Darr Khuda Say – EP 20 – 29th Oct 2019 – HAR PAL GEO || Subtitle English ||

Uncle, I am sorry, I think you do not like what I said, trust me that I have considered you
the old man by heart, that is why I wanted to help you, I know that the respect of daughters and the spots that they have on their
character can be painful for their parents, I do not have right on anyone, that is why I have present
myself to help you out. No, I do like what you said, it was not what I expected, I haven’t say anything to you. Uncle, I will try to give all
the happiness to Afreen, I promise that
she will not be in worries, who is in my life? One son, who is out of country
and one in capable wife, what I have is belongs to Afreen, only I need a wife
who will walk with me on every step, I do not need anything, now dowry nothing, only I need your prayers. Let me think. Yes, you can think, no matter how much
time you want, you think, I will wait for your call, but one thing is there uncle, I will guarantee you that I know everything
and I have accepted afreen, do you understand that, I will not taunt afreen in my life, she is my happiness and life, but if afreen will get
married somewhere else, and they get to know
about her pictures, past and affairs so I am scared
that her life will be ruined, do you understand that
what I am trying to say uncle? Congratulation, you have a proposal. Who came? Shahvez sir, he sitting outside with father, he is asking for your hand, you have a enjoyment, all the luxurious and
beautiful proposals are for you, and for me, first that stupid Moin, then Vegetable person and
now master Siddique, idiot and for you fate presents,
money and famous in plate for you. I am not going to marry
that clever Shahvez. Okay, then you will get married with
that idiot in the picture. Please sister, I do not know him. why are you telling me? If you dare so say no
to get married with shahvez, just see her attitude. Okay bye. Father, I need to talk to you. Sir, please I am going. Stop sir, I need to talk in front of you. What you need to talk? Maybe you came here for my proposal. I just want to have my relation
strong with this family, nothing else I want. Great, you have virtuous thinking, is it important to get married with
me to get the relation strong? You have already increase your
value in the sight of father, you have that relation with him,
that is enough, I do not want to get married with you,
did you get it? Afreen, get inside, you are very selfish now, where you will get married,
this will be my decision. Father, you will take the decision
where I will get married. Go from here. Uncle, what happened to you, try to understand that she is angry, and this anger is only because
I told you all her secrets, and why I have done this, because of her betterment, she is idiot, she do not know that
what is good or bad, uncle, she is emotional, and I know how to handle
people like that, you do not worry,
everything will be fine, and do not worry about the pictures, I am here, I will only wait for your call, Bye. What will I do then? What I will answer? What you need to answer? Afreen told you that
she does not want to get married and we cannot force her
for any reason. I do not need her wish, I need the solution of this problem. So, now when you have decided, you can say that
you agree to these decisions, for my daughter
this married person is left, you are not doing well with my kid. Afreen has ruined her luck by herself, I do not have any other option, and it is good that we will get over
the right of afreen as well with tasked. You do not say this to get over
with the right Siddiqui sir, you say this to get
the burden off from your head, I know that afreen
has done a mistake, but so big punishment, she is small, she is small in age, what is her age now,
and she will get the good proposal. If, until she gets the good proposal,
her acts crosses the limit? That everything will be ruined,
what will be left? I will say yes to shahvez, just think something, the condition and helplessness, just see them. You are so desperate,
we are getting one very soon. I will not allow you to
complete your impure intentions. What do you talk, we have caught your dirty pictures,
and impure intentions are mine, not good, you do not need to consult
with you husband like this. I will die but I will not marry you. No, you will not do like this, I know that the daughter like you cannot push your
parents in the getting in famous, so I know you,
you just say yes like a good girl, otherwise I will ruin your life. Just shut up. You look amazing in this anger, I love you, and we will meet soon. We have so bad luck, we get these kinds of proposals, and someone is married, someone is widower and have kids, and now, master siddiuq, idiot, you are lucky, at least for you have the proposal
of good looking and rich person. Master siddique is better person
than that idiot shahvez, at least he is innocent and honest. I wish, shahvez liked me instead of you. Do not curse yourself. Why do you like him? I hate him. Okay, then what problem you have, if he likes me. The person, who is bad for me,
will be bad for you as well, why did not you get it? I understand everything, you do not want that some handsome and
beautiful proposal come for me, right? Whatever you want to understand, you can, please do not argue
with me regarding this. What is the matter Raza? Child I can see, that you are silent
since you are engaged. You know everything mother. Whatever I have done for you, will be for your betterment, with night if you will
get married it am good. Mother, for you all this can
be good but not for me, she treats me as
if I am not her fiancé, but a servant. What she has said to you ? if she understands anything, she will say anything, that day,
I have taken her out when you say, she said nothing, she did not talk to me, and she was only busy in
chatting on her expensive phone. Child, I told you, she is the only one,
she is loved that is why. She is out too mother, sometimes I have doubts on her. What doubts? I can tolerate anything but the doubt that
I have for her in my heart, if that is right,
I will not tolerate it. Tell, me what doubts you
have in your mind? I think she is involved
