Darr Khuda Say – EP 19 – 22nd Oct 2019 – HAR PAL GEO || Subtitle English ||

I look so bad to you. Remember, there was a time
when you couldn’t take your eyes off my face. I think one slap didn’t fix you. I feel bad for you. You know what, at times you seem
like a chicken to me, a hen’s chicken. If a hen looks away from the chicken, you know what happens. An eagle comes
and takes it away. Not anymore. This has a big lesson for you. Just like the same way you will go back
on what said and suffer in this room. If you try to be smart, you know what will happen to you. Hey, don’t cry, I am here, I will handle it all. You need to rest. Bye. Good morning sir. Hello sir, I have something
to discuss with you. Kashif, you know there is an
important meeting lined up. Sir, just a couple of minutes,
in fact a few seconds, sir my daughter is really unwell. Should I leave my work for you, stand here listen to your nonsense. You know how important
work is for me. Sir. Sir. His work is done, he won’t talk to me properly. What work? Nothing. Sir Kashif, you look worried. Sir told me he would give me a bonus
but now he’s going back on his word. My daughter is unwell, I have to take her to the doctor
but sir doesn’t listen. What happened? Right now they are doing tests, the doctors don’t know yet. May God give her health. Who is it? Hello. Who is it? I am Siddique Ahmed. Hey, you have a long life,
I was thinking about you. Sir, I wanted to tell you
that I agree to this relation. Hey, that is great. Great news. I will talk to your aunty
and tell you. Who was it? Siddique. He wants to marry Tamkeen. I would say its good, it’s a good news. There are such stubborn
people in the world. Who? That same, Master Siddique, I called him and said no but… What did you say no to? The wedding, but look at his stubbornness, he calls papa and says that
he accepts this proposal. Sister, I like him, he is simple and straightforward. Simple! Damn it, poor man. What is wrong,
why are you saying this? Yes, Yes… Look I wanted to say
something to you, but… okay. What did Tahir say? He heard my helplessness
and told me his. I had thought he would
have helped me out then Tamkeen and Afreen could
have been married together. Then you talk to Azhar and we have Afreen’s policy too. What do I talk to Azhar about? He stays home like a stranger. Afreen’s policy will help a little, it won’t be possible
to marry both daughters, you talk to Jameela,
ask her to show a proposal for Afreen, I will see what I can do. What will you do? I will request from a friend, a little loan or something. Oh God, what time has come. With two sons, we have to ask
strangers for a loan. Pray that the person
who is paying the loan doesn’t say no, the remaining respect
we have will be gone. Hello. Hello. Yes, what’s going on? How are you? I am just fine. Are you sure? You don’t sound like everything is ok. What can I tell you, the situation of the house is such, one issue ends, another starts. Tell me, I am here. What should I tell you, what will you do for us? Is everything ok? Afreen hasn’t come to work. Is everything ok? Yes, that is fine, but there is just one thing she says, I will not work. Papa has told her
that if you want to work, then do it at Mr. Shahvaiz’s office,
or leave it. Papa is thinking of her wedding. Wedding? Have they found a man? No, he will find one, he has said that he will marry her
to any man she finds. Ms. Tamkeen I have some work, I will talk to you later. Bye. Sure. Okay, so Afreen’s father is
thinking of marrying her. My whole plan will be ruined if that old man marries
Afreen somewhere else. Do something. Do something Shahvaiz or
all the hard work will go to waste. Raza. Yes? Child I was thinking that… What mama? That you go out with Nighat, talk to her. Why? Actually… Mama, since when did you
become so modern? I have just been engaged
to Nighat, not married. Yes I know, but your aunt thinks you
were forced into the engagement, you had a long face, everyone noticed it. I was thinking that
you go out with Nighat so that… So that your sister and beloved niece feel
that I am happy with this engagement, right? I agree you did this engagement
cause we asked you to, but then accept it, why are you giving everyone
the impression that you were forced. Mama, I cannot take her with me. Don’t bother me Raza, please go. I told your aunt
that you are coming. Why do you take decisions
for me on my own. Now I have done it, go now. Wont you save my word, go my son, please. Please. Fine, I will go. Thank you. I will be late from work today, bye. What did you think? About what? Working at Mr. Shahvaiz’s office or marry Master Siddique
