David Byrne Talks Bringing His Theatrical Concert Experience AMERICAN UTOPIA to Broadway

(upbeat music) David Byrne is bringing his
theatrical concert experience, American Utopia, to Broadway. We’re here to talk to the music icon, all about what to expect
from his new show. “American Utopia” is
this exquisite playing of David Byrne’s canon. And he’s this, you know, a total genius artist on top of that. So he’s figured out a way to frame his music in a theatrical way. We did this as a concert show last year, but the idea of taking
it to Broadway means that we have an opportunity to change it. We have an opportunity to, kind of, make it fit a different kind of audience, a different kind of theater. It’s really, really revolutionary to bring a piece like this to Broadway, but in another way, it’s
so deeply theatrical, what David has made, that it works incredibly
well in that context. Luckily I have a pretty
nice catalog of songs, so I can, kind of, cherry-pick songs that help, kind of,
create a narrative arc, and , kind of, connect the dots. What’s really exciting for me is if people come to the show, who don’t know anything about me, nothing about Talking Heads, but they hear, this is
really interesting show. That’s entertaining and
has something to say. That’s what’s gonna be
really exciting for me. If we can get to that level. (rock music)


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