Dana Hall Middle School

(upbeat guitar music) – [Teacher] Walking into
a classroom of only girls, you sense a difference in the sound. They just love to ask questions and build upon one another’s ideas. – [Student] We like to learn. We’re very curious. If you wanna be in a group
with someone for a project, they’ll always say yes. – [Teacher] We can put
just about any project or problem in front of our students, and they will dive into
it with enthusiasm. – [Student] Always try new
things, try new sports, put yourself out there. – [Student] People like
you for who you are. – [Student] We’re aware that we’re all not the same people, but we can
fit together really nicely. – [Teacher] Everywhere you look, leadership is conducted by girls. – [Teacher] As Middle School girls looking at the Upper School girls, those slightly older
peers become role models. When they can see that and
they can see a huge range of examples of what that
next thing might be, that is really powerful.

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