Darr Khuda Say – EP 34 || English Subtitles || 28th Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

How will I apologize to her? The way you didn’t think
about committing a sin, don’t think before doing a good deed. God knows how much pain
that girl must be in. She must have cursed us. Kashif, before its too late, you go with brother Siddiqui and prove that girl’s innocence. Maybe this is the reason you
see Guriya in pain, cause that girl is in pain. You are right, I will apologize. I will be a witness that
Afreen is innocent. Hello. Hello. Is this Afreen? Yes. Hey. You sit. Live long. Live long. Hey,
you have grown so big, you were young,
you used to run around. You have come after so many years. What can I tell you Mazhar,
it was the job, but that is not an issue, now this ailment has left me
handicapped. Yes, that is true. I got here with a lot of courage. Its good you came brother. Sister Saira, have something. Yes, I will. Go ahead. By the grace of God, all your children are married,
right? Yes, thank God. Afreen is left, we are looking
for a proposal for her. Rest of the children
are happy in their home. Tamkeen got divorced earlier, right? Oh no. Yes, we got her married again, she is happy in her home. This is great, happy to hear that. If the daughters are happy in their home, then parents are satisfied sister in law. I don’t see Raza. He came from office, he must have left,
he will be back. I made a mistake, I didn’t call him and tell him
that we are coming. My mobile was off. Rest till then, he will come,
where will he go? Afreen, arrange some food for the guests. Yes papa. Prepare food,
but we are no guests. You have it. Yes, sister in law. Mr. Siddiqui, you? Thank you. Raza, so you accepted me, even after finding out the truth. You have a big heart, you have a much bigger heart
compared to what I thought. You have no idea, this trust
have given me a new life, just stand by me in every walk of life. If you were in my place,
what would you have done? I would have said no, who can accept something like this? I started loving her, man. Look, love and doubt cannot stay together. If you would have added
Afreen to your life, how would you have
gotten rid of this doubt? I never thought I would take her
out of my heart and life. Who sent you these pictures? I don’t know man. Maybe someone who doesn’t
want her to be someone elses. You could have called on the number. How could I call? I didn’t have the courage. I didn’t want to remove the remaining trust. Anyway, leave all that, come on, lets go. What will you do now? I will handle my, mama and papa’s heart. I will think that Afreen maybe was not me. I wish Afreen was up to my standards. I wish. Its been so late, Raza is not here. Yes. Give it to me child. I called him, but his phone was off. He will come, don’t worry. Thank you. I feel…You take this. Thank you. I think we should talk about
the reason we came here for. Yes, sure. The thing is Mazhar, sister in law, we are here to ask you for something. Something from us? What precious thing do we
have that we can give you? Hey much more than precious. Mazhar, sister in law, we want your daughter Afreen’s
hand in marriage to Raza. Papa, one minute. You will never learn. I closed it. That sister of Afreen, sister Tamkeen was such a tyrant and Afreen used to run
around and do her work. And you, since you came, you have not given me
peace for one day. So did you get me here as a maid? Pack your bags,
mama is coming from Pindi. When? Tomorrow morning. Me and Azhar will drop you
when going to work. Thank God, I will get out of this jail. Where are you going?
I told you to pack. So pack. Hey, I am going to say
bye to everyone. Leave it, it doesn’t look nice. I think someone is over with
Afreen’s proposal. If you go downstairs,
aunty will feel I sent you to investigate. Really? Afreen’s proposal? Now I will definitely go to
see who is here. Go to hell. I will go tomorrow and
throw you back from where you came from.
I will be in peace Come son Raza,
we were waiting for you. You took so long. I was at a friend’s. Come sit, your papa was about to talk about
your marriage to Afreen. Sister, brother, we really like your Afreen.
Raza too…Mama, one minute. What happened? Why is he stopping us? Papa, I need time. But what for? You told me on the phone
that you like Afreen. Papa, I am not ready for all this,
I need time to think. What is this supposed to mean? Son, we came here so far,
when you asked us. We like Afreen and you now… If Raza is not willing, then don’t pressurize him. No he was ready, he liked her we came here
accepting her liking. What happened? Raza, tell us what happened. Nothing mama. I just don’t want to get
married right now. Son, we are not marrying you immediately. We are here to fix the engagement, then we will marry you after 4-6 months. Papa, you don’t get it. I just… I don’t want to get into any relationship. What are you saying? Why? Forgive me,
I didn’t know we had guests over. Raza, tell me, what is the issue? Why are you saying no
to marrying Arfeen? Brother Raza, did you also
believe those pictures? Some damned man, made fake pictures of Afreen
and distributed them or else our Afreen is
innocent and simple. Seema, go from here. Yes aunty, I came here to go. I am going home tomorrow, my mama is back from PIndi,
I came to tell you that. I thought I would say
bye right now. Bye. What did she say? Raza, what is the matter?
