Das Lied vom Meister/The Master’s Song (Dracula the Musical)—INSTRUMENTAL (VIOLIN+PIANO+СHOIR) COVER

Two years ago I was minding my business Tending my garden at sunrise. I heard a voice in my head that intrigued me… I answered yes, was I unwise? Thus it began all the long preparation he needed for his plan. He cannot enter without invitation, and I was his man! That’s why I always know what he’s thinking, I always know when he’s drinking and from whom when he slips in someones room Oh yes, I always know who he’s after, I hear his triumphant laughter in my head when he finds some new well bred undead… (dialogue) He sails across the seven seas, His ship cuts through the waves. And when the crimson moon comes up, he drinks the blood of slaves. We have waited long for the Master’s song and it’s time to join in the chorus. Sing his song, sing it loud and strong, and the Master may give you new life… — Tell me who is this Master? Isn’t he a figment of your wild imagination? This is what we doctors call elaboration — I’ve seen this before! — I can’t speak of the master! You must understand that all of this is confidential. Take my word for it preparedness is quintessential. I’m ready, I’m ready, and soon I’ll be free! I’ll be free… The schooner runs before the storm, the crew is all below. The captain fights to steer a course, The master strikes him so! Nemuritori… (The Immortals) Nemuritori… (The Immortals) A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a…
Sangele tau! (Your blood!)
Sangele tau! (Your blood!) Trust me, I always know what he’s thinking, I always know where he’s sinking those sharp teeth, I know where to send the wreath! Master, they think a locked door prevents you! You’re on your way, I can sense you… through the window… through the grating… through the floorboard… through the fanlight comes the mist… … and you’re kissed!

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