Deafinitely Theatre – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Hi I’m Lee and I’m playing the role of Demetrius. We’re in the fourth week of rehearsals now
and the toughest part has been the physical morning workouts but I do feel fitter so thank
you for that! I have learnt so much about acting and performing
from this project. It’s been great. Bye for now. My name is Charley and I’m playing the role
of Helena who is best friends with Hermia, played by Fifi. We’ve had 3 weeks altogether so far and it’s
gone really quickly. We’ve only got 2 weeks left and we’ll be standing on the stage at
Shakespeare’s Globe. The group works really hard and everyone brings
different skills and ideas into the mix, and also there’s some healthy competition between
us. It’s fun and enjoyable but of course it’s hard work especially the physical workouts
every morning led by Alim, our Dance Captain – he’s amazing! We all have to follow his
lead but I feel much stronger now because of it. Hi my name is Fifi and I’m playing the role
of Hermia. The story that I am involved in is about 4 lovers but I don’t want to give
too much away – you’ll have to come and see the play. This the fourth week and there’s only 2 weeks
left! I’ve really enjoyed the process so far working with the crew, the cast and the Director…
it’s all been so smooth and well structured. I am a bit little nervous that we only have
2 weeks to go, but hopefully everything will go smoothly and all the actors remember their
lines and nothing will be forgotten. I hope it all goes according to plan. I’m confident it’ll be a great show so don’t
miss it! Hello my name is Ralph. I’m playing the role
of Peter Quince and Egeus. I’m very excited to be involved in the show.
I’m looking forward to performing at The Globe! Hi my name is Jason Taylor and I’m playing the role of Francis Flute. It’s an interesting character to watch. It’s not long now before we’re on stage at
The Globe performing – that’s a big first for me! Make sure you come and watch. Hi I’m Ace. I’m playing the roles of Oberon
and Theseus. Only 2 weeks left to go, it’s really exciting to see everything coming together. Hopefully the audience will enjoy it! Hello my name is Adam and I’m playing the
role of Lysander. I’ve been really happy with the process so far. The group is like my second family. There’s a great rapport between us all. The only issue has been when some of the cast
have worried about learning their lines so I try and help them out. But so far, it’s
all going well and I’m happy! Hi I’m Nadia and I’m playing the role of the
queen of fairies, Titania. If you want to come to The Globe but you haven’t booked your ticket yet make sure you do because you’ll see me argue with the King and The
Globe will erupt! Hi my name is Alim. I’m playing the role of
Puck. We open in 2 weeks at The Globe! I’m excited and nervous. Have you booked your
tickets yet? Hmmm…? Hi my name is Anna Maria and I play the character
of the Fairy. My name is David Sands and my role is Nick
Bottom. Rehearsals so far have gone well. It’s been a different process to “Love’s Labour’s
Lost” which we performed 2 years ago. Back then, the translation process was separate from the rehearsals, whereas this time they merge together. That has been a bit more challenging for us
and we were a bit uneasy when we had not yet translated Acts 3, 4 and 5 so we couldn’t
learn those lines as early as we’d hoped. We approached Kate Furby to work with us on these scenes and now all the translation is complete which is a big relief. Now we’ve got 2 weeks and there’s a bit of
pressure but I’m sure it’ll all be fine.

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