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I wanted to create a building series where I would create a large scale Lego diorama and kind of show bit by bit, week by week of how I would build such large scale. So yeah, it starts with the idea and once I’m like okay this epic scene looks great from the Star Wars movie I’d love to make that, it goes into a process where I start figuring out how big I want it to be. Maybe I’ll build a little tower out of Lego bricks and figure out okay, this thing is going to be like this tall. Then I start a process called prototyping. I don’t immediately delve deep into the creation because half way through: oh I could’ve done a better way of designing this floor or beach or whatever it might be. So, once that’s all done it goes right into the build and that’s the longest part of months on end of just constantly building you know, a couple of hours a day and then it’s done once it’s all finished and looks great. So, yeah. What I consider myself is what we call in the Lego community an AFOL, and that just stands for Adult Fan of Lego, just an acronym. And I’ve met so many of these AFOLs over the last couple years, and I was like nobody has really made a great documentary on them. And I think what would be an awesome way to end my college major is doing something that that I personally love. Both the filmmaking side and the Lego side, so I travelled all the way to Denmark, Canada, all over the the east coast of the U.S. and interviewed so many different people who love Lego just as much as I do and it was honestly it was a fantastic experience, not just the filmmaking part but just meeting different cultures and people from different cultures and seeing how various collections are established and stuff like that and honestly, it was an amazing experience.


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