Why don’t you tell us. What pictures? No picture mama, no pictures. Lets go from here. We wanted to meet Mr. Siddiqui. He is inside. Thank you. Hello. Yes. Yes. Yes sir, fine. Yes, madam is fine. Yes. Yes, bye. Akbari, what was Mr. Shahvaiz saying? He was asking about madam. Akbari, he shouldn’t know anything
about madam and her progress. Yes sir. Sir Shahvaiz made me greedy. On his orders I made
Mrs. Afreen’s wrong pictures. So that he can blackmail Ms. Afreen. I am sorry. I am a sinner sir. I have committed a big crime, I ruined someone’s daughter’s respect, God took away my Guriya. My daughter is dead sir. Please forgive me. If you don’t forgive me,
God will never forgive me either. Forgive me. This blame of yours has really hurt us. We have faced a lot of loss cause of it. Why did you do it? But you have been punished for it. Go, we forgive you. Go. Thank you. Thank you so much. Why man? Is this the reason you
were saying no to the relation with Afreen? Everything is clear now, you don’t have an issue now, right? No papa, I have no objections. But now I have an objection. What are you saying child? The doubt in Raza’s heart is clear now. Only a man can judge? If a woman comes up to a
woman’s standard, then only is she acceptable,
or else no. Does a woman have no standards? What do you want to say child? I don’t accept a man’s proposal, who has doubt instead
of respect for a woman. Without love, he judges. I don’t want such a man. Afreen, I love you.
I don’t want your love. Your love is weak, that couldn’t face a small doubt. I told you about those pictures myself, but you didn’t believe me. If you had loved me, you would have believed me, you would have accepted me,
instead of doubting my character. I agree I made a mistake Afreen, can you not give me one chance. I don’t want a weak
man like you Raza, I have some standards, and you don’t fulfill them. I need a man who is strong and great. Not a coward like you. Forgive me child. I am your sinner too. Papa, what are you saying? Let me speak. I am that weak person in your life,
who made you weak too. I didn’t trust you. I lost your trust. If I had given you trust,
and given you confidence, no one would have been able to
point fingers at you. I doubted my upbringing. Those parents are really lucky, who trust their daughters and
daughter’s like you don’t break that trust. I made a big mistake, forgive me. Papa, I have complaints from you. This is your greatness child, look, parents love each child, but some children make their home
in the heart cause of their manners. You are part of our heart, my love. I am cursing the day, when I didn’t trust her, and got fooled by that cheap man. I am so lucky. The man who hurt one of
my daughter’s is the husband of my other daughter. What can we do? Although, Arfeen told us so much, but we didn’t listen. This is fate. Papa, I tried telling sister about
Shahvaiz so many times, but she didn’t listen to me. No problem. I don’t want to see his face. How will you not? He is Tamkeen’s husband. He can be her husband. Now Tamkeen,
nor her husband will come to this home. Papa, please don’t do this,
not with sister at least. What she did with you, that? She did nothing with me, she did wrong with herself. Papa, can I get my bag? Go, lock the door. What? How was it? So you did all this. Not me, you. I just did what I said. Afreen. Please listen to me. You can leave now Raza, I don’t want to hear anything. Remember one thing, don’t try to judge a woman. If us women try to judge you men, then none of you will be worth marrying. She insulted you badly. Till her truth wasn’t proven, she used to run around you, she used to say Raza, Raza, Raza..all the time…
Don’t you dare say a word about Afreen. She is not like you. What do you mean? What does ‘not like you’ mean? What do you think of yourself, Raza? You know whatever Afreen said about you,
is completely correct. You are not worth any woman. It was me, the stupid one, who used to go around you
all the time or else you, are a weak man… Seema! You..you slapped me? I wish I would have slapped you
the first time you spoke evil about Afreen, or else this wouldn’t have happened today. You are right, at least I am not Afreen, but you… a cheap girl like you… The right thing happened to you. Absolutely right. You are not worth anything now. What is the matter? You are quiet. Yes, I am quiet. That I can see. But why are you quiet? Tell me the reason. I am embarrassed Shehla, we didn’t treat Afreen right. What happened Azhar? What do you mean what happened? Can I not be embarrassed? I did so wrong with my sister,
I doubted her. You were not the only brother of her, there is another one, who doesn’t care about anything,
not even his responsibilities. Look Shehla, brother Tahir is not here, at least I should care about my sister. That’s what I am saying, he is staying abroad freely, and you are burdening your conscience…
Please Shehla, please be quiet. Why? You are quiet and you want me to do the same. I would say make him
realize his responsibility. I don’t fulfill my responsibilities. Okay, enough,
get out of worries and remember, we have to drop Seema
home tomorrow. What problems? Seema. What happened to you?
Why is your cheek red? Maybe out of happiness. What happiness? Afreen’s pictures are fake. What? Yes, the man came a while back, he told everyone the truth. What man? Hey, Tamkeen’s husband did all this, he got that man to make fake pictures. Azhar, you heard that? Yes, I heard. Thank God, my sister has
been proven innocent. But I am sad what I did with my sister. Instead of being her shield, I am that man,
who threw the first stone at his sister. What sort of a brother I am. I don’t know if I will ever be able
to look her in the eye. Okay, now this emotional
drama has started. Why do you have the long face? Are you blind? I am fine. But something on your cheek,
it feels like someone slapped you. You keep your mouth shut.
Everyone in this home is mad. This is my home!
Everyone has gone mad! I will take you tomorrow,
fix your head. If I say that I only came here for you. Papa, kept you here with a lot of trust. Don’t worry, I didn’t come here to
break uncle’s trust, but win it, along with it my love too. My love was unsuccessful, so what. My respect got saved,
this is the bigger success.


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