Dead to Me | Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini Talk New Show | Netflix

(pop modern music) – We have a talk show now? – Yeah, this is our talk show.
(camera crew laughing) Talk show hosts usually get paid. Wait a minute.
(camera crew laughing) – Ah, okay. – I’m Linda Cardellini. – You’re Linda Cardellini. – You are Christina Applegate. – I’m Christina Applegate and we are on a program called Dead To Me. (intense rumbling) – [Man] I am happy to see
Jen and Judy here together. What a nice surprise. – Thank you.
– Surprise. – [Linda] I play Judy, and you play– – Jen.
– Jen. – And we are best friends. – And quite the comedy duo. – That’s right, that’s right.
(Christina laughing) – Can I give you a hug? – No. – Do you think we should
describe it as a comedy? – Well, it’s a darky–
– It’s kind of a darky, drama. – There’s a lot of reasons–
– There’s a lot of drama. – There’s a lot of
trauma that has happened. – Trauma drama. Traumedy. – It’s a traumedy.
– Yes. (somber, piano music)
(hands clap) – I just can’t imagine
what you’re going through. – Well, it’s like if Jeff got hit by a car and died suddenly and violently. Like that. – Right. (Christina and Linda chuckling) ♪ Welcome to our comedy ♪ – Welcome. We both go through a lot in this show. – Yeah, Jen’s drowning and this person that she wants nothing to do with etches in and gives her some repose. Gives her a deep breath
that she can finally have. – (voices) I am not broken. – I am not broken.
(voices chanting) – [Linda] Judy is very complex. She’s a lover, and she’s a giver. And all she wants to do is make you happy. – That makes me very uncomfortable. – I know. (Jen exhales)
(bike wheels whirring) But, now you play Jen. She has a lot of grief. She’s a little bit angry. – (chuckling) Just a smidge. (glass smashing)
♪ (beep) bad ♪ ♪ Drop dead ♪ ♪ You make me sad ♪ – [Linda] How did you
get ready for being Jen? – For me, I didn’t have a big plan, because she’s someone who does
react almost like an animal. – How dare you? – [Christina] She doesn’t
know why she’s reacting the way she’s reacting.
(Car door slams) (angry, intense music)
♪ Drop dead ♪ ♪ You make me sad ♪ (push-button beeps)
(Jen sobbing) – I think Judy is pretty
much the opposite. I think everything she does
has an intention behind it. – Yes.
– There’s a thought behind it because of so many things
that have happened. That she has a totally
different way of operating. I wish you didn’t feel like that. – But I do. Because someone ripped my life apart. (Christina choking) (both laughing) We’re in a pool of our own despair. – Right, tear, tear, tear, tear. – And then Rich would be like, “That was so funny, you guys.” And we’re like, what?
(Linda laughing) I couldn’t have done this shoot if I didn’t have you. – I feel, right back at you. That’s really nice. We do love each other. – I’m getting misty eyed. – This is good, you want us to cry, right? (funky music) – Okay.
– Hello? – So let’s talk about
other people on the show. – Like, (bleep) talk them? – Well, not on camera, right? James Marsden is also in the show. – Yes, he plays–
– He plays– – A character.
– A special part of our lives. – [Linda] Yes. – Everything all right out there? – [Linda] Ed Asner plays a special part of our lives.
– Part of our lives. – Maybe I am crazy. – You are crazy, but who isn’t? – What the (bleep), huh?
– Jen, please. – I say (bleep) a lot. – We do say the F word a lot. – I say it in almost every line. I want to know how the
(bleep) this happened? When the (bleep), why the (bleep), what the (bleep, bleep), and then I’m gonna tell
her that he’s dead. – Okay, that sounds like a plan. – And if I punch her, I (bleep) punch her. (upbeat music) – It’s a lot of words.
– A lot of– – Bad words.
– It’s a lot of bad words. See, don’t you wanna watch that program? – There’s so many turns
and twists in the show. – [Jen] Oh my god. (door banging)
(car horn beeps) (Jen yelling)
(car whirring) – [Christina] I was shocked
when I’d read every episode. I’d be like, what?
– Yes. – She did what?
– Yes. What do you think is
the most shocking scene? – The most shocking scene is the time when James Marsden’s (bleep)
while he was in the middle of that (bleep, bleep). – Yeah, it was like– – It’s so insane.
– I’ve never seen that on T.V. – And then Celine Dion was like (bleep). That seen was–
– Shocking. – So shocking. (both laughing)
(upbeat, Jazz music) – Please watch it. That’s desperate. Watch it, if you feel–
– I mean– – If you feel like it. – Binge it, if you want. – If you want, I think you should. (upbeat, Jazz music)


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