Darr Khuda Say – EP 22 – 12th Nov 2019 – HAR PAL GEO || Subtitle English ||

Your number is busy on another call, please wait. Her number is busy at this time. Who can call her at this time? Let me try again. Your number is busy on another call, please wait. Nighat’s phone is busy right now, that is why I said mother. Few more, few more, please open your mouth, just try, please drink a bot madam, few more. Akbari. I will come; let me listen the talk of sir. Akbari. yes sir. My throat burst to call you, are you doing job somewhere else too? No sir, I was giving soup to madam. You are so much concern
about that dead body and you are not aware of a living
person here who is waiting for you. Sir, servant is on leave, you have fired the sister, what else I will do sir, you have put so many
responsibilities on me. Your tongue is moving fast, just shut up, if I have raised your responsibility,
so I have your salary too and where is the salt in the egg, go and bring it. Yes, I will give soup to madam.
Your madam will go to hell, what I am saying just bring that, go. Okay. tell me doctor, is everything fine? You do not worry,
God will make everything better, but we have to do one more test of her. test, test, how much more test you need, why do you not understand the
disease of my daughter? Look, Mister kashif until we will not be satisfied, we cannot start her treatment and it is important to do the test. I understand everything, why you write so many tests, you have the links with laboratory people, right? You have decided the commission, this is the whole matter? If you have doubts,
so you can take your daughter. No, doctor, actually, he is worried because
of the sickness of daughter, you tell me, which test are those? No, you get up, I will not do the test from here, in fact I will go to a good
doctor for treatment, give me the file of my daughter, you get up, they do not know anything, and they become doctor, just hold it, come doll. I am happy for you Rohail brother, but for me it is not possible to
join your company, thank you for your offer, yes, I cannot tell right now, yes I will keep that in mind, thank you, Bye, What happened? There was junaid brother in my office. yes, whose wife also came to our house? yes, that one, he has started his own office, he was offering me the job. Okay, so you are remember by him still? Yes, he respects me a lot. Anyways, how can you do the job there, now the whole business, all the workers, will be under you, you will get married with boss.
How many times I have said and how many times I will say
that I do not want to get married with shahvez. Tamkeen child, siddiq sir, wants to come for meeting, prepare something for tea. okay father, Let me call you back, what misbehave is this? you are misbehaving. just slow down your voice, What we have decided, all that, otherwise, I will. Otherwise? Otherwise, what? Otherwise, I will open your secret,
did you get that? And you think that the ant like you will ruin me? Will squeeze me? when ant gets into the
trump of elephant, will kill him. Okay, you are giving me threat? I am warning you, I need money, my daughter is sick. And you want to get your daughter
treated with this illegal money, very nice. if I will not get money, I will tell your wife. Okay,
go and tell her kashif, you know what; you have made my problem easy, I was thinking what to do with you, kashif now I know what
I have to do with you, wait, ehsan sir, come here. What will you do? What will I do? Kashif you are fired from this office, because the misbehave you
have done with me, it is out of my tolerance level, you are fired, ehsan sir, just prepare a termination letter fast, sir is going from our office, he is the guest of few more moments and before
he goes just clear all the dues, I do not want that he will have
any problem from me. Okay sir. Thank you, quick, it is the matte of daughter, the dues that you will get,
get your daughter treated, and one more thing just get your
mind treated with this money too, go. I will not spare you. Kashif, kashif, just shake hand, you have spent so much time with me, it is a truly pleasure working with you, you will be missed, he will not spare me, I have seen so many like you, cancel the meeting, yeah. Yes, he respects me a lot. Anyways, how can you do the job there, now the whole business, all the workers, will be under you, you will get married with boss. How many times I have said and how many times I will say that
I do not want to get married with shahvez. Maybe I am doing a mistake
in understanding of afreen, maybe she is not the culprit, and if it is like that, still she have to go to the
house of stranger, but there is no smile on the
face of afreen like before, maybe I am doing injustice with her. Hello. yes tamkeen. That master siddiq is coming to meet father. This is good. I am confused shahvez. What is there to be confuse? Whatever will happen will be good for you, in fact it will be excellent. But that master siddiq is mad, I have tried once that he will say no to this proposal, but he did not agreed. the target of shahvez is never missed, you just see, in fact I will come to you
to give you the satisfaction. You are coming shahvez? yes, I am coming. You, what happened? I know you were talking to shahvez, why are you hiding it from me? It was not sir shahvez. Then tell me? It is not important that I
will tell you everything. okay then, do not tell me, but just remember one thing that he is a lair and sharp person, he have already made a loss to me, he will give you loss too and I do not want this, because you are my sister and when you will be in pain,
I will also be in pain. I have told you so many times
not to worry about me, I do understand that what
is good for me or not. You have done well that you came here; I was thinking that you have not
taken the measurements of tamkeen yet? sorry to say, we do not come here to take
the measurement of tamkeem. What happened child, you both are silent? You look upset, is there any problem? Greetings how are you all? Can I bring tea for you all? We do not need anything; we came here to tell you something. Okay, then speak up, just say everything openly. we are not agreed on this relation. God, God. How can this be possible? What happened all of a sudden? Look, we have created this relation because we
have seen how innocent you are and your family,
we do not know that you. what? Do not let my mouth open, we do not want to get in relation
with your daughter, we do not want to. How can you end this
relation all of a sudden? We have informed all the relatives, we have started the preparations
and you? Look madam, this is not our problem, you tell me, can someone jump into a blind
well after knowing everything? This relation is end because of you. because of me? yes, we know all your acts and we get
to know the talks of your family. but how can you give the
punishment of her to tamkeen? have done nothing like that. Okay, you have not done anything, okay siddiq just show her the pictures that you have received, just show. Look, I am requesting you. Just forgive us, we are very normal and small people, we cannot make so difficult decision, we have no courage to put the
infamous necklace in our neck, come on sister. Listen to me. Money, where is my money gone? Azher, azher, I know he is in office. Her forehead is hot because of fever, anila, anila, the doll’s head is hot, she is in fever,
just bring the strips of cold water, fast. What happened kashif? I have put the strips few while back, God knows what happened to the daughter of us,
she is like a flower, I have not hurt anyone in mistake as well, and then why it is happening
with our daughter kashif. What stupid are you talking?
