him, but also some light He gave me a piece of his mind about me, and he was like you know yeah I think you’re Zen Brian and you know sooner or later you’re gonna have to pay the bills and I don’t know what you’re doing here with this podcast but You’re gonna have to straighten up fly right take care of business Then came his dinner invitation to the Ritz That’s why I put on a suit in time for the first time in years It brought mariana 2e to the swankiest Hotel in London After dinner Dan said Brian I’m going to change your life, but you must come to my seven-day seminar Everything inside me told me to say no so I looked in straight in the eye and Said yes The week before the castle seminar Everything my life went wrong It was as if the universe was conspiring against me I Had every excuse to cancel my trip to go see Dan in Scotland This is called resistance a Universal force that will stop an individual from changing by any means necessary And it’s proportional to the magnitude of the change one wants to make The truth is I was scared scared of losing all the beauty I had found in myself Scared of going back to the money and the man I was before But all growth begins with fear And I knew that damn was the only option I had So I boarded that train and made the journey Ready to leave on a moment’s notice that the old man tried to push me too far This is London real I am Brian rose we have a special edition I am attending this very same QL a mentoring program starting in two days It’s been six months Dan since we sat down and talked to to each other so much has changed I’ve changed look. I’m wearing a suit now. I’m in a castle interviewing you I’ve noticed And you said you used to do webinars, and this kind of thing, but now you want people that are committed They’re gonna pay the price literally and figuratively they’re gonna come up to here for a week This is no joke to get up here to Scotland and they’re gonna get away from their comfort zone get away from their family I mean, this is a bit like seal training right you’re stripping them down cutting off communication and Now you want to put them through the ringer you want to break them down is that what’s going on exactly a lot of you Are here is how do I get the fucking money? That’s the only thing they don’t care about dan pania qlae anybody. Okay? How do I get the fucking money? Okay? I? Hear that all that’s okay Well you get to hide you get the fucking money about the end of the third day of the beginning of the fourth day okay, so I should stay for that yeah yeah different, but it’s The reason why you haven’t gotten the fucking money is that what the first three days are all about So just so people know the detailed information I broke down Everything going on my business with my personal life. I took the success test I took a psychology test that basically I think it’s trying to break down my own barriers How I limit myself correct own self-esteem issues other people in my life bringing me down including my wife or girlfriend or my parents or my kids or Absolutely, and it was interesting because I wasn’t expecting some of these question correct Okay, and because as I said on the first time you interviewed me. We have two bank accounts and life We have an emotional bank account the financial bank account and the reason our financial bank account isn’t where we necessarily want it to be Is because of our emotional bank account those first few days, what would have been the reactions from people? Do you get people that want to leave? Do you get people that want to cry? We’ve had people pass out a partner in the big four accounting form shit his pants The person that passed that was a psychiatrist why would they I mean they just did okay? Just this dress. Okay, this dress because I push a lot of buttons Jesus as anyone ever said fuck you Dan pain Yeah, I’m walking out the door No, I’ve thrown a couple out but nobody’s ever said that I’ll be the first if I walk yeah Yeah, if you walk you’ll be well You’d be the there be plenty of cunts here, but you may be the first cunt to walk out Why is this important you’d my mentor Why not be out there and be? Alan sugaring why not be trumping why not be doing these things where these guys want to get more wealth they want to do more Accomplishments they want to show the because when I took 820 bucks and turned it into four hundred and fifty million in eight years in a declining market I Realize and kids you’re not gonna believe this or understand it it ain’t that hard It just ain’t that hard I know that If I and impact you guys I’ve already impacted you when I impact you more You will be a great collaborator for Qlae because you have a big following so I will be a shining example of the wonders of QLS correct you can If I can do it with you I can do with anything now. Let me ask this question now last time I had the interview with you We turn the cameras off we went outside you were saying I’m gonna change your life, Ryan Rose You also told me that you have a glow about you, and I was like I do yeah I know you need to do and we’ll get to that later And I got home and I was like I felt like I had drank ayahuasca I called the de penas qey because like my brain hurt and part of me says Fuck Dan and part of me says all right we got to keep talking to Dan and I was very hard to process you and Some one part of me say that the rational engineer side says this and I’ll be straight with you. It says look This is Dan’s game he says you know something’s wrong with you because you could be more successful okay that applies to 98% of the world who’s realistic with themselves I Know what’s wrong with you if you