Darr Khuda Say – EP 32 || English Subtitles || 14th Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

Hey, Mr. SHahvaiz, you? You come… No, I am fine here uncle. Uncle, I have tried a lot that things don’t get out
of hand but Tamkeen is not willing to listen to anyone. Look, she came here upset. Hey, I apologize on her behalf. What are you saying uncle,
you are our elder, don’t embarrass me by apologizing. Just tell Tamkeen not to get upset on
small things and don’t misbehave. Uncle, I am her husband, I will tolerate everything but not my insult. You think yourself where will I leave
that old helpless woman, she has no one but in this world. Tamkeen gets upset for no reason. No… Uncle, God has told you to do
justice between 2 wives and Gul doesn’t even have any demands,
I know her. Tamkeen has some issue
with her no reason. She doesn’t know that everything
I have is Tamkeen’s. Don’t worry Mr. Shahvaiz, Tamkeen will go with you. I don’t like forcing people, but what Tamkeen said yesterday,
I cant even repeat that. I am a simple, decent man, we live with relations till our death, divorce is a word unknown in my family. Divorce? Tamkeen asked for a divorce?Yes,
she is asking for a divorce. Wait…let me just… Come on, get up. What happened papa? Pack your things. Where do I have to go? Where you came from, your husband is here to get you. Come on. No papa, I cannot go right now. Move it. Papa, I…Move! Papa,
please. Come on. Papa, give this bag to me.
No, its fine. Move it. Go with your husband, this home was yours. Now your home is the one where
your husband is. Papa, you are ending my relation
with this home. Relations are formed when you live happy,
if you fight and come here, our relation will be over.
Rest, this brick home, it has your religious right, you will get it after my death.
Mr. Shahvaiz. Sir…I apologize again on her behalf. Come on move. Come on. Will you sit upset like
this or say something? You can take me home cunningly,
but you cant get me respect you, and love is a word unknown. I just want you to be with me. After all, I have created so much hatred
for you in your father’s heart that he will not open the door for you. Did you drag that old woman out? Hey, careful what you say. Look Tamkeen, the old woman is my wife. What does she say to you?
What is your problem with her? After all, our tickets are here,
we will go to Europe in a few days. You go home and pack your bags. Part of my personality. She was who I liked,
then I loved her. She became part of my personality. You shouldn’t have raised
your hand on her. What could I do? If children don’t listen,
what should the parents do. I raised my hand, I didn’t hit her, Afreen stopped me. She felt bad though. You blame me for everything and
don’t say a word to her. She is ill mannered, she fights. Afreen, did she not tell you what is
the issue between her and Shahvaiz? No papa, she didn’t, she was just saying that they
had a ordinary fight. Leave it, Tamkeen Siddiqui doesn’t
get into ordinary fights, anyway, tell her to stay at home
and sort her issues. You too stop getting sad for her. I won’t get sad, I will become stone hearted. Afreen, you too tell her that she doesn’t come
here with her problems, sort them out at her home. But papa, if she doesn’t tell us her issues,
who will she talk to? Hey, you don’t know, your sister doesn’t have issues,
she invites them. I know it well. I have had enough, what I have said, you will do. What happened? Wont you meet your best friend, Gul. My step wife is my friend. I don’t like this cheap comedy, I hate it. What can I say, you will have to tolerate me
and this cheap comedy, till the time I am not bored with you. We have 2 days,
make your preparations, we are going to Europe. I will go on one condition. Okay, and if I don’t agree to that condition,
won’t you go? Yes, I won’t go. What is the condition? When I come back, then you will get me a separate home, I cannot live with this old ill woman. Okay, fine, what you say will happen, I cannot upset you now or else
you will leave me and run. What did you say to papa? Nothing, I just told him about how bad you are and illmannered
and how innocent and helpless I was, the old man lost it. Have some respect! He is my father. Okay, I didn’t know. There is something, if you get upset, you cannot go back to your father, he will close the door in your face. Nothing like that. What is going on? What you see. But I see that you are looking for someone and you want that someone comes to you and says what is in their heart. Your mind isn’t working
with your eye sight. Okay, but my eyes and heart see the
same thing and think that too. Go from here, I have a lot of work,
I will tell you when the food is ready. I needed your permission for one thing. What? Afreen, I want to call my parents here. Why do you ask me for permission? Cause my parents will come and talk to uncle
and aunty about your wedding, if you don’t mind. Afreen, I…
Don’t bother me with these I’s, the time has changed in
my favor after trying hard or else I had given up, I thought I wouldn’t be able to think of you. Don’t talk to me like this. I know you don’t like this, but I also wanted a girl like you. You know Afreen, when I saw you in brother Azhar’s wedding, I thought my search ended. But then going back, I found out you
are engaged somewhere and I too got engaged. But see how great God is he took away
my worries and tensions. You have not replied yet. About what? Should I call my parents or not? Do you have a problem
with marrying me? I will think and tell you. Fine. I will wait for your answer. You know Afreen, when I saw you in brother Azhar’s wedding, I thought my search ended. But then going back, I found out you
are engaged somewhere and I too got engaged. But see how great God is he took
away my worries and tensions. and if someone shows
Raza my pictures, then? Will he believe me? When my family didn’t believe me, then why would he believe me? Do you have nothing else to do? You would either go downstairs
and waste your time or you will be wasting time on your phone,
using Facebook and sending messages. What else do I do? What do you do? Your exams are near, prepare for them. If you don’t want to study,
then help me in the work at home. I had thought you would come,
do the work at home, it will help me. But no, I am not that lucky. I didn’t come to your home to work, but to rest. As far as studying is concerned,
I am not interested. I know what you are interested in. Mama called, she has a proposal for you. Some in-laws of aunt. What nonsense? Yes, this nonsense is from mama, if you have a problem,
talk to her yourself. Sister, at your wedding time, mama didn’t have
any arranged marriage rules, what has happened to her now? You don’t want to get into an arranged marriage,
right? Then study, become successful,
then do what you want. I will not do a job, after all, I will marry someone who earns himself
and takes care of my tantrums. Okay and what is so great about you that you will get a prince like this. You wait and watch, I will. Because I cannot do the work
at home or at the office. I am Seema and she only rests. Where are you going? Seema, where are you going?
