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(Applause) Setting your funding goal,
setting your funding goal. The first step in setting
your project goal is really being realistic
about what your project is, and what you need
to make it happen. Rather than just thinking about “what do I need for the project,” I would always advise to be really,
really stringent with yourself, in thinking about what your actual
fundraising capacity is. It’s important not to overshoot, because you don’t want to
not meet your goal. But you also don’t want to
underfund your work. You need to make sure
that you are going to end up with the right amount of money
to make your work happen. To me a Kickstarter campaign
is a job, it’s a full-time job. Don’t forget that you are an artist, so you have to make the show also,
you have to build it, you have to create
what you are making. You have to work in
a contingency you know, something is going to cost more
than you think it is. Get a team that you trust and
understands your vision, and delegate, so you’re going to have
to pay those people. Now, it doesn’t have
to be a lot of money, but it should be something. One thing I like to do is make
a kind of a high / low spreadsheet, and list out, literally, every person that I think is going
to donate to the Kickstarter. And what my guess is
for their donation, both high and low, and so really thinking through, you know, your friends, your family, your comunity,
and are there mentors, are there co-workers, are there– you know, big people in your life
that might have the capacity to really make a huge donation
that will change things and you’ve never talked to before,
but you could reach out for this. There are projects that have worked,
projects that haven’t, and you should look at them and see what did work and what didn’t, and compare them
to what your plans are, and be ready to make changes. Everyone has a gut feeling
for what they think they can do, and your gut feeling might be right, but try to back it up with reality. ♪ (Music) ♪

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