listen to me You’ll be more successful And if you don’t you’re an idiot like I thought you were so by definition you all right and everyone wrong Yeah, is that right what I said yes Absolutely so there isn’t this just a doesn’t this just a con. No, that’s not a kind of the truth You call it what you call it what you want, but that means you always win. There’s no argument against well No, I only don’t win if you quit Okay again that oh, and I take that personally when somebody quick. I’ve never given up on a mentee in 21 years I look forward to this week all right, okay? I Don’t say good morning when you say good morning in the military you say yeah, good morning, Tony, and he’d say Have you been checking with my wife have you fucked my daughter in the mouth No matter how you answered your fuck so whenever somebody says good morning to me. I have these flashbacks This is you the room and this is you youtubers pay attention youtubers your fucking cunt you stand around and watch all the Opportunities go by they sit there they sit there They all get ready first get ready first getting ready Rick’s getting ready Oh, maybe maybe the next one maybe the next one. Maybe then there’s no fuss no no I’m tired down maybe the next one maybe the next one and And there comes somebody like me just jumps on the fucker and eats it Maybe the next one ready Once you become fearless life becomes limitless the Difference between me and everybody in this room is I have no fear of anything Now just imagine a few fucking miserable cunts died tonight The regrets you’re carrying to the grave. I wish up I could up. I fucking shut up. I kind of feel like Charlie Sheen in the movie Apocalypse Now as if I’ve been going up the river And I’ve been taking the train up through England for six hours to get to the castle and I’ve been reading the qlae emails and newsletters and listening to the podcasts of Colonel Kurtz also known as dan pania and My mission has been to come up here to kill him Just like in the movie and now that I’m here. I want to join him. I’m high on life. I don’t need The MTR, Iowa vodka wide and that’s all horseshit. Those are for users This is all about your legacy, it’s all about what Dan’s left on the world correct. That’s important to you Yeah, it is honest about yep. I am and I’m selfish about it. Okay Yes, and I tell people one of the things that you need to do And I’m stealing my thunder is you need to be more surface me you as an individual because you can’t love Somebody or love what you’re doing once you love yourself The biggest difference between me and the people in this room as I take responsibility for my actions And I don’t blame them on other people And that’s tough even when I make a mistake Which is rare, but early in my Crimean a lot of them? Yes, I’m wearing a suit and tie I’m sure you’ve never seen me She one of these videos dressed like this it kind of makes you confront things about yourself that you might really not want to talk about or even think about and it’s a something that we all try to ignore and sometimes we distract ourselves with Media and the internet, and we don’t ever really look at depot get ourselves When I say I’m gonna fuck you up I Mean, I’m gonna fuck you up. I’m gonna kill your children your grandchildren your goldfish and everybody in your extended family People believe me Of course that’s all myth That’s all myth I want to hit a few people with some lines that I just wrote down while I was I was listening Dreams into reality through discipline When value as clear decisions are easy? Everyday as a test. Did you pass? If your friends and family don’t think you’re nuts you’re not doing the right thing amen Procrastination is an excuse not to take action Because if you’re waiting for the perfect scenario it will never come I commit and sacrifice one year I mentor you for free for Fucking free the 12 months of beaten by me for free everyone. That’s jealous of me here for this week at the castle seminar I’m gonna have Dan Pena on my ass for the next year Wondering why I took an hour off to take my daughter to I scrub I know no I’m gonna give Mickey making to give me two lists one list your goals intermediate Short-term long-term goals okay both in personal and business, then you put another list together And this is a good exercise for you guys to do you put another list together, and you say Who you met with from Sunday midnight Till Saturday midnight for one week now you put a number by every fucking person that you email Skype fucked tweet fucked link fucked and Which one of your goals on this other side of the paper? They have anything to do with? You will be staggered stunned Gobsmacked awestruck how much time you’re wasting with people that have no No business being in your life to attain your goals caressing Okay, hanging out with losers show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future There was so much new information in my brain. I was learning at a rate. I wasn’t accustomed to American symbols of manhood we’ve gone from the on the left the GI to now use snowflakes We’ve gone from the generation who saved the world which was my father was part of to now You have any idea how embarrassing that is is someone like myself? When I hear boot camp I get sick because you Cocksuckers and the cocksuckers on the fuckin the youtubes don’t wouldn’t know a boot camp of a bitch in the dick or the vagina And if I thought you were asleep or nothing And then you never close your eyes again the rest of the fucking week You want to take the easy way out because you think in life, it’s a journey that Is horseshit Life’s a journey if you’re a moron and you’re