What happened? She is useless,
she is here with me. Hello. Hello Ghazala, how are you? I am fine, how about you. I am fine. This is for you. What are these sweets for? My son got admission in
an English school. Okay. All this is cause of
Afreen’s hardwork, she is great. Afreen, this is a dress for you
and these sweets. This is great news,
congrats to you. Congrats to you too,
this is all cause of your hard work or else my son used to
run from education, since he started coming to Afreen, he gets ready to come for tuition happily. She is a great child. Congrats to you. Thank you brother, all this is your daughter
Afreen’s hard work. Parents of children like
Afreen are lucky to have her. Yes. Afreen, child, why are you crying? No, just tears of happiness. Come on, lets sit there. Sure. I will get tea made. Akbari, go ask the chef to make me breakfast. Madam. I…. Go. You must be in pain seeing
me here again. You must have thought I fought and went,
and I won’t return, but your hopes are shattered. So the thing is madam Gul, this is my home, it used to be yours at one time, but not anymore.
If someone leaves from this home, it will be you not me. Get it? I have spoken to Shahvaiz
and he has agreed, after we come from Europe, we will send you to a government hospital
because he too is tired of you. Obviously, daily arguments, this smell, what husband will tolerate it. Especially a husband who has a pretty wife like me. So what is the need to have
someone who is ill and smells bad. So madam Gul, you have very little time in this home, start counting the days. I will go. Akbari. Where are you?
Is the breakfast ready or not? I had asked you something. What? Not only breakfast, but also get the answers
to my questions. I have to tell you something. Now don’t say that you
like someone else. My heart will stop. Nothing like that. Thank God this is not it.
You had to tell me something. You often used to ask me
why I quit my job. Yes Afreen, I was surprised that someone so
smart and educated like you would quit their job and
waste themselves at home. I didn’t leave the job myself, mama and papa made me quit. Uncle Aunty? Why is that? They had doubts on me. What doubts? That I have an affair with someone. Actually, my pictures were photoshopped
and shown to the office. Pictures? Same pictures were
shown to my parents. Those were all lies, it was done to get me into trouble. No one believed me. But who would want to
get you into trouble? Did you have a feud with someone? Let that go. I want to forget these painful things. I mentioned it to you, that I wanted to tell you the truth. My parents are old fashioned, they are unaware of the
cunningness of the world, but you know this right, how girls can be blackmailed nowadays. I also want that whatever you decide, do it after knowing all this. IF things get revealed later,
they cause issues. Now have breakfast,
its getting cold. What is the scene with these pictures? Where will I get these pictures from? Afreen’s boss is Tamkeen’s husband. Yes, I will ask him,
he might have those pictures. Come on, pick up the phone.
Pick up the phone. Tamkeen, go and check on Akbari and the chef,
give them instructions, we will be away for 2 months, they should know what
they need to do. Go. Hello. Hello. Yes, this is Seema, your wife’s relative. Remember,
we met at sister Tamkeen’s home. Yes, I remember, go ahead. Actually, I wanted to ask you
about Afreen’s pictures. What about the pictures? Actually, the thing is that Raza
and I really love each other, but Afreen has cunningly
changed him towards her. She is really cunning. I just want to show Afreen’s
real face to Raza. If you help me, then trust me…
Is this your number? Yes, its mine. Okay, I will send you the pictures in a while, I don’t want two lovers to stay
away from each other. Thank you so much,
you know you….hello? Hello. Huh? HE cut the call. To hell with him, I don’t care. I will teach you a lesson Afreen, you act nice in front of Raza. When will the pictures come? Afreen, Afreen. Afreen. That I have an affair with someone. Actually, my pictures were
photoshopped and shown to the office. What should I do? What should I do? My heart says
Afreen is speaking the truth, but the mind is misguiding me. When Afreen’s family doesn’t trust her… is this your love? The girl who is telling you the reality to you, how can she be wrong. But if mama, papa and the family finds out about this reality,
then what respect will I have? I said no to Nighat cause she
had a loose character, how will I take Afreen’s side. Oh God, what do I do? Hello papa. How are you? Coming to Karachi? When? Fine, I will tell uncle Mazhar this. Bye. Hello. Yes sister. How are you Affi? I am fine. Don’t seem so from your voice. Sister, Raza proposed me. What was the need to tell him
about the pictures? You are mad. Sister, if he is truly honest, he will have to believe me, or else this relation ends before starting. You have lost if Affi. Anyway, what did he say? Nothing yet, maybe he wants time. Look Affi, you don’t need to tell Raza
anything like that, its possible God has set
your match with him. Okay, we are leaving in a while, tell me what should I get you? I don’t want anything, take care. Okay, say hello to mama and
papa from me. Bye. So Afreen too is in love. Afreen, I won’t let you be someone’s so easily, I am helpless that your sister is my wife, but the day I drag her out of the house, your pictures will circle the city. I have sent your grim reaper Afreen. Don’t you want to go,
you are standing here. There is something important, it’s a matter of someone’s
life and death. Whose life and death? My life and their death.


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