Dance Moms – Season 2 Episode 10 – Miami Heat Wave – Todrick Hall & Mike Munich Recap

Hey, everybody. It’s Todrick. Thank you so much for coming
back to yet another week of Dance Moms recap. This week we have one of the
most successful people we’ve ever had on the show. He’s danced for Gaga, Adam
Lambert, Kylie Minogue, Kesha. He’s even been on Glee. And his name is the wonderful,
the talented, the one and only Mike Munich. MIKE MUNICH: Hey guys. How’s it going? TODRICK: Mike is the He was on Dance Moms
last season. And he choreographed
a solo for Paige. How was that? MIKE MUNICH: It was good. It was quick. It was rushed. I felt bad that I didn’t have
more time to work with her, but I think she pulled
it together. TODRICK: OK, so first of all,
this week Maddie is back at the top of the pyramid. ALL: Go Maddie. TODRICK: Holly got upset this
week, and caused this big controversy. And she quit and walked out and
said she’s never coming back again. MIKE MUNICH: They
left the studio. TODRICK: Which is awkward
when you leave and then you do come back. MIKE MUNICH: Which they did. Well, I think tensions
were high. And they were stressed out. And arguments happen. And that Abby was very forgiving
and very gracious. TODRICK: That was nice of her. Anyway, so this week they’re
doing a beach number, because they’re going to Miami. And I was so stoked to see this
beach number that they were doing. And it was kind of fun. And kind of cruise ship-y
a little bit. MIKE MUNICH: It was cute. TODRICK: They also had
a trio that was Chloe, Maddie, and Paige. But we didn’t know if Paige was
going to be able to do it, because she had warts
on her feet that she had to go get removed. MIKE MUNICH: That they had
burned off during episode. Backstage, Abby had to ask her
point blank, are you going to be able to do this
number Paige? And her only answer
was, I think so. I think I can do it
Bless her heart. And she did. TODRICK: The trio
placed second. Their group number with the
beach placed third. And then they didn’t
win first place. But it was a really difficult
competition. Kudos to them for even placing
in such a huge competition. In the solo categories, Chloe
had a solo, Maddie had a solo. And this week– ALL: Nia had a solo. TODRICK: And Nia goes out to
perform her solo, and, literally, she just blanked. She was like on the ground
like this and then she was like– [OMINOUS MUSIC PLAYING] MIKE MUNICH: She ran off. TODRICK: Her mom went and talked
to the people at the competition. They let her perform her
competition piece again. And lo and behold, she
came in third place. So go Nia. MIKE MUNICH: You better
get it, Nia. TODRICK: But next week, don’t
forget you’re routine. Anyway, Chloe came in second,
even though her turns were a little bit wobbly, wobbly. Didn’t you think? MIKE MUNICH: Yeah, they were
a little questionable. TODRICK: It was very
questionable. MIKE MUNICH: There was
lots of hoppy in it. I think she was dizzy, because
she was changing directions a lot. TODRICK: And, of course, who
came in first place? MIKE MUNICH: Maddie
came in first. TODRICK: Yes, she did. MIKE MUNICH: That’s why
she’s on the top of that pyramid, honey. TODRICK: All right
everybody, thank you so much for watching. I’m Todrick. MIKE MUNICH: I’m Mike. TODRICK: [SINGING] And you’re watching FYI. Peace.


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