Deaf West Theatre’s Spring Awakening Cast Performs on Good Day LA

Welcome back As promised- many people are familiar with the coming-of-age story told in the play “Spring Awakening.” This production is done by Deaf West Theatre And by the way has gotten just the greatest reviews. And it’s held over for another week so you have an opportunity to see it. They incorporate sign language into the choreography of the play. Ladies and gentlemen, Spring Awakening. Just too unreal, all this Watching the words fall from my lips Baiting some girl with hypotheses Haven’t you heard the word of your body? Don’t feel a thing you wish Grasping at pearls with my fingertips Holding her hand like some little tease Haven’t you heard the word of my wanting? Oh, I’m gonna be wounded Oh, I’m gonna be your wound Oh, I’m gonna bruise you Oh, you’re gonna be my bruise Just too unreal, all this Watching his world slip though my fist Playing with her in your fantasies Haven’t you heard a word, how I want you? Oh, I’m gonna be wounded Oh, I’m gonna be your wound Oh, I’m gonna bruise you Oh, you’re gonna be my bruise [clapping] Thank you! Michael, come on. Good morning, thank you. It’s beautiful, thank you very much. Thank you! Alright this man right here, you may recognize him, he’s a successful actor But you are not here for this reason- Michael Arden, hello Hi, it’s good to be here This is your production, you directed it Yes, I directed it. Very proud of it. Now for some people it’s unique to think this is going to be signed throughout the whole production And that feeling lasts about a minute right? Exactly, it takes about a moment to dip your feet into the water But what’s exciting is that it’s completely done in ASL and spoken in some English simultaneously So if you know ASL great and if you don’t, great It doesn’t matter You’re exposed to something new and it enhances the text And the concept- it’s a unique concept because you have two characters as one as a result of this Right, as you noticed Katie Boeck was singing for Sandra Mae Frank And a lot of the instrumentalists voice for deaf actors, and the deaf actors sign for the singing actors.. And so it’s this beautiful communal experience Congratulations on the reviews Really good reviews the first time, and better reviews when you moved Which is all you could ask for It is a little scary to transfer! AND you’ve got another week. Yes, we are running until Sunday so if you haven’t had a chance to see it, please come out to the beautiful theater in Beverly Hills, the Wallis Annenberg Center, that’s just screaming for you to come join us And there’s nothing better than watching the director watch you Yeah, he looks so proud! He thought you did okay.. [laughter] Thank you all, thank you! Good job! Thank you so much


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