retarded That’s why you’re not so that’s what you’ve done with the life up here too far It’s been a journey and how good is the fucking journey you tell me? Once you have lied to have a template After the fifth day I hit the hard wall of reality I went back to my room and laid down on the floor in the dark I Thought What have I been doing with my life? Why was that living in fear scared of my own self? And then something clicked How happy will my friends and family be if they can see me truly living my passion how limitless could London real be if We have income a team and the resources to take our message to the worlds Political correctness is nothing more than a manifestation of a lack of fucking self-esteem Because you can’t all want everybody to love you. I don’t want anybody to love me. I don’t want anybody to even fucking like me Made us all take a long deep hard look at ourselves and ask us it has we’ve just been making excuses because we’re not prepared to compete have we’ve been making excuses about our lives because we fear what we might not accomplish and you know it’s made me ask a lot of questions about myself and It’s gonna. It’s gonna be interesting to see the changes. I make when I get back home We are in the trophy room at Guthrie castle I’m here with mr.. Dan Pena surrounded by some of the animals that were Unfortunate enough to meet him you know when I met you seven eight months ago I was telling some of the guys here the story I had mixed feelings about Dan and I think part of that came down to me In a way, I could be wrong, but hiding hiding from my own potential yes And he’s got a big potential you know I’m gonna bone smoke I don’t have to blow smoke, but he’s a smart young guy. You know you don’t probably think he’s young to me You’re a kid. You know I got you these shoes. I’m wearing these wingtips are older than you you know, and he’s a smart kid a He’s accomplished a lot. He’s got a great fucking platform a great fucking platform And he can do a lot more with it And I think it’s easy for me to create lots of subconscious dialogues and narratives in my head, Oh Dan It’s all about the box Dan’s unhappy blah blah blah blah blah and so Am I happy uh? Yeah? I I you’re dan is what you are. Okay, so I do think you are I don’t know what that means I think you are in the moments, and you are loved you love what you do pretty much 24/7 Yes what I think you do and I do it 24/7 and yeah the morning comes and the money is a way of Rewarding yourself in a way of keeping track, but it seems like there’s more going on here than just getting the cash It’s it’s being all you can be I believe you know whether you don’t believe in a higher power Buddha Allah God whatever you want to call it I believe we were put on this planet However, we got here either through evolution or by somebody went like this because we were supposed to be all we can be and we are Undeveloped the man’s greatest burden is unfulfilled potential Okay, and if anybody on this Watching this thing Can tell me that he’s anywhere near his potential. I will jump off the fucking Tower I mean with his hand on his heart and really believe it. I mean because you’re not I mean we have so much more within us And if we’re doing something we love and I recommend it when dance it recommends Or suggestion means it really means listen moron fucking get off your dead ass take you know and and and change your Your attitude if you’re not doing something you love and you don’t have passion. That’s why you’re tired That’s why you need brakes on the weekend. That’s why you need a holiday time because you’re not doing what you love and I love this and for the last 21 years this has been my passion and the Most people are live living quiet lives of desperation I hate to tell you or as the Brits say I don’t like to tell you, but that’s the truth, and if you think any different you’re fooling yourself As soon as I got back to London pulled the trigger London real is going big and things need to change I created our first product the London real Academy a community and learning platform for our supporters It wasn’t perfect but perfection is paralysis Surprisingly people loved it after years of free content London reelers wanted to give us something back It was such a strange feeling receiving money from doing something you love Getting paid to provide value to others But I feared so much turned out not to be true I Finally understood that making money is not bad People pay you when your ideas are worth something It’s a vote with their credit cards So we invested the cash behind me. It’s where I’ve shot almost 300 interviews. I remember very distinctly Building this desk, but it’s time to move on. It’s time to kill your darlings We’re gonna be having the new set which is gonna be behind me here And we’re gonna go to a new chapter, and it might be the wrong move But at least I’m making a move change is good and change is good Breathe deeply and everything’s gonna be okay peace First step trust for success filled the studio of the same caliber as my guests Second step higher your drinking. I’m not solo anymore Then I had another idea Why don’t we teach all the things I learned in the process? The knowledge we got from our failures and successes our accelerators were born We even did our first event with guess who Most people love to New London real, but we also received some hate and lost a few Some people just don’t like to see you change But if you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen Then I said in 12 months, I don’t want to recognize, London Rio or Brian Rose anymore And one year later it happens I couldn’t And this is where I do my work from this is where I stood I believed and when I had my My come-to-jesus moment correct, and you didn’t want to sit down. I didn’t let you sit down He said I rather stand you had notes. Did you know that was gonna happen? Yeah? Yeah
