Danielle Brooks’s Callback Weekend | Juilliard Drama 50 Snapshot

♫ ♫ ♫
[gentle upbeat music] I remember everything! Well, first of all, I have to say I’m from
South Carolina, so coming up here to New York was a big deal. And when I got here, I actually missed the
whole first day of callbacks because of a huge snowstorm that was happening, and we
were the first group to do–Group 40–was the first group to do the callbacks, the final
forty, so I was a part of that. And I was so nervous because I missed the
whole first day, and I was like, “Ahh! I hope this isn’t the end!” And I remember it was a few of us that had missed,
but I was the last one to come in that day. And Kathy Hood and a few more of the faculty,
Jim Houghton, they all had the ones that were late, which was about fifteen of us, sit down
and introduce ourselves. But I was the only one who stood up to introduce
myself because I was like, “They need to know who I am! I have limited amount of time here to make
an impression.” But…I have so many memories from that day
that, yeah, I will forever keep with me. ♫ ♫ ♫
[gentle upbeat music]


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