Dance Moms: Season 8’s Mamas Bring the Drama | Lifetime

I’m proud of all
of you, but I’m not proud of all of your mothers. I think my mom and Abby have
a off-and-on relationship. Depends on the day. She needs to toughen
up, and so do you. You’re a grown up, so grow up. My mom and Abby, let’s
just say butt heads a lot. Your kid doesn’t
have a chance. She sucks. Wake up, Michelle. Wake up. SARAH: I feel like
my mom and Abby have a love-hate
relationship, because I think Abby likes my mom as a person. I don’t think she likes
her as a dance mom though. I feel like the only thing
that my mom has disagreed on was doing a bunch
of acro pieces. I don’t know about
the acro anymore. Well, you don’t know about
a lot of things anymore, and you probably never did. I don’t need to deal
with some unhappy disgruntled mother about an
acro solo, for god sakes. Those days are over, Stacy. Over. Other than that, I feel like
they’ve got along pretty well, but not the moms– do not get along with the moms. I don’t want to
really hear that. Oh, Lily’s lucky to dance? Why? You’re all lucky to dance. This is supposed
to be a fresh start. It’s a fresh start
for all of you guys. It’s not a fresh start for her. It was supposed to be a
fresh start for you too, but it seems like you
keep revisiting the past. They all earned a
spot in the room. What they do with it from this
point forward is up to them. Correct. She said we were all earning
our place on the team, and we had to work
for it every week. Sarah will take any dance
you want to give her, whatever style you want
to give her, any week. Yeah. And that’s how we
were second week too, but we’re on week, like, 100. Maybe you’re too
bitter to be here. ABBY LEE: Enough. If one person says
one thing that’s mean, it’s like, phh, explosion. You’re a liar,
you’re cocky, and you’re a horrible team player. You’re the one who brought
up the word “jealous.” That was you. You did it to yourself. If everyone just
kind of, like, took it, and they were like,
eh, go in one ear, out the other, then
nothing would ever happen. But that doesn’t happen. The moms are
crazy, I would say. I do not appreciate it that
you came after me and my kid right before she went onstage.
MOM: Nobody came after your kid. You know what? I would think you would know
more, being a studio owner, but I guess you do not. [hums] You’re next. You’re a bitch. My mom fights sometimes, but
not as much as the other moms. I’m sorry that I cry. All I can do is say I’m sorry. And I’m going to cry again. I am a cryer. There’s nothing I
can do about it. Abby can call me
whatever she wants. You guys can say
whatever you want. It’s just who I am. Usually, they’re talking about
stuff or getting in fights. I don’t know. I totally wouldn’t do
anything to your daughter. But you are right now, because
you won’t shut your mouth. You are a pathetic mother,
if you’re going to do this in front of the kids. Go away. She’s not been putting it. What are you–
you’re delusional! I heard that because of
you, that’s why Gia’s stint on Broadway got cut short. It was not because of me. That’s what I heard. Because you are
difficult to work with. I was not difficult. You are difficult
to work with. Look at what’s going on here.
– Please. Please. That’s for real. If you want to twist some
words, I’ll twist your words, and I’ll shove them
right down your throat. Yeah, all right. Sit there and
look pretty, girls. MOM: Wow.
– Sit there and look pretty. You know, the moms
are kind of cuckoo.


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