Day in Life of a Ballerina(Anastasia Limenko) – Stanislavski Theatre (Moscow) +EngSubs

I finished Moscow Choreographic Academy It was a very important part of my life The teachers have given me so much Both Elena Alexandrovna Bobrova and Michail Yurievich Sharkov I still have warm feelings every time I remember my Academy When I finished Academy for a long time I didn’t know where I will be going to which theatre I will go to It was a hard moment for me And than I finally received an offer from the Theatre of Stanislavski As soon as I got there, Galina Nikolaevna Krapivina approched me and said that she wanted to work with me Even before the beginning of the season (and I came in the end of the season) we started to prepare some variation and work on some pieces And it was very important for me because I immediately felt that I was needed, and I was really encouraged by it Galina Nikolaevna is a very emotional woman, and she always encourages me Because I’m really strict with myself and it sometimes give me a lot of troubles Because when you are strict with yourself – it can be really bothersome both in life and on stage *teacher counts* first two years in the Theatre were the hardest because I was not only doing solo pieces I was also dancing in corps de ballet Plus first years in the Theatre most of the time means there will be a lot of new material to learn And it really means A LOT of material to learn, it’s hard Plus you have recitals, solo pieces and you also dance in corps de ballet – it means ballet 24 hours And it’s hard because in Academy you have a strict schedule, planned for you in advance and in Theatre there is no fixed schedule, everything is flexible and changing and the pace is different It’s hard to find yourself in this new schedule get used to it For me it was double hard mostly because I am a very rational girl, I need my schedule to be strict I wake up at the same time I got used to go to sleep at the same time each day But when you have performance – you just can’t do it anymore You need to keep your body in check, everyday Because you quickly go out of shape One-two days and your are out of shape, and it’s hard to get back That’s why I try to stick to some complex routine daily Like abs exercise, legs exercise It really helps Even classes seems easy when you doing such routine workouts daily It makes you healthier And everytime I am out on vacation – I notice that i fall ill easily, because my body relax, and lose it shape That’s why I think this training is crucial If work on yourself brings you joy the time passes easily and its the time worth spent It’s crucial for me that work must bring joy, must suck you in You force yourself, you find some things that works for you, for your body – and that makes you happy And it doesn’t matter if it’s in class or during solo recitals you have to seek for more, dig dipper in your body I mean every time during class I try to reach that kind pf perfection, to get in tune with the body I try to analyse – which muscles works in which cases what I need to do to improve each movement And it comes to you, it comes slowly but you can’t just practice for the sake of practice alone you have to analyze If you will practice mindless you will lose the technic and movements will only get worse When I was a kid I dreamt about horses, and now finally I started to make my dream come true I started to take classes on horse riding, it makes me closer to nature I think people who are far from nature get irritated easily But when a human sees the nature, feels it power – he calms down and get inspired by it It gives you power to wake up everyday positively and to share this feeling with others Because when you are positive-minded, despite of what’s going on in your life it makes your life so much easier it makes your work so much easier, and you just don’t get tired The stage is a necessity for me because it’s the place where I can bring to life all my artistic feelings the emotions that are inside me can come out freely when I’m on stage I don’t get nervous before going on stage I think that’s because I participate in a lot of contests since I was young And during my academic studies I’ve been on stage countless number of times It’s more positive feeling than a nervous felling I want to go on stage, like stage is calling for me And when I’m out of stage my mind goes empty because it’s my life, and I love it It gives my pure joy And enjoying life – I think that’s the most wonderful thing


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