with someone else. What? Are you crazy, what are you saying? I know, you will not trust me. Raza, tell me, why have you said that? Why do you like him? I hate him. Okay, then what problem you have, if he likes me. Then what should I do? Forget her? It is difficult, you can try, it is not that difficult, okay, and then I have to forget her. Whom should I remember? What are you doing sister? I am doing your work. Me? I am talking to
my friend for your new job, go and let me talk. Just see, here and there, you will find many. Enough and go and rest. Mother, you are upset with me like father. No, not at all, I am upset by my oneself, that I cannot do anything for you. Mother, I need your trust and honesty, please say to father that
I do not want to get married, I want to stay with you, and help you mother. No my child, you father will not agree, in fact for daughter, the respect is more than the serving
of her daughter for parents, there is nothing more relaxing that they will depart their
daughters form their house. Mother I do not want to
get married with shahvez. Whom is saying that
you will get married with shahvez, I have seen so many
high dreams for you, I have thought that
some prince will come to take you, not this married person. I… I do not need any prince, nor I want to get married with shahvez, I want the trust of your and father,
which you used to do, I do not need anything else mother. My life, my child, you are the piece of our liver child. Tamkeen, she is going fast, thank you so much, I wish this concern would
be shown in my life too, so my life will be complete too, Just be strong, everything is possible in this world, yes it is, I should be string then. Thank God, afreen, you are doing the
work of house as well, otherwise, I thought that you have taken
the off of house as well with your office. You woke up early today? I do not know if you will make
breakfast for parents or not? That is why I am up yet. You were talking on phone
last night until late. Yes, why are you so concerned? You are not in the position
to have doubts on me, got it, what you are doing just do it. Tamkeen, just see that master
and her sister is about to come, you do one thing do
the breakfast and fry some meat, take all this, and come in the drawing room. Why are they coming in the morning? They are coming to take dates, what else, just take the breakfast and come. Mother I told you before as well, I do not want to get married
with master siddiqu. Tamkeen, look, we are already worried, do not increase them, got it? Afreen you make the breakfast, she is, I do not know, and please send over her. Okay, mother. To call is important. We just need you daughter nothing else, only I want my brother’s
house to resides, nothing else I want. This is your innocence. Then next month 10th date will be fine? School is getting off too,
siddiqu will be free too, yes? Yes, sister is saying right. Next month 10th will be Friday, let me take the suggestions with
my relatives and then I will tell you. You can take the suggestions
and then call us. Yes, for sure. Why are you all so formal? What are so formal, you are guest and it is the right of
the host to serve guests. I cannot see tamkeen here. She is getting ready
for food in the kitchen. Why food, you all have done so much of this,
there is no use of formality of food, afreen, what are you doing? Nothing, special. I have thought of getting afreen
departed from this house with tamkeen. This is good, you will get away from the
responsibility of bot of your daughter. Yes. Come child and sit with us. No, mother is here,
mother will give you company, I will help sister in the kitchen. You just sit and have food and then go. It does not looks good, we came here without telling, You, you tell, how is your sickness,
how is your knee pain? Just leave it, what should I tell? You small daughter is pretty too. Yes, my both daughters are pretty. You are so formal, I do not like this. I just want that is should say
so much to master siddiqu, that she will know
the milk of her born, why is not getting it? Who is this? So much anger? If you will do so much anger,
the person who is calling you will get confused. You, sorry, I was angry. A girl like you, happily,
in anger, I do not believe this. There are so many people
who are in the world, who are the reason to give anger to you. Just tell me the name of that person,
tell me who have made you anger? Tell me the name. What will you do to know the name? I will get away that person from your life, you do not know me. You are so nice to me, all this is because of afreen? It is not like that tamkeen,
very person have his own value. My value in your sight, my house people do not valued me ever. Your family does
not see you from my eyes, my eyes have that
thing which no other person have, anyways, just tell me the name,
which made you angry. Master Siddiq. Master Siddiq, who is he? My would be husband, from whom my father wants
to get in a relation with me. Oh! In addition, you do not want to get
married with him right? Not at all. So, you like someone else. Leave it, what will you do to get the name? No but still, tell me the name. The person I like, he do not like me, but my sister. Nighat. Yes aunt? Can you come in my room;
I need to show you some things. Coming, you have no manners? Okay, I do not have manners
or you do not have shame? To check someone’s
phone is not manners. And to talk with strange
boys the whole night, what will you call that? Which strange boy? The same person, who is waiting for
you to get online, the whole night. Your eyes sight is failed, we have a what’s app group in which
we have boys and girls added, we only talks about studies. I am not that crazy, that
I will not understand your clever attitude. You are not crazy,
but you are doubtful. Am I doubtful? what is the matter?
why are you fighting? I am not fighting, he is fighting with me, he is my fiancé,
he thinks that he can scold me. Why raza?
What have you said? Mother I said nothing, I just ask something and
she is shouting in that. So what were you asking? Just ask that whom was
she talking on phone? Ask her? What happened to you raza,
this child came in our house for 1 day, and you are asking questions with her, leave her nighat, just come in my room, I will show you the jewelry and
if you want to change anything in that, just tell me, come on. The person I likes,
like my sister more than I do. The feel of liking is
good than being liked, I can feel that now, so Miss tamkeen siddiqi, shahvez like your
likeness and braveness.


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