Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan – Official Trailer

There’s a thousand ways to die in a war zone. You have to trust the man beside you, and he has to trust you. Delta is the best company in the battalion. Major Smith as tough as they say? I should be in command of other professionals… I see you brought your tortoise, Murray?
He’s my mate. …Yet I find myself here, breastfeeding a
bunch of kids. All units prepare for enemy attack. Artillery have driven the enemy back. Now we’re going after them
at Long Tan Just your typical shoot and scoot, we’re not
going to find anything. With any luck, Lieutenant. This is four two, heavy contact. Sounds big. We are being flanked on all sides. He wants me to target his position. If you don’t drop within the next 30 seconds, we’ll all be dead. We can’t allow this. Major is the commanding officer in the field,
he’ll make the call. Call it in. Bob, can you hear me mate? I just want to get out of here, get married,
and forget all this. How can we trust you now? 11 Platoon is dead. We’re not going to make it, are we? No reinforcements available. You’re again ordered to return to base. We all come back or no one does. Get this ammo on the choppers now. You reckon we’re going to get shot down? Honestly? Yep. You bloody beauty. Stay strong. Protect your mates. You’re Delta company.


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