Yeah Because I could tell from in the seminar the one slide that it was like you’re a light bulb went off in your head there was one slide and there was two parts of it one had a bunch of dots and one had a bunch of dots that were connected and Most of the kids they’re watching this and will listen to this have read books podcasts, audio yeah They’ve got tons and tons and tons of information you call it content But the only way you can connect the dots is by taking action and pulling the trigger once an engineer gets it Because of the way their brains been trained Then you set up. I don’t know you set up a system a process and a procedure to follow But to your credit, or discredit depending on how you want to look at it You knew what you were doing right and what you were doing wrong? Before you fucking ever got here But I’m the guy that points it out in a fairly irreverent manner because unfortunately You will hurt people’s feelings and mostly the people That you are closest to if love got the job done, and I mean now listen up youtubers and London wheelers It said if fucking love got the job done Why is the world so? fucked up Can you tell me about the frogs behind you and why and Fraud cufflinks, and as you’re tying up frogs and frogs time Because I learned and I’ve got frogs everywhere and I mean even my thank-you notes Napkins have frogs because the I rely learned coasters the carpet underneath that table Because I learned that life is a numbers game You got to turn over a lot of rocks to find something worth a damn, and you got to kiss a lot of frogs Hoping that one’s gonna become a prince my frog um. Yeah. Well you were a frog yeah, you weren’t Here I am in Australia and that’s about 30 meters my guide who had the camera I’ve got a 306 up to my shoulder and I said I don’t want to shoot him well Dan We better do something because he’s gonna charge Why didn’t you want to shoot him because I just looked in his eyes, and I felt sorry for him But I couldn’t shoot him. I just couldn’t get had enough you shot. Yeah I had a few more after that, but that was the beginning of the end of me killing animals This is selling our room That has become famous now Everybody on this wall Either directly or indirectly influenced me and the kids Often ask why is Adolf Hitler there? Why is Stalin there Hitler Posts being in the trenches of World War one where it was a corporal his goal was to be Chancellor of Germany Now from a twenty-year-old corporal in the trenches of World War one to be the Chancellor of Germany is pretty fucking Bodacious but is it more or less bodacious than a rock Barack Obama is saying he’s going to be The first black president of the United States when he was smoking weed in college Not everybody on that wall Was an angel and we have dr. Oppenheimer the father That’s it right. There were your fingers the father of the atomic bomb You know a lot of people who say the atomic bomb shouldn’t happen Yada-yada if Oppenheimer had done such a good job, and when they killed all those poor people in Japan And he’s only three down from Walt Disney You know who hardly anybody says anything bad about him Roy Disney Walt’s brother Arguably the brains behind Disney Is the one that taught me when value is clear? decisions are easy being a high-performance person doesn’t mean you a good guy or A nice guy, and if you go back to the derivative of the word nice it means jerk Retarded idiot go back and Google it This is you in East LA in 1993 standing in front of the lot they used to be my house But they tore it down because it became a crack house And you can tell just by the size from the the wall to the fans How little of the house was and you button your top button like a proper cholo exactly, that’s exactly right? This is the Hall of Fame There’s two ways to get on one influence a whole bunch of people in a positive manner ie you? The other way is to create billions or hundreds of millions But those people appear that have created 50 50 million by the way your picture is going right here. That’s me no It’s gonna be right here big one that oh well Maybe we’ll put the big one a lot of kids look up to you so I mean you have an important Place because the kids listen you know whether they take action or not, that’s a whole other yeah And it’s hard to get people to take action, and it can be frustrating and you know that more than anyone, so yeah So that’s the wall of fame And if I see if I stay in good stance I stay off the wall of shame yeah Those are for the people that have messed things up they took they went bridge too far Right so that’s always a good reminder as well Yeah, because again. You always say ethical moral illegal yeah, and you always have been about that Yep, absolutely right and a part of it is you know why am I so honest? You know if you go went to the seminar. My dad. I stole a golf club for to a $2.50 golf club at a big five department store and unfortunately my dad was with me, and they caught me and he gave me a fuckin beatin I mean like you like in a goddamn horror movie and Now if I see Brian I don’t know Brian and a 20 pound note falls out of his pocket I’ll chase him down for ten miles Oh sir sir, so you didn’t you drop this and that’s you know he taught me a lesson. I’ll never forget well Can we can we finish on that because cuz Manny 90 year old picture of him he’s down there? And let’s be honest. He was probably your biggest