Darr Khuda Say – EP 33 || English Subtitles || 21st Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

I have sent the angle
of your death Afreen. Don’t you want to go?
You are standing here. There is something important I need to do,
it’s a matter of someone’s life and death. Who’s life and death? My life and their death. You don’t worry, its business, you won’t get it, you just think about going to Europe, come on. Sir, you? How are you Akbari? How is mom? Sir, madam is really unwell. Amazing. Now I will see, how you will marry this faithful woman, symbol of shame. Afreen, tolerating such people is stupidity. Why? How am in intolerable? What do you think of her? The symbol of shame? Yes, this is what I consider Afreen, she is unlike you, who hits on others. Have some food. No. I don’t want to eat it. Look, Guriya is crying, she is calling me. Kashif, Guriya is dead. The sooner we accept this face,
the better. She was God’s entrustment,
she went to him. I killed her, I killed her. You know why? Because I ruined the life of a simple
and innocent woman, that too for a small sum of money. What are you saying? I don’t get it.
I am speaking the truth. The truth. Her face, is always shown to me with our Guriya. Kashif. What do I do?
Kashif. Kashif. What do I do? Oh God, what do I do?
Kashif. Kashif. Kashif. Kashif. My innocent daughter paid for my sins. My sins! Kashif. My sins! Kashif. Kashif.
Kashif. What will I do? Kashif. Tell me. Tell me Kashif.
Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Afreen, she used to work in my office… No. No. No. No. No. No Kashif. How can you do that Kashif? How can you do it? Tell me, this is a lie. Tell me you didn’t do that.
Kashif, speak up. Kashif. What is the matter Raza? You look upset. you were quiet at work. What happened,
are you worried for work? No man. Oh, I think you are in love and your love has not been accepted with love. My standard of love is really high. If I love someone, then it will be with a
girl with a clean character or else, no. Oh, is the girl loose character? No man, I have not seen anything like this but… But what? But Faisal, that girl told me some
things about her that have put me in doubt. What did she tell you? Actually Faisal, the office that girl used to work in, some pictures of her got leaked, what she has told me, you know what I am saying. Have you seen those pictures? No, I haven’t. but you tell me, what should I do? Look, the time is like this today, boys are fooling girls and
girls are fooling boys, that is what is on, on Facebook and Insta and don’t ask me about
college and university. Faisal, you tell me what should I do? Look your issue is complicated, its possible the girl is innocent and someone fooled her, it is also possible that the girl is cunning and she told you everything in advance so
that you don’t investigate her any further. So how do I judge her in this matter? Look brother, if you love her then
jump into it and accept her, but if your ego is bigger than your love, then be careful. What are you saying? I have loved, but its not blind that I jump into the
flame of love just like that. Based on this, I broke my engagement with my cousin.
I could have married her. I got love, but if its fake,
then what is the point of such love. You are right, be careful, don’t be hasty,
have tea and think calmly. Here is your soup. Keep it there. Should I give it to you. No keep it there. Okay Tahira, I wanted to talk to you, I called Raza. What for? I am thinking to go to
Karachi for a few days, that is why I called Raza. Why will we go to Karachi? You are unwell. You walk a little you get out of breath and you are thinking of going to Karachi. Hey, Tahira, tell me, should I think of me running out of
breath or my son’s wedding. If he selected a girl, we can get her engaged. Do what you want, no one cares about me in this home. Hey, what are you saying?
We do what you tell us to do, we did what you wanted. The father and son didn’t say a word. Your niece likes someone else, wants to marry someone else, then tell me what is Raza’s fault in this? Fine, we will go. Fine, we need to go early, I have called Mazhar. Why did you call him for? Its good, he should be mentally prepared, what is wrong in that Your soup is getting cold,
come on have soup. Afreen. Afreen, child, those people will be here in 1-2 days, make something good, if you want something,
then give the list to your father. Who is coming mama? Raza’s parents. Is everything ok? w
hy are they coming? I think they are coming for
some special purpose, your father is saying that brother Haroon
doesn’t leave the house. He has a joints issue. Okay fine, then.
