Darr Khuda Say – EP 21 – 5th Nov 2019 – HAR PAL GEO || Subtitle English ||

The one I like, he doesn’t like me, but my sister. Being loved by someone else is
way better than loving someone, I just realized this. So Mrs. Tamkeen Siddiqui, your love and bravery
finally impressed Shahvaiz. Hello. Hello. Tamkeen, I have some work for you, please forward me
master Siddique’s number. Sure. What is the matter? Did you get a good news? Why? Can you only be happy
and get good news? Sister, why are you
always after me? Because you are always after me. I am not after you. You are my sister and
I just worry for you, nothing else. Don’t worry about me, there is someone, who really cares for me. Who? There is someone. Sister, I hope its not what I think. Don’t worry about me, I am older in age and experience, you think you are really smart, but actually you are really stupid. Fine sister, I can be stupid, but I don’t want that
you do some stupidity again because you will be
at loss cause of it. She ruined my great mood. Damn it. You liked the jewelry, right? Its fine. Its fine? Okay. So if you don’t like it, you tell me,
I will get a new design made. Look at this. You see, its up to you. No, love, not up to me. You have to wear this
so you tell me. Raza really likes
this jewelry anyway. You know when I used to wear this, he used to tell me to keep
it aside for his bride and then today
is a world of antiques. You ask Raza, why do you ask me? I just said it, ok tell me, look, the stones in this, I can change them with the color
matching or will you adjust like this? Aunt, can I say something to you? Yes? You talk to Raza, he forces me to do
things since now, I don’t like it. After marriage he will make me his slave
and I will not be anyone’s slave. No child, nothing like that. You saw how much
I scolded him, it will all be fine after wedding. I am there with you too. I have an important call,
I will just come. Shahista, yes, I was about to call you. Mama is blinded by
the love of her niece. She cannot see anything else. I will not be fooled so easily, I should talk to mama about this. Did you beloved niece leave? Yes, she did, but she was really upset, God knows
what she will tell sister. What was the need
to check her phone? Mama, you say something weird, instead of asking her
who she is talking to, the thing that upset me, you are asking me
why I checked her phone. Look Raza, my love, my child, she has lost her
way due to her being the only child, you can mould her as per
your liking after the wedding. Mama, if she doesn’t get fine after marriage,
what will I do? I will not live with this
burden all my life. What is wrong with her? What is wrong? She is ill-mannered and egoistic
and on top of that she has lost her way. That is something
that hurts me the most, I had told you earlier, I will tolerate her ill-manner, but not her selfishness There is nothing like that Raza,
you are instigating this for no reason. This is the thing mama. You are trying to avoid this
cause of your nieces love. If I had said the same
about some other girl, you would have told me
to break this engagement, but here its your niece, so you are quiet. Hello. Master Siddique? Yes, this is master Siddique,
who is this? I am your well-wisher. I didn’t get it. You will, I am sending you some
pictures master Siddique, look at them, then we will talk. Hello… This is Tamkeen’s
younger sister Afreen, so shameless. She looked naïve at home. Yes, hello. Yes master, did you see the pictures? Who are you? Hey, I told you
I am your well-wisher. The reason to call you is that
I tell you that the family you will get married in, its not worth nice people like you. They look simple, but inside they are corrupt
and their younger daughter, God forbid, she had an affair
with her boss in the office, and another man outside work. The younger son ran away
and got married. I am sorry master, the girl you want to marry, she too… Why are you telling me all this?
What do you want? Master, hearing all this, you still ask me
why I am telling you all this. What master are you? Tailor master? I would just say master, that save yourself from this nonsense
and end this relation to save yourself. You want to bring a mother
for your children or… I guess you know
what I want to say, take care master. Goodbye. He… I cannot praise my love enough. Afreen. Afreen. If you look here, you too will say you love me. Hey Afreen. Afreen. I cannot praise my love enough. Oh God, its so hot nowadays. Azir, get me a glass of water please. Shehla, I am tired,
you go to the kitchen and have it. If you are tired, so am I. now one of us will
have to sacrifice, you are a guy, so you do it. Go get me a glass of water. The water is in the kitchen,
where are you going? Downstairs. Downstairs? What do you mean? Where? To meet mama and papa,
why would I go downstairs? Why? Will mama get you water? Think what you want. Wait a minute! You got your salary, right? So what? Then give it to me and
then go meet mama or her mama, I don’t care. Give it to me. Look Shehla, papa wants to get sister
and Afreen married. I promised papa
that I will help him. Oh God, I am caught by telling you this. There is no need. They are his daughters, his responsibility,
why should we take on the burden? Because they are my sisters, I have some responsibility or not,
Shehla? Their father is still alive,
he has the responsibility. What are you hurt for? Your elder brother went
abroad and settled there. He is enjoying,
why doesn’t your father call him? Or ask him for money? Does he have no responsibility?
