Dead Man’s Line Movie Trailer #2 | The True Crime Story of Tony Kiritsis

You’ve got a hundred armed officers around
here trying to get a shot at me. I dared them to shoot me. I didn’t go down there to be a buffoon. I went down there for vengeance, and by God, I’ll have vengeance. (radio announcer) He is a white male, he appears to be in his forties. Well, if he pulls this gun and points at me, I’m gonna shoot him. I hope they don’t think I’m bluffing. Do they think I’m bluffing? My God, he’s gonna shoot him on television. He’s coming out! He’s coming out! I charged, and they’ve admitted it. He had a cable around the man’s throat attached
to the shotgun. So there’s no way to get the shotgun away
from the man’s head. (people scream) In 1977, Tony Kiritsis kidnapped a mortgage
broker and held him captive for three days. For the first time ever, the media was able
to cover the event live. To some, Tony was a hero; to others, he was a crazed thug. I knew what a shotgun sounded like, and I
knew that was a shotgun. Deadman’s Line: The true story of Tony Kiritsis


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