David Tennant and Catherine Tate in Much Ado About Nothing – Available now on Digital Theatre

Digital Theatre presents
Sonia Friedman’s
unmissable West End production
of William Shakespeare’s…
My dear Lady Disdain!
Are you yet living? Didst thou note the daughter
of Signior Leonato? – Can the world buy such a jewel?
– Yeah!Starring on stage together
for the first time…
I confess nothing. Oh, may God forgive me. I cannot endure my Lady Tongue. With a good leg and a good foot, uncle,
and money enough in his purse, such a man would win
any woman in the world, if he could get her good will. I think not. Give not this rotten orange
to your friend!Directed with freshness and wit
by Josie Rourke.
– Will you have me, Lady?
– No! Unless I might have another one
for working days! She is a fair Lady!
[ BEATRICE GROANS ] I do spy some marks of love in her. I do love nothing in the world
so well as you. I love nothing so well as you.You can rent or download
Much Ado About Nothing
at the touch of a button.Digital Theatre – be there.


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