Just bring the cold-water strips. what is the point of getting angry on me? This is the punishment of
your mistake kashif. Do you like my work sir? you have done great; no one can say that these
pictures are fake. That is why this happened to my daughter, kashif just listen to me, if anything happened to my doll, and I will not stay here for single minute,
just listen to me. Father. yes the life of father. Mother. Mother, I will call her, Anila, anila, anila, look doll is calling you, please keep silent, look she will be scared of you crying, come on, doll, mother is coming,
mother is here. yes, my life, I am with you, my daughter. yes, mother,
why are you crying, will I die? No child, you cannot say like this. then why are you crying? you are not well, that is why mother is worried, but my daughter is brave and strong, she will be fine soon. Then we will go to play land as well? yes child, we will definitely go. Enough, have you all now fine, I have always get the punishment
of her mistake, father. Parents just trust me,
I have not done anything. Just say something siddiqi sir, what will we answer the family? What will I say? I have nothing to say. But I have father, what is my fault, I have not done anything and
I am insulted as well. sorry, the gate was open outside so I came in, is everything fine? nothing can be fine in this house, I am ruined. Uncle, what tamkeen is saying? You tell me? how can I take care of myself? I just have a respect that
has been gone today. uncle, just take care of yourself, do not say like this, if anything happen to your respect,
this cannot be happen. this is the matter of our house,
you go from here. Uncle, please take care of yourself,
please take care. What should I take care? How can I take care? Because of her, the proposal of tamkeen is finished; the whole family knows about this,
how should I see my face to them? Everything happened because of her,
this stupid person. You both just give me poison,
just kill me, I am the reason for this, just kill me, if I will not be here,
you will not be answerable to anyone. tamkeen. What happened to you? Uncle Aunty is getting hurt with what
you are saying, do you have any idea? For God sake, do not give any pain to them. And I am hurt too, do you have any idea, I can do this,
I will take my life myself, I will die. Tamkeen. tamkeen,
what are you doing? Do not do this. just leave my hand, leave me. No, I cannot see my uncle aunty in pain. Leave my hand, leave me.
I will do the wedlock. What? You? yes, I will do the wedlock, uncle, please, I will do the wedlock with tamkeen, look, uncle, it is good for her,
because of her medical condition, I just want to be the part of your family, both of your daughters
are respected to me, uncle, what happened? Have I said anything wrong, if I have done wrong,
please forgive me. No child, you have purchased me. Do not say this, just take care, okay just sit here, sit here, I will just prepare the witnesses
and the preacher. Stay alive child. This is what you said that you would slap someone without touching; do you like it sister in law? You are a bad and a scoundrel. No, not now, otherwise, I have the permission by your
family to slap you by touching you, so do not do this mistake now. What you have done with me, my God will not forgive you ever. Afreen, first you do wrong things then
you are blaming me, I have made you understand so many times
but you did not listen to me at all. What rubbish are you talking,
you have no inner self? do not give me that mistake,
that I have spoken the truth, look; I am folding my hand in front of you. What happened shahvez. Nothing, I was trying to explain, my sister in law, but she is mad, she is not agreed. She is not the kid, who drinks milk, she knows everything and why are you folding your hands, no person has said that he is sinful. Who is sinful? Yes, she, she looks so innocent, I am elder than you, and be aware if you talk like this with
you would be brother in law, you have done so much of yours. Just leave her, she is mad,
I will call you. No, there is no more people,
we do not need it, okay I will talk there. Father, I do not want to get married with shahvez sir. Why? He wants to get married with afreen. He just want to get in a
relation with this family, tam keen, afreen,
he do not care that much. Child, just think that God have
sent him like an angel to us. Shahve sir is coming tomorrow,
just prepare what you want. What? So early, just call him and say that we need time. No, I will not take anytime, that is it,
it is wrong, it is enough now, I cannot take any risk,
you do not understand. What are you talking siddiqi sir, we have family, relations,
we have to call them. What family will do to come, what they do, they all come to see the fuss and now I do not want to
be an entertainment, where is he, I will talk to him. how is the tea mother? You forget to put the sugar. I will just give you. Person, like you when he will come in my life,
so that is it. Sister, you just say no to this wedlock. again you have started, why should I say no? Because shahvez is not a good person. Why is he not a good person? Because he is getting married with me, right? After years, some good
person comes in my life and you are saying that I will say no? If he would be nice,
I would have never say you this at all. Okay, so what should I do? Because of your acts, the relation of master
siddiq is finished and now in future as well, same things will happen, so what will I do, will I remain seated in the house,
will I be the stone on the chest of parents? sister, I do not wanted this but, then what you want? Just keep silent and sit, because of you parents are already worried, now I cannot increase their pain by saying no, what is happening, let it be, I do not have a single proper dress,
what will I wear tomorrow, Person, like you when he will come in my life, so that is it.


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