Dance Moms: The Dancers STAND BY SARAH Through the DRAMA (S8) | Extended Scene | Lifetime

– I mean, I do like it. But I’m not sure that this
is the winning number. There’s no competitive
element except for the style. I feel like we’re
rolling the dice again. Right. My thing is, she
still doesn’t actually know about the big issue is
that Studio 19 is coming. And I don’t think Michelle
has yet to fix the issue. We can’t have any more
problems other than the ones that we already have. Can you please call Aunt Tammy. She’s not my
aunt, so let’s stop. She’s not my aunt. Michelle needs to
call Katie and Tammy to tell them enough is enough. Stop sending me stuff,
lay off, and don’t cause commotion at competition,
or else the team’s going to pay the price. What are you, afraid
to call Tammy? I’m not afraid to call Tammy. I’m not. How can you not do it? And you keep saying that
you’re not afraid of it. It doesn’t make sense. That’s what it seems like. No, it’s me being an
adult and making a choice if I want to know or not. Michelle, nobody’s
buying that [BLEEP].. Put that [BLEEP] on clearance. [LAUGHTER] What’s she saying? Listen. She’s telling her that all of
us are telling her what to do or something? Apparently. That was stupid. Well, Abby’s patting her back. That was stupid. Thank you. You just showed
your true colors. And you just sealed your deal
with me and every other mother up there. You are a coward. Are you freaking kidding me? And let’s not forget the last
time, we fought for your kid. We fought for your kid. You’re a coward. You want to
figure out why she’s screaming at some other woman
and calling her a coward? [SHOUTING] OK, ah, ah, ah, you
all have to stay here. Miss Abby wants
you to be quiet because she hears you out here. OK, sure. No problem. Michelle runs and hides inside. Oh, look at her,
with her bestie? Are you freaking kidding me? Come out of the room. Act like a [BLEEP] two-year-old? Are you kidding me? What are you doing? I went to take Sarah. You’re full of [BLEEP]. Just get out. You went in there and
threw on all of us– Get out. –under the bus. I cannot believe
these mothers. What is their problem? It’s not about them. It’s about my dance
company, and it’s about their children dancing. It’s OK. Just breathe. It’s OK. Abby’s right. We shouldn’t have fought
for you that week. We’re being kicked out? Yeah, I did. Michelle just said
[INAUDIBLE] my mom. Well, because all of your
moms called my mom a coward. OK, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Fine. Sarah is kind of getting
mad because our moms are creating all the drama. But that’s not us. Just because our
moms are fighting doesn’t mean we have to.
– OK, listen. When you get angry, both
of you, everybody gets mad and they scream, OK? That’s not the way that
we want to do this, right? Right. OK. All she wants to do is have
a nice life and no drama. But of course, with these
moms, that can’t happen. But we’ll love and support
her through anything. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [BLEEP] about to get real. Yeah. I still can’t believe
that you went down there, and then you threw all
of us moms under the bus? I wanted to get down and
remove Sarah and [BLEEP].. Because if that’s
what you wanted to do, you would have done it. Instead, you ran down,
and you cried to Abby about the mean mommies upstairs
and what they’re trying to make me do. You said you went
down there to Abby. You wanted to take
your daughter. But even doing that, that will
affect the whole group dance. Like, you wasn’t looking
at the whole picture of it. Because Michelle only
cares about herself. That’s why. No, I don’t only
care about myself. Shame on Michelle. I don’t only
care about myself. This is gonna
suck, this weekend. Welcome to the team, Keisha. I’m just saying, now the
kids are upset with each other. And now, having them to go on
stage and perform together, it sucks.


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