So then make good food and if you want something ask your father. Mama, we will spend a lot of money,
you know the situation. Hey, don’t worry child, feeding guests doesn’t reduce the wealth, it only improves. I just pray that what we
have thought happens. So Raza trusts my character, he doesn’t care about the
conspiracy against my character, I wanted someone so great, that he could protect me
with his love. Hello Asiya, how are you? I am fine, how are you Afreen? Where are you lost? I called you so many times, you didn’t even pick up. Afreen, the situation at work and home was such that I couldn’t call you. Sir Shahvaiz transferred me to Sukkur, now obviously going to Sukkur,
settling down there was tough. Then I got married. You got married, congrats. When did this happen? 15 days back. You quit the job? Yes, I left sir Shahvaiz’s company, but I have applied for another job, you tell me what is going on? Nothing, I am home nowadays. So you didn’t get another job? No papa didn’t allow. Sir Shahvaiz did wrong with you. Leave it, I cannot even say anything to him. Do you remember Kashif? The one who replaced brother Junaid? Yes, the cunning one. Sir Shahvaiz fired him too, his condition was bad and you know his daughter
passed away. Oh, I am really sorry for him. Asiya, you come over someday. I will surely come, how is uncle and aunt? Yes, everyone is fine. That’s it mama, you have cried enough, I am here, everything will be fine. Akbari, tell me what has been happening here? Dad used to say mom is
being treated but… No sir, madam wasn’t being treated. I used to give her medication and massage, since the time sir got married again…What? Mr. Shahvaiz got married again? Yes, sir got married. They have gone for their honeymoon, since they got married, madam stopped taking her
medication and massage, she was upset. Mr. Shahvaiz got married again and I didn’t even know. Mom is so unwell, he threw her in this room
she was so unwell, at least you could have called me
and informed me. Why didn’t anyone tell me? Sir, I tried but sir scolded me, took away my phone, madam’s phone. He told us not to tell you and then
I didn’t have your phone number, how could I tell you? Dad didn’t do right, not right at all. He will pay for it. Akbari, hear this out and tell all the servants too, that if Mr. Shahvaiz calls, he shouldn’t find out that I am in Pakistan. Yes sir. We won’t tell him, in fact,
no one will tell him. Akbari, bring mom, I
have to take her to the doctor. Mom, your son is here,
don’t worry, all will be fine. Be quiet, all will be fine. Listen. I have to ask you something. Yes, go ahead. The decision you have made, have you thought about it.
I mean…What decision? That…I was making tea,
do you want it? Not right now, I will get fresh
and then have tea. Why am I doubting her, when I have not seen anything, heard nothing wrong,
then why do I have doubts? Now I will see how you will you
accept that innocent Afreen. Doctor, how soon will mom be fine? Its on her will power. I have seen a lot such patients who
are unable to get fine after such attacks, but some recover in a few weeks. Did you hear that mom, you need to be fine in
a few weeks for me, for your son. This is a good sign, she is my old patient and she has faced old
problems earlier too, I am sure she will beat this one too. Why not? She will be fine soon. You don’t have to worry, I am here, all will be fine now. Message? My pictures were photoshopped and shown to the office. Look your issue is complicated, its possible the girl is innocent and someone fooled her, it is also possible that the girl is
cunning and she told you everything in advance so that you
don’t investigate her any further. Raza, what is the matter?
You didn’t come out of the room, I didn’t see you since yesterday,
so I thought I come see you. No uncle, was busy at work, that is why.
Please come and sit. This is the rent for this month. I didn’t come for the rent. I know uncle, but I had to come give you the rent. They look so innocent but mama was right, this family is not good, What is the matter? What are you thinking? No, nothing uncle. If something is bothering you
maybe I can help you. How can I tell you uncle that I have found of Afreen’s reality. All is fine uncle. Take care. Yes. Hello Kashif. Hello sir. I heard about Guriya, I am really sorry.
What have you done to yourself? Yes. Be strong Kashif, thethis has God’s decision in it. This was the time God gave
her on this earth. She had a long life sir,
a long life. I realize your pain, when my wife left me with two small kids
and went away forever, I felt the same that she
should have lived longer, but a man doesn’t have
anything but patience. When Guriya used to come for tuitions she
used to mention you and sister in law, she used to mention you a lot. She didn’t die sir, I killed her. What are you saying Kashif? Yes, I am right, I ruined someone’s respect and
God gave my daughter death. God is just, see He did justice and
gave death to my daughter. You are in shock that you
are saying this. No sir, no shock,
I am in pain. I am dying. My daughter comes to my dreams daily and
questions me, papa why did you kill me? Why? You didn’t think of me.
She shouts, I cannot do anything. I wish I had not done all that today
my daughter would have been with me. Kashif, what did you do? Kashif, don’t cry, look, telling someone lessens the burden. Come on tell me, what did you do? I…I ruined the respect of an innocent girl,
I blamed her. I got her insulted in front of the world, I wish I had not done this,
my daughter would have been with me. Ok stop, who was that girl? Afreen. She used to work in my office. Okay, so you thought I would
be impressed with you? What do you have? A lot of people like you roam around me. You didn’t give me a single good gift. You talk about millions. You took me out once for
food worth 5,000, you will always mention it? I will not come to meet you,
go to hell. Idiot. So all those pictures were really fake, that girl was innocent. Sir, you know Afreen? Yeah. A little or maybe a lot. But as much as I know her,
I know it wrong. What are you saying sir? Kashif, you know my wife passed
away some time back, I thought I would get married again but… Were you marrying Afreen? No, Afreen’s elder sister, but then someone sent
me Afreen’s pictures, I ended the relation. I thought if the younger one is like this, then the elder would have
a worse character. I made a big mistake. You made a mistake, that too based on a misunderstanding, but I selected sin knowingly. Kashif, can I give you a suggestion? Go apologize to Afreen, in fact, go tell the reality in front of her parents, look your heart will be at peace. How sir? I will come along, I have seen Afreen’s home, we will go together, to apologize. Look Kashif, asking God for forgiveness and
apologizing to His creatures gives you peace. You will be at peace. No, I cannot decide right now, but I will have to stop mama and
papa from talking to uncle Mazhar, I will have to stop them.
Why is mama not picking up?


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