DeAngelo Hall Recalls Clowning Big Ben at 2004 Draft | Simms & Lefkoe: The Show (Untold Stories)

His rookie year I knew
he was a baller because he was lettin’
our sideline know how much money he
had in the bank already. He was lettin’ us know
he was the man cuz he’s a top-10 pick,
right? cuz he’s a top-10 pick,
right? – What’d you go? 8? – Yeah, I went 8.
– How was draft for you? – Yeah, that’s what
I wanna hear, the draft. The lead-up to that.
– Draft was amazing, man. – Yeah, 2004, the draft. – Yeah, 2004,
and that was back when you know, they only took
about the top five guys. You know, I’m in the room
with guys like Eli Manning who’s supposed
to be No. 1 overall and Big Ben and Robert Gallery. And I’m like, “Dude, I don’t
care if I sit in that green room and I am the last one. I want to share
in this experience.” And, you know,
we had a running joke, like “Who’s gonna be
the last guy drafted?” And, you know, I wasn’t upset. And, you know, I wasn’t upset. I said, “I’m gonna be
the last one. I know I’m goin’ 10 to Houston.” So everyone kinda
has their own table. When you haven’t been drafted you’re sitting back
watching this unfold. – Right.
– And so, yeah with Eli, San Diego drafts him— – Yes, they did.
– Before they actually figure out the trade. We literally sat back
and watched him not wanna hold the jersey,
not wanna put the hat on. He’s just in there, pissed. And so as the draft’s
kinda goin’ on guys are gettin’ called,
guys are gettin’ called. Me and Ben are last,
and I’m just thinkin’, you know “All right, Ben’s gonna go” and I had actually went
to the bathroom and then I hear my name, “8.” And, you know, as I’m hugging
my mom and kissing her and dappin’ up my brothers
and stuff I just kind of look over at Ben
and, like, “I guess you last.” You know, just kinda,
kind of a running joke to this day, but—
– Ah, that’s awesome. – Heck, he probably went
in the best spot because he has two rings,
he went to a great defense great organization and so— Everything happens for a reason,
but I was not the last one even though all week long
that’s all we joked about.


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