Will he burden you with everything? Shehla, Shehla,
what are you doing? Only I have a right on your salary. Shehla, give it to me… No Azhar, I have to get curtains and
a washing machine this month, I will not let you spend it on others. Shehla, give me my money. Shehla, what are you doing? Hello sir. You are resting? Sir, madam was resting so I rested. So you thought you would rest,
since its your father’s home. Rest, this is
what you are paid for. I am paying you here
for Gul’s physiotherapy. Do you understand? If you cannot do you work,
I don’t need you. Sir, I am doing my work properly,
if you want you can ask your servant Akbari. I don’t need to ask anyone, I saw how well you
are doing your work. For God’s sake be quiet. You are driving me insane, I don’t have extra money
to waste on this madam. Come on, get your things and get lost. Your accounts will be settled. In fact,
I will complain about in the hospital… Sir, please don’t do that, my job will be at stake, I have small children. Don’t start crying here. Why do I need you? Akbari will take
better care of her, she has nothing to do. Come on, get lost. What can I do madam? I know you don’t
want me to leave, but sir is really upset, if he complains in the hospital, I will be in trouble. I will have to go, bye. Shehla, what is this stubbornness about?
I just got my salary, give me back my money. Shehla,
what is your problem? Look, our needs are not fulfilled and
you want to waste this money on your sisters? Who don’t even like me and
don’t talk to me properly. Shehla, I fulfill all your needs, there is a difference between
needs and wants. Really? What wants have you
fulfilled of mine? Tell me. Even I go to work everyday. My salary is spent on this home and you spend your salary on your father,
mother and sisters, I will not let that happen. Look, just a few more months,
once sister Tamkeen and Afreen get married, I will give you all my salary. Wow, once they get married,
then your old parents will start getting sad, and once they are used to your salary, they won’t let you go, they will make an excuse
and sit there, you will pay for it. Sorry Shehla,
but I am not be this selfish. Sorry, I am not that great. We don’t need the curtains
and washing machine, we have both these things. This is my home Azhar, I know what is needed
and what is not. I will decide that, not you. Don’t argue. Shehla, the keys. Shehla. They act like they are simple, but in fact they are corrupt
and cheap on the inside. Here you go. You should have started eating. Give me the rice. Although we are having
a simple wedding, but we need to
prepare for something, I mean, clothes, jewelry, food for the reception. Are you still lost in
the thoughts of Tamkeen. I also liked their younger
daughter for my Nasir. What is wrong sister? What wrong did I say? Nasir is your nephew, if he too gets married in that home, it will be great. They have a nice family. They are not a nice family, they are corrupt people. What is wrong? Have you gone mad? I have not gone mad sister, my eyes have been opened, you go and say no to Mr. Siddique,
I don’t want to marry his daughter. Hey, first you were restless
to fix the wedding date, now you are saying
no to the wedding. Sister, they are really bad people, I should have realized it
the day madam Tamkeen called me. What? Tamkeen called you? When? When the proposal was being discussed. Really? What did she say? Sister, I was an idiot to think that
the girl is confident and brave, this is the girl I wanted for
the kids that is brave, how was I to know… What is the matter? Talk clearly, why do you talk in riddles? Here you go, tea. Azxhar said he would help us out, he didn’t do anything,
he didn’t come to meet us. You have fixed the date
for Tamkeen’s wedding, sister Guddi called, I told her the wedding has been fixed. Obviously, telling sister Guddi means
that the whole family knows, and we are sitting here
without money. I think I will talk to Haroon. Haroon? Who Haroon? Haroon, from Hyderabad. Raza’s father. Yes, sure, call him. Raza was such a good boy, I saw him and
selected him for Afreen, he too got engaged. I wish he… Look, I don’t like sentences
started with ‘wish’. I will talk to Haroon. Where is my mobile? You must have left it inside. Okay, I will go. Should I get your tea? Yes, bring it. Tamkeen called
and said no on that day. Oh God, why didn’t you tell me earlier? When a girl is not willing,
why should we marry her? Yes, I made a mistake, I should have realized
that girls from good families, don’t make their own decisions
after their parents decide for them. What has happened? Tell me. Sister, the elder sister is like this, but the younger one who you want
to make your daughter in law, she has a loose character, she has an affair with her
boss in the office, outside the office
she is with someone else. Wait, I will show you. Oh God. You don’t get to meet the brother, because he ran away
and got married to a girl. Sister, the whole
family is corrupt. How did you find out all this? Sister, these things
don’t stay hidden, they are often revealed. The girl’s character are like that, so the old man wants to marry into
poor families that even if we find out, we will stay quiet
due to our condition. You are right, look at that Sharmila, see the type of people
she was getting us involved with. I will call today and insult her
so much that she will never forget. What is the point of insulting her? This is her business, if you want to insult someone,
insult the old man, who acts simple and naïve and
tries to fool simple people like us. Yes, we will go tomorrow. No, we will not get our
son married in this family. Water, please. Hello. Mrs. Tamkeen, how are you? I am fine, how are you? Since you told me
what is in your heart, I have been trying hard to ensure
that your heart remains mine. This means, you don’t want sister, but me… Look Mrs. Tamkeen, I wanted to help Afreen, but as far as love is concerned, I am falling for you. What happened?