or someone like him? What do you mean? I mean papa wants to settle you down
when he is fixing my wedding. As soon as he finds a proposal
he will send you out of this home too. What is wrong with papa? Why doesn’t he believe me. You ask this from papa, I have decided. What? I will die, but I will not marry Master Siddique. Papa will be hurt sister. The way you have hurt papa, it will be less than that. I will talk to papa. Try this too. Come on, dinner is served, I am not telling you to do anything
because I am off today. Wow, awesome, I would say you
take permanent off. It looks good
when you are home, I work and when I come home,
you welcome me like a good wife. Sure. Think about it, if I leave my job, you will be in a difficult spot. We have increased our expenses
by getting a car on lease, plot, all that is paid
off using my salary. Love, why are you serious? I was joking. Want this? Yes please. What is happening downstairs? What? Don’t you know? Your sister quit her job, her boss is coming to your home. Didn’t you ask papa? No. I didn’t talk to papa. And papa didn’t tell you either? You know when people keep secrets? What do you mean? When it leads to
shame and disrespect. When its about
the daughter’s respect. Shut your mouth Shehla. Why are you getting upset on me? Talk to your father. Have food Azhar. I don’t want to. Papa, I have no problems getting married, but the way you want
to get me married, I have an objection on that. What way? You are upset and
taking this decision, you are punishing me
for the crime I didn’t commit. No, tell me too,
what did you do? So you remember us now. Look papa, leave me and
tell me what did this girl do? Go from here, go handle your home
and your issues, leave us alone. Go. What happened to you? Are you separating me from you? Hear it from me,
I will tell you what father’s beloved did. Tamkeen, don’t instigate it. Why not? Wow. I will tell you. Madam was in love
with someone at work. His boss caught her,
but even showed the pictures to papa. Azhar, all this is a lie. I don’t have an affair with anyone. Shut your mouth. Lie? This isn’t a lie,
it’s the truth Afreen. I was quiet for a long time now, I knew this for a long time when Shehla’s sister Seema
saw her with some boy. But I was an idiot to think that
if I tell mama and papa about this, they won’t believe me. Did you see? I should have slapped you the day you
got out of the car with that man. Azhar! What? You people can
tolerate her in your love, but my respect cannot
let me tolerate her. Did you see papa, all this is cause of your freedom. Had you not given
Afreen this freedom, nor would we have to see this day. But I had told you not to
raise your hand of Afreen, you raised your hand on her. You shouldn’t have hit her. I had told you not to,
but you didn’t listen. I had told you that you will not
raise your hand on my daughter! If you had your coffee,
can we go? I am having it. Who have you been
chatting to for so long? With a friend. If you had to talk to your friend, then why did you come here
to have coffee with me? Because mama told me to. So you didn’t want to come here. Not at all. You should have said no. Why should I become
bad by saying no? Maintaining a good image in front of aunt
and what image you will leave on me, you don’t care about that? Look, if you are getting bored, then I don’t want to sit here
with you and waste my time. Lets go. Lets go. Madam, let me massage your legs,
you will get better quickly. Sister, what is she saying? Getting upset. On me? Where is her husband,
why didn’t he come meet her? Sir is busy. Fine, he could have
come for a brief moment, but he should come meet her. She is reacting more because
her husband is ignoring her. Okay, I will try to talk to him, but… But, but what? But I can only talk, rest is unto him. Look, it will be an issue for me, she doesn’t let me work. Madam. Madam. Madam. Madam. Its easier to show respect, to find the solution to
the problem is hard. Look papa, I just want that you marry
Afreen as soon as possible, I will do what I can in that. First ask your wife. I am not that weak mama. The weak raise their hands, if you were strong,
we wouldn’t have to face this. Okay. So you are saying that
this is my fault too. Absolutely, the brothers who look away
from their sister’s responsibility and get involved in their own lives, their sisters find such ways. If you would have
waited for a little bit, my Afreen wouldn’t have