influence there. Yep and in a strange way You know in a weird way. He is responsible for creating. No these 50 billions You know because of those hard lessons And I know you had a bunch of those lessons and again with honesty that could have derailed so many different things and yet Thanks to your father that kept you on correct. Yeah Well, thank you, and that’s true and that’s true, but at the time. I mean, it’s just I close my eyes, and I can still remember the some of those episodes I I never did drugs and people say well. How could you not do drugs in the 60s? I? Didn’t and the reason I didn’t do drugs is that? My father sat me down when I was about your age 15 he took a loaded revolver 38, and he put it to my head with a hammer back and put it to my temple and He said that there’s only one cure for motherfucking drugs, and that’s a motherfucking bullet and your motherfucking head And I’m the motherfucking little put it there And my mother’s screaming and crying Manny Manny Manny you might pull the trigger by accident, and he says It won’t be by accident Luckily Dan had another important figure in his life aimy aimy a– his mother She wanted him to be the best To have a better life than she had So she followed the experts and made it her only mission This is the book my mother read in 1946 and it says all the things to do and not do for a kid and Almost everybody when I go around the seminar room their parents did almost none of them in Fact they did the antithesis of them But my mother this was her Bible This was her Bible. She never told me no she Figured out a way to Encourage me not to do it without telling me no because this book says there’s no such thing as constructive criticism all criticism will be will resonate with you as destructive she wanted me to have the the accoutrements of a upper level family as opposed to the body aware where I was raised and Then the last thing is she she pressured my father to move away from East, LA To a house we could not afford Because because the trouble that I got in Was pretty fucking horrific you know when you drop and you try to kill your fucking fifth grade teacher You know I didn’t think about I didn’t think I was going to kill him by dropping an aquarium that Waited about 40 pounds from two stories up and hitting them, and if he hadn’t moved about four or five inches And it hit him in the head he’d be dead I wouldn’t be here As I continue building London real as soon realized I had a problem Turning your passion into a business is much harder than it looks When I was a banker all I had to do was get the deals done That was easy broadcasting was much more complicated It forced me to ask hard questions How am I going to keep my message to chew and still earn money Why am I doing this to help millions of people change their lives or to make billions of dollars I? Struggled to see how I could do both at the same time I found myself in a dangerous game of dancing with my shadow One false move and my entire ethos goes out the window And along with it London real And there was another big problem dan and his one year of free mentorship Constant supervised stress If somebody had a gun to your daughter’s hit it said Brian we need results out of the reelers We think a lot differently about it So I put a lot of pressure on the kids to perform because I know they can perform. I Want results I? Wrote results for you more than you once Could I know what you’re capable of if you want a friend buy a fucking dog I? Had enough no more mentoring No more qlae no more damn, Vania I quit He’s driving me insane He wanted more more MORE It’s never enough for the old man He’s going to destroy everything I created I am NOT campaign, yeah He just wants London real to be another one of his businesses Another trophy But damn Pena never quits When I tell you I’m gonna do something I fuckin mean it I also when I say I’m gonna fuck you up I mean it. I’m just having words flap through my lips Because that’s the background that come from That’s just it When I was at your birthday We exchanged words after Gabi gave a speech, and I said Dan you’re out of line, and you said Brian you’re too sensitive And sometimes we exchanged emails, and I’m like why does Dan have to be such a cunt Why does he have to push it why does he have to always want our no. I’m being just the opposite of a cunt You’re not the old end of shit though who gives a fuck But won’t you and the cards most the time you are not a fart in the wind Okay, folks looks like we have a proper fight on our hands It’s getting nasty between Brian rose and Dan paying to the fifty billion dollar, man Who’s gonna? Win who’s gonna lose to watch the second half of this film go to London real TV forward slash Pena or click on the link below You can watch the second half of the film you can find out how this plays out who wins who loses? you can also see the awards ceremony for my qlae Hall of Fame Award you see Dan’s speech my speech and you find out how our Relationship plays out and you even get a sneak peek into London reels brand new world headquarters Plus I’ve got five hours of additional never-before-seen footage And it’s Dan walking you through a tour of good free castle then he takes us into his wall of Influencers and goes through all the members on the hall of fame, then we go to the trophy room and finally I have a two-hour sit-down interview with Dan at Guthrie castle none of this has ever been seen before So to watch all of that and the second half of Dan pania the fifty billion dollar man for free go to London real TV /pan yeah, and I will see you there


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