Dear Comrade Theatrical Trailer | Vijay Deverakonda | Rashmika | Bharat Kamma | Justin Prabhakaran

When a comrade fights, the fight must give
him comfort, and freedom. When I look at you, I see neither. [screams] [shatters] Why is it that the love that gives so much joy when it arrives, leaves us with so much pain when it’s gone? [indistinct sloganeering] Chaitanya,
you escalate things beyond the limits. Sir, if someone does politics in college, stop them. Otherwise, we will. This is your problem. You are very impulsive. Thank you, sir. “Realise your strength” [groans] Your courage and
aggression are good, But the things this anger will make you lose, will hurt you the most. What are you staring at?
Who do you think she is? Do you recognise her? How can he not? They played together their entire childhood. Can I play too? Do you know the rules? Are you a player? Yes. I’m a state player. State player?!! State player!!! Why is everyone staring like that? -Lily
-Huh. I think I’ll tell your parents that I like you.
-[chuckles] How can you be friends with her? It is very difficult. I will be a companion in your journey. Let me be your comrade. “With the increased longing,
my heart sways” “The fringes of my lips
are asking for nectar” [screams] You said you’d be with me, But I’m having to live in constant fear of what might happen to you, Bobby. Bobby… You’ve changed quite a lot. You no longer have the aggression you had back then. [screams] Bobby didn’t change,
He’s still the same. Forget everything – Me, your father, this society. Think of what you love, And Fight for the things you love. Don’t be such a coward, Lily! You walk back into my life after 3 years, and tell me you’re there for me? Where we’re you all these years? Bobby, don’t abandon me. Please, Bobby. DEAR COMRADE [puffs] [sniffs] You think you’re scaring me, But it is you who’s scared. I see that. DEAR COMRADE


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