had to take this route. Only, Afreen. Afreen. Afreen. Look, we have asked for a proposal, now you have asked to help,
then don’t forget. Fine. At least,
he realized his responsibility. But Mr. Siddique,
he shouldn’t have raised his hand on Afreen, you realize things but
you don’t take revenge. You are right, but… She says just one thing. Papa has said that if you want to work
then do it at Mr. Shahvaiz’s office, or leave it. Papa is also thinking
of marrying her. Akbari. Akbari. Yes sir. Why is she making noise? Its driving me insane! What is her problem? Sir, madam is really upset, she doesn’t take her medication
from the sister, nor food. She is throwing everything away. I don’t get it. I asked sister, she said that
madam is asking for you. Why is she asking for me? Sir, sister is saying that
madam is missing her own, sir you haven’t gone
to her room for 2 days. You are the servant here,
stay that way, don’t act like her lawyer, get lost. Sir, the phone of the house is not working,
can you file a complaint? She’s missing me. Okay, I can go to the room for 1-2 minutes
for all the years we have spent together. Azhar shouldn’t have slapped you. I didn’t like it. You too have slapped me sister. He used his hand, you used your words. If you don’t take your medication,
how will you be fine? Take this. What is this noise? You go, leave from here. Yes, do you want to get better or not? What “wa-wa-wa”? Rehan called and
was asking about you. Listen, I am in a lot of mental
stress cause of your illness, so don’t worry the servants
and nurses by making this noise. I don’t want to hear another
complain about you, understand? Akbari. Akbari. Yes sir. What yes sir? Why does the room stink? Do you change
the clothes and sheets? Sir, I do that daily… Had you done it daily,
it would be like this? Its suffocating. Come on change it, its hard to breath. Who told you to
show off so much? Now pay for your respect. What are you worried about? I will do it from what I earn.
I will not ask you for it. Really? Who has the most
right on your salary? Me. Not your cheap sisters. Mind what you say Shehla. Before I mind what I say,
you go and talk to your cheap sisters. Remember one thing, you will pay the installment for
the car and stall this month. Yes, I will. I am going to work. Keep these utensils in the kitchen
and clean up before you come to work. Afreen, I will talk to uncle and tell him you are innocent and I will tell him
how cunning Sir Shahvaiz is. Nazia, when he doesn’t believe me,
then how will they believe you? If they agree to you, then it will be something really insulting for me
that they trusted someone else, not me. You trust me, this way Sir Shahvaiz’s
reality will be revealed. You tell me, where is uncle,
I will talk to him. Lets go. So Afreen called you here
to prove her innocence? Uncle, Afreen didn’t call me, I came myself. Uncle these are fake pictures. Sir Shahvaiz is using these
pictures to harass to Afreen. Its easy to make
these pictures nowadays. Was a picture of you
made like this? If yours wasn’t made, then how was Afreen’s made? Uncle you are not getting it… Look child, I am an old fashioned man, but I am not that stupid that I don’t get how you give
a false witness to hide your lie. The way you sympathizing with
your friend by trying to prove her innocent, its not sympathy, it’s a torture on her. Uncle, you should trust Arfeen,
instead of the pictures. I did that all my life and I think this is
my biggest mistake. Papa, he is cheap, lying and
cunning man who you are listening to. Save me from breaking papa, I have lost respect
in my own eyes. Lower your voice. You cannot scare me
my speaking loudly. No papa I… Go get my breakfast. We used to curse Tamkeen
for speaking loudly and look at her
this is my beloved, she is speaking loudly
to hide her sins. Well done. Well done child. You killed me during my life time. Well done. Your condition, your worries, your condition is all in front of me. I understand it. So I want to help you. Thank you so much Mr. Shahvaiz, where do we find such down
to earth nice people like you now. What are you saying? You are embarrassing me
by saying thank you. You are my elder, thank you from you
doesn’t sound good to me. I have nothing more
than a thank you. I cannot pay you back for
the favors you made to me earlier. Actually in your face, I have some really good
and respectable people. Such people are precious. So I want that somehow
I can be part of your family. What do you mean? I mean that, if you don’t mind, please make me your son.


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