Why are you quiet? No quiet, in fact, I am surprised
that prayers are answered, you get your love. Yes, you find your love you just need
some courage and work hard for it. Understand? But you came to ask for sister’s
hand in proposal and now me… and that master Siddque… It will all be fine. You just need to
stay happy and engaged. Its possible that master Siddique’s family
comes over and says no to the proposal, till then you need to make sure you
act like you accept the proposal. So that you don’t get blamed. But how will all this happen? I told you Tamkeen,
to find your love, you need to work hard
and some courage. I have a lot of courage, you take care. Bye. Madam, don’t do that, if you do that you won’t get fine
or be able to move out of the room. Your one hand
and leg is working, get the second one massaged,
it will get fine too. I don’t get it. Can I get you soup? You feel hot? You feel thirsty? Oh God, what should I do? Do you want me to call? But who? The phone is not working. Madam, relax,
get massage done. Hello. Hey, master, how are you? You called after so long. When you understand no one,
you call friends. What is the matter Mazhar,
you sound worried? Everything ok? No, nothing to worry about, I have got both
my daughter’s wedding’s fixed. Oh wow, this is great news Mazhar,
congrats to you. What happened? Hold on. Mazhar is on the phone, both his daughter’s
weddings have been fixed. Wow, this is great, congratulate him from me. Mazhar, your sister in law is
also congratulating you. Thank her from me.
Congrats to her too and you too. Haroon, I… I wanted to say something to you. Yes, go ahead, what is it?
Why have you stopped? Man, there has never
been a time in life when I have asked
something from someone, I have always asked God for things. I have never asked from human’s
so my words don’t support me. You understand? Don’t say another word, I have understood,
you don’t need to say anything. Raza is coming to
Karachi next week, so my brother,
whatever possible for me, I will send for you. Don’t worry. Okay. Okay, thank you very much. Bye. What did he say? What did he say? Wait, let me breath. Tell me. Yes. He gave me hope. Thank God. Should I massage you mama? You? Massage? Why? Cant I do it? No you can child. You have not offered this earlier, Afreen does it,
so I was a little surprised. If she is asking you, get it done. Sister always does it, I never get a chance. No child,
don’t say that about your sister. Okay mama, I won’t say it. I know she is your beloved. I am the trouble for you. No child,
all children are equal. They make room in the
parents’ heart with their love. I thought I would leave in a few days
so I make some room in your heart. If you think of me, you have something
good to remember me by. Or else I have only
given you worries and pain. No child, when children give
parents worries and pains, parents get sad, they don’t hate them. You are equally beloved as Afreen. Why doesn’t mama get it, I cannot add a girl with a
doubtful character in my life. Why doesn’t mama get it? Raza, what are you doing here? Nothing, just like that. Stay happy my love. How? Get out, go with friends,
roam around. I don’t feel like it mama. Child, in life we do a lot of things
that we don’t like, right? Yes, Mr. Siddique called your father. Okay, what was he saying? Both his daughters
are getting married. Daughters? Both? Yes, both daughters
are getting married. He was talking to your
father for some financial help, so you have to go
to Karachi with money. After all, you go there often. Mama, Afreen is getting married too? Yes, Afreen is getting married too. Son go sleep now, its really late at night. I didn’t want to come to your